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Register March 2022 No. 795
Chapter NR 22
NR 22.01   Purpose.
NR 22.015   License waiver.
NR 22.02   Definitions.
Subchapter I — Sport fishing
NR 22.03   Reciprocity: sport fishing or spearing and dip netting.
NR 22.04   Sport fishing: seasons and limits.
NR 22.05   Sale of fish.
NR 22.06   Sport fishing.
NR 22.065   Fishing near dams.
NR 22.066   Bank poles.
NR 22.07   Ice fishing shelters.
Subchapter II — Minnows
NR 22.08   Minnow nets and traps.
NR 22.09   Carp as bait.
Subchapter III — Commercial Fishing
NR 22.10   Boundary water, commercial fishing restriction.
NR 22.11   Commercial fishing.
NR 22.12   Commercial fishing gear.
Subchapter IV — Turtles
NR 22.13   Turtles.
Subchapter V — General Provisions
NR 22.14   Transportation.
NR 22.15   Taking of fish by and for the department.
NR 22.16   Conflicting rules.
Ch. NR 22 Note Note: Chapter NR 22 as it existed on March 31, 1982, was repealed and a new chapter NR 22 was created effective April 1, 1982.
NR 22.01 NR 22.01 Purpose.
NR 22.01(1)(1)This chapter, along with other applicable rules and statutes, regulates fishing in the Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters.
NR 22.01(2) (2)The rules contained in this chapter are not intended, nor do they authorize introducing into interstate commerce for purposes of human consumption or use, fish taken from the Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters which fail to meet or comply with food and drug administration (FDA) standards.
NR 22.01 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1982, No. 315, eff. 4-1-82.
NR 22.015 NR 22.015License waiver.
NR 22.015(1)(1)On the first Saturday and consecutive Sunday in June and the third Saturday and consecutive Sunday of January each year, no fishing license is required to fish the Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters.
NR 22.015(2) (2)The license waiver of sub. (1) does not apply to commercial fishing license requirements.
NR 22.015 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1987, No. 376, eff. 5-1-87; am. (1), Register,April, 1989, No. 400, eff. 5-1-89; am. (1), Register, May, 1995, No. 473, eff. 6-1-95; CR 13-001: am. (1) Register August 2013 No. 692, eff. 9-1-13.
NR 22.02 NR 22.02 Definitions. Except as otherwise specifically defined in the statutes, the following terms, for the purpose of this chapter, are defined as follows:
NR 22.02(1) (1)“Bait net" means a hoop net that uses bait and does not include a lead or leads.
NR 22.02(2) (2)“Bank pole" means a set or bank pole as defined in s. 29.531, Stats.
NR 22.02(3) (3)“Buffalo net" means a baited or unbaited hoop net and does not include a lead or leads. The net may have one or more internal funnel-shaped throats whose tapered ends are directed inward from the mouth leading to a closed end of net that allows for accumulation of fish in the far end of the net. The closed end is tied off creating a holding place for fish.
NR 22.02(4) (4)“Closed season" means that period of the year not included in the open season for each species of fish as provided in this chapter.
NR 22.02(5) (5)“Commercial fish" means species of rough and detrimental fish as defined in this chapter, shovelnose (hackleback) sturgeon 27 inches and over but less than 34 inches in fork length, catfish 15 inches or over in length or 12 inches or over dressed and bullheads of any length when taken with commercial fishing gear under a commercial fishing license.
NR 22.02(6) (6)“Commercial fishing gear" or “commercial gear" means that equipment specifically authorized for use in commercial fishing by this chapter.
NR 22.02(7) (7)“Commercial fishing licenses" means those licenses issued under ss. 29.523, 29.526, 29.529 and 29.533, Stats., authorizing commercial fish harvests.
NR 22.02(8) (8)“Daily bag limit" has the meaning given in s. NR 20.03 (8) except as used in s. NR 22.13, where it means the maximum number of a turtle species or group of turtle species which may be reduced to a person's possession in a single day.
NR 22.02(9) (9)“Detrimental fish" has the meaning given in s. NR 21.02 (10).
NR 22.02(10) (10)“Dressed fish" means fish with the head and viscera removed but the tail on.
NR 22.02(11) (11)“Drift set" has the meaning given in s. NR 21.02 (12).
NR 22.02(12) (12)“Drive set" has the meaning given in s. NR 21.02 (13).
NR 22.02(13) (13)“Fisher" means any person engaged in fishing.
NR 22.02(14) (14)“Fork length" means that distance measured in a straight line from the tip of the snout to the tip of the median caudal fin rays of a fish.
NR 22.02(15) (15)“Frame net" or “fyke net" means a unbaited modified hoop net with no more than two leads of netting attached to the first hoop. The wings are staked out from the net providing a barrier that funnels fish into the hoop portion of the net. Internal funnels within the frame net are designed to lead fish to the fish holding area of the net. Any mesh size is allowed with a front not to exceed four feet by eight feet if rectangular or eight feet in diameter if round.
NR 22.02(16) (16)“Gill net" has the meaning found in s. 29.522 (2) (b), Stats.
NR 22.02(17) (17)“Hooking", as used in s. NR 22.13, means any activity which utilizes a dull-pointed, metal, barbless hook attached to a staff to remove a turtle from a body of water.
NR 22.02(18) (18)“Hoop net" means a net constructed out of multiple round, rectangular or oval hoops covered with a nylon or other stretchable fabric mesh that is not wire. The hoops are made of wood, fiberglass, or steel. Maximum hoop diameter is eight feet for round hoops and four feet by eight feet for rectangular hoops. The netting is constructed with a funnel entrance at one or both ends which are tied off to the sides or the opposite ends. The opening in the funnel may be round, rectangular or oval in shape. “Hoop net" includes bait nets and buffalo nets.
NR 22.02(19) (19)“Lead" means a length of net strung outward from a fish net or trap that is used to obstruct the path of a fish and cause the fish to follow the lead net toward the fish trap. Leads may have a maximum length of 300 feet and a maximum mesh size of two inches.
NR 22.02(20) (20)“Length" for the purposes of measuring a fish, unless otherwise specified, means the distance measured in a straight line from the tip of the snout to the outermost end of the tail or caudal fin fully extended.
NR 22.02(21) (21)“Minnows" mean all species defined as such in s. 29.001 (54), Stats., and bullheads not exceeding 4 inches in length.
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