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NR 45.12(1)(b)7.e. e. Crystal Lake campground, beach and picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.f. f. Cunard Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.g. g. Firefly Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.h. h. Indian Mounds campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.i. i. Jag Lake group campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.j. j. Muskie Lake family and group campgrounds
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.k. k. Plum Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.L. L. Razorback Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.m. m. Sandy Beach Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.n. n. Star Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.o. o. Starrett Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.p. p. Trout Lake campground – north and south
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.q. q. Upper Gresham Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)8. 8. Governor Knowles state forest
NR 45.12(1)(b)8.a. a. St. Croix campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)8.b. b. Trade River horse campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)9. 9. Peshtigo River state forest
NR 45.12(1)(b)9.a. a. Old Veteran's Lake
NR 45.12(1)(c) (c) The following areas are determined by the department as state parks in which vehicle admission receipts are not required:
NR 45.12(1)(c)1. 1. State trails
NR 45.12(1)(c)4. 4. Lost Dauphin
NR 45.12(1)(c)6. 6. Peninsula state park golf course (May 1 through October 31); applies to golfers and clubhouse patrons only
NR 45.12(1)(c)7. 7. Cross Plains
NR 45.12(1)(c)8. 8. Heritage Hill state park
NR 45.12(1)(c)9. 9. Havenwoods state forest preserve
NR 45.12(1)(c)10. 10. Copper Culture
NR 45.12(1)(c)11. 11. Rib Mountain leased area
NR 45.12(1)(c)12. 12. Rock Island.
NR 45.12(1)(d) (d) The following state parks, recreation areas, forest recreation areas and state natural areas are designated by the department as areas in which vehicle admission receipts are required, except as otherwise provided, from January 1 through December 31:
NR 45.12(1)(d)1. 1. Governor Dodge state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)2. 2. Pattison state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)3. 3. Mirror Lake state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)4. 4. Perrot state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)5. 5. Interstate park
NR 45.12(1)(d)6. 6. Wildcat Mountain state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)7. 7. Willow River state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)8. 8. Richard Bong state recreation area
NR 45.12(1)(d)9. 9. High Cliff state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)10. 10. Peninsula state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)11. 11. Potawatomi state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)12. 12. Terry Andrae state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)13. 13. John M. Kohler state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)14. 14. Hartman Creek state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)15. 15. Devil's Lake state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)16. 16. Big Foot Beach state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)17. 17. Point Beach state forest
NR 45.12(1)(d)18. 18. Wyalusing state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)19. 19. All designated developed recreational areas on the Kettle Moraine state forest as listed in par. (b) 5. and 6.
NR 45.12(1)(d)20. 20. Lake Kegonsa state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)21. 21. Lake Wissota state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)22. 22. Pike Lake Unit Kettle Moraine state forest
NR 45.12(1)(d)23. 23. Yellowstone Lake state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)24. 24. Newport state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)25. 25. Blue Mound state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)26. 26. Copper Falls state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)27. 27. Council Grounds state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)28. 28. Harrington Beach state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)29. 29. Merrick state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)30. 30. Whitefish Dunes state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)31. 31. Governor Nelson state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)35. 35. Chippewa Moraine state recreation area
NR 45.12(1)(d)36. 36. Rib Mountain state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)37. 37. Amnicon Falls state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)38. 38. Big Bay state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)39. 39. Browntown - Cadiz Springs state recreation area
NR 45.12(1)(d)40. 40. Brunet Island state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)41. 41. Buckhorn state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)42. 42. Kinnickinnic state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)43. 43. Natural Bridge state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)44. 44. Nelson Dewey state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)45. 45. New Glarus Woods state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)46. 46. Roche-A-Cri state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)47. 47. Rocky Arbor state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)48. 48. Tower Hill state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)49. 49. Governor Knowles state forest — St. Croix campground
NR 45.12(1)(d)50. 50. Capital Springs Centennial state park and recreation area
NR 45.12(1)(d)51. 51. Governor Thompson state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)52. 52. Mill Bluff state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)53. 53. Aztalan state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)54. 54. Parfrey's Glen state natural area
NR 45.12(1)(d)55. 55. Dells of the Wisconsin River state natural Area – Cambrian Overlook
NR 45.12(1)(d)56. 56. Straight Lake state park
NR 45.12(1)(d)57. 57. Menominee River state park and recreation area
NR 45.12 Note Note: The correct name is Menominee River state recreation area.
NR 45.12(1)(d)58. 58. Glacial Drumlin state trail – Sandhill Station
NR 45.12(1)(f) (f) Admission fees shall be waived at all state parks, state recreation areas, and state forest vehicle admission areas as follows:
NR 45.12(1)(f)2. 2. Persons with disabilities and their personal care attendants brought by a nonprofit organization recognized by the internal revenue service under 26 USC 501 (c) (1) or (3) whose primary purpose is the improvement of the mental or physical health of the individual. Applications on department forms for the fee waiver shall be received by the property for which the fee waiver is sought along with proof of nonprofit status at least 7 days prior to arrival.
NR 45.12 Note Note: A copy of the form may be obtained from state park and forest offices.
NR 45.12(1)(f)4. 4. For vehicles in which persons are picking up or dropping off juvenile group campers.
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