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NR 45.11 Note Note: Pursuant to the applicability provisions of s. NR 45.02, this provision will apply only to the launching and removal of motorboats from department-owned or managed properties.
NR 45.11 History History: Cr. Register, December, 1983, No. 336, eff. 1-1-84; cr. (9), Register, August, 1986, No. 368, eff. 9-1-86; renum. (4) (f) and (r) to be (6) (cm) and (f) and am. (6) (cm), r. (7) (i), Register, December, 1987, No. 384, eff. 1-1-88; r. (4) (c), (g), (j) and (o), am. (4) (v) and (6) (e), cr. (6) (g) to (j), Register, December, 1993, No. 456, eff. 1-1-94; cr. (6) (k), Register, August, 1994, No. 464, eff. 1-1-95; am. (2) (a) and (b), cr. (4) (aa) and (6) (L), Register, November, 1995, No. 479, eff. 12-1-95; am. (1), (6) (cm) and (g), Register, December, 1997, No. 504, eff. 1-1-98; r. (4) (h), cr. (6) (m), Register, December, 1999, No. 528, eff. 1-1-00; CR 03-035: am. (6) (g), Register December 2003 No. 576, eff. 1-1-04; CR 04-092: cr. (4) (mm) Register April 2005 No. 592, eff. 5-1-05; CR 10-042: cr. (4) (zb) and (10), am. (2) (c) Register December 2010 No. 660, 1-1-11; CR 16-001: cr. (4) (zc), r. (7) (j) Register July 2017 No. 739, eff. 8-1-17.
NR 45.12 NR 45.12 Fees and charges.
NR 45.12(1)(1)Admission fees.
NR 45.12(1)(a)(a) No person may operate or park any motor vehicle or trailer or semitrailer in the Richard Bong state recreation area, in the Point Beach state forest, in developed recreational areas in other state forests as designated in par. (b), in designated use zones within recreation areas established under s. 23.091 (3), Stats., or in any state park or roadside park except those designated in par. (c) and those specified in s. 27.01 (7) (c), Stats., unless the vehicle displays a vehicle admission receipt in the manner specified by the department on the receipt or at the place of purchase.
NR 45.12(1)(b) (b) The following state forest areas are designated by the department as vehicle admission areas:
NR 45.12(1)(b)1. 1. Black River state forest:
NR 45.12(1)(b)1.a. a. Castle Mound campground and picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)1.b. b. East Fork campground and picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)1.c. c. Pigeon Creek campground and picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)1.d. d. Robinson Creek beach and picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)1.e. e. East Fork indoor group camp and parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)1.f. f. East Fork group camp
NR 45.12(1)(b)2. 2. Brule River state forest:
NR 45.12(1)(b)2.a. a. Copper Range campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)2.b. b. Bois Brule campground and picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)3. 3. Flambeau River state forest:
NR 45.12(1)(b)3.a. a. Connors Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)3.b. b. Connors Lake picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)3.c. c. Lake of the Pines campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)4. 4. Kettle Moraine state forest — northern unit:
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.a. a. Long Lake area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.b. b. Mauthe Lake area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.c. c. Greenbush group camp
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.d. d. New Prospect bridle trail camp area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.e. e. Zillmer trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.f. f. Butler Lake parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.g. g. Parnell tower parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.h. h. Greenbush picnic and ski parking areas
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.i. i. Highway 28 glacial trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.j. j. Highway 28 snowmobile and horse trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.k. k. Highway SS snowmobile parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.L. L. New Fane trail parking area.
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.m. m. Highway H snowmobile and horse trail parking area.
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.n. n. Highway P Ice Age Trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.o. o. Shelter 5 parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.p. p. Highway S Bridle Trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.q. q. Highway U Dog Training parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.r. r. Greenbush Kettle parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.s. s. Kellings Lake Dog Training parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.t. t. Crooked Lake boat access area parking
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.u. u. Auburn Lake boat access area parking
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.v. v. Lake Seven boat access area parking
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.w. w. Little Mud Lake picnic parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.x. x. Spruce Lake Bog parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.y. y. Highway H Ice Age Trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.z. z. Youth Camp Road Bridle Trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b) za. Highway 67 Bridle Trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)4.zb. zb. Forest Lake access
NR 45.12(1)(b)5. 5. Kettle Moraine state forest — southern unit:
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.a. a. Whitewater area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.b. b. Ottawa Lake area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.c. c. McMiller Sports Center for non-shooters
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.d. d. Ottawa field trial grounds
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.e. e. Horseriders campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.f. f. Pine Woods camp area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.g. g. Scuppernong picnic and hiking trail area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.h. h. Scuppernong Springs nature trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.i. i. Emma Carlin trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.j. j. Nordic and John Muir trail parking areas
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.k. k. Ottawa trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.L. L. Eagle — Palmyra trail parking areas
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.n. n. D.J. Mackie picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.o. o. Hickory Woods group camp
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.p. p. Paradise Springs
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.q. q. Highway 67 wayside
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.r. r. Eagle Dog Trial Grounds
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.s. s. Stute Springs nature trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.t. t. Blackhawk (Hwy 12) parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.u. u. Lone Tree Bluff nature trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)5.v. v. Bald Bluff nature trail parking area
NR 45.12(1)(b)6. 6. Kettle Moraine state forest — Lapham Peak unit.
NR 45.12(1)(b)7. 7. Northern Highland state forest:
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.a. a. Big Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.b. b. Buffalo Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.c. c. Carroll Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.d. d. Clear Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.e. e. Crystal Lake campground, beach and picnic area
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.f. f. Cunard Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.g. g. Firefly Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.h. h. Indian Mounds campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.i. i. Jag Lake group campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.j. j. Muskie Lake family and group campgrounds
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.k. k. Plum Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.L. L. Razorback Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.m. m. Sandy Beach Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.n. n. Star Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.o. o. Starrett Lake campground
NR 45.12(1)(b)7.p. p. Trout Lake campground – north and south
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