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NR 16.46 NR 16.46 Removal of wild white-tailed deer.
NR 16.46(1)(1)Removal of wild deer. Prior to the issuance of a fence inspection certificate as provided by s. 90.21 (2), Stats., all wild white-tailed deer remaining in a fenced area after the fence surrounding the area is completely closed may be sold as authorized under s. 90.21 (4), Stats., or shall be killed in one of the following ways as determined by the department:
NR 16.46(1)(a) (a) Permit. Under the authority of a written permit issued to the landowner or persons designated by the department to shoot the wild white-tailed deer within the fence.
NR 16.46(1)(b) (b) Department employees. By department employees.
NR 16.46(2) (2) Disposal of wild white-tailed deer. All deer killed shall be disposed of as directed by the department at the expense of the applicant.
NR 16.46 History History: CR 03-030: cr. Register October 2003 No. 574, eff. 11-1-03.
NR 16.50 NR 16.50 Records and reports.
NR 16.50(1)(1)Maintenance and submittal.
NR 16.50(1)(a)(a) General requirements. Copies of records or reports required to be kept under this chapter or under s. 169.36, Stats., shall be furnished to the department by required deadlines or upon request.
NR 16.50(1)(b) (b) Submission as a condition of renewal. Any of the following licenses issued pursuant to ch. 169, Stats., may not be renewed when the licensee fails without good cause to submit all records required by s. 169.36, Stats., by required deadlines or within 10 days of a request for the records:
NR 16.50(1)(b)1. 1. Captive wild animal farm license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)2. 2. Wild fur farm license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)3. 3. Bird hunting preserve license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)4. 4. Rehabilitation license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)5. 5. Stocking license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)6. 6. Scientific research license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)7. 7. Nonprofit educational exhibiting license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)8. 8. Nonresident temporary exhibiting license.
NR 16.50(1)(b)9. 9. Validation license.
NR 16.50(1)(c) (c) Submission of quarterly reports. Each person required to hold a license which is subject to s. 169.36 (9) (b), Stats., shall provide a copy of the quarterly records required to be maintained for that license to the department as follows:
NR 16.50(1)(c)1. 1. Quarterly submission of records shall be provided to the department by April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 31 each year, and shall consist of a copy of all required records that shall be maintained during the 3 previous months.
NR 16.50(1)(c)2. 2. Records to be included in the quarterly report shall consist of complete records of all transactions or activity involving any captive wild animals of the families:
NR 16.50(1)(c)2.a. a. Canidae (coyotes, foxes, wolves and wolf-dog hybrids).
NR 16.50(1)(c)2.b. b. Ursidae (bears).
NR 16.50(1)(c)2.c. c. Mustelidae (badger, mink, otter, weasel, skunk).
NR 16.50(1)(c)2.d. d. Felidae (bobcat, lynx, cougars).
NR 16.50(1)(c)2.e. e. Suidae (wild or feral swine).
NR 16.50(1)(c)2.f. f. Anatidae (mute swans).
NR 16.50(1)(d) (d) Reporting and disposition of escaped harmful wild animals.
NR 16.50(1)(d)1.1. Any time a harmful wild animal escapes, the licensee shall notify the department of the escape. The notification shall take place immediately if possible but not later than 24 hours after the person is aware the escape has occurred and shall include what action will be taken by the licensee.
NR 16.50 Note Note: Notification of fence failures or escapes should be made to the local conservation warden or wildlife manager in the county the fence failure or escape occurs, or by calling the department's hotline at 1-800-847-9367.
NR 16.50(1)(d)2. 2. If a harmful wild animal has escaped from land owned by a person who is licensed under or subject to ch. 169, Stats., and has not been recovered by the owner within 24 hours of the discovery of the escape, the department may dispose of the animal immediately upon determining that the animal poses a risk to public safety or to the health of other domestic or wild animals.
NR 16.50 Note Note: Under s. 169.02 (1), Stats., legal title to a live captive wild animal or the carcass of a captive wild animal is vested in the person who owns the wild animal if the person is in compliance with ch. 169, Stats., and the rules promulgated under that chapter. Legal title to an animal or animal's carcass can be assumed by the department when the animal or carcass is possessed in violation of ch. 169, Stats., or this chapter.
NR 16.50(2) (2) Display of license or proof of origin required.
NR 16.50(2)(a) (a) Live captive wild animals. Any person in possession of live captive wild animals for which a person is required to be licensed under ch. 169, Stats., shall have in the person's possession or at the licensed facility a copy of the license and make the license available to any authorized department agent upon request.
NR 16.50(2)(b) (b) Animal carcasses. No person may possess the carcasses of any captive wild animals obtained from any person required to be licensed under ch. 169, Stats., unless they possess the following information in writing from the person from whom the animals were obtained:
NR 16.50(2)(b)1. 1. The complete name and address and the number of any license issued under ch. 169, Stats., of the person from whom the captive wild animals were purchased, received or otherwise acquired.
NR 16.50(2)(b)2. 2. The date of the transaction and the number and species of the captive wild animals.
NR 16.50(3) (3) Additional record-keeping requirements.
NR 16.50(3)(a) (a) Captive wild animal farm license. The holder of a captive wild animal farm license shall keep complete and accurate records of all harvesting activities for all wild native amphibian or reptile species collected or obtained in-state or from out–of–state.
NR 16.50(3)(a)1. 1. Records shall include: licensee's name, license number, and address.
NR 16.50(3)(a)2. 2. Harvest records shall be competed the day of the harvest or collection and include:
NR 16.50(3)(a)2.a. a. Date of harvest or collection.
NR 16.50(3)(a)2.b. b. Species and number or pounds of each amphibian species harvested by county of harvest.
NR 16.50(3)(a)2.c. c. Species and number of each reptile species harvested or collected by county of harvest.
NR 16.50(3)(a)3. 3. All buying and selling records required under s. 169.36 (1), Stats., that pertain to reptiles and amphibians shall also include the species bought and sold, the number of each reptile species bought and sold and the number or pounds of each amphibian species bought and sold, the date of the transaction, and the name and address of the person or business the licensee is buying from or selling to.
NR 16.50(3)(b) (b) Bird hunting preserve license. Each person required to hold a bird hunting preserve license shall keep a daily record of all birds listed in s. 169.19 (2) (b), Stats., stocked or released on the property. Daily records shall include:
NR 16.50(3)(b)1. 1. Date of activity.
NR 16.50(3)(b)2. 2. Number of birds stocked by species.
NR 16.50(3)(b)3. 3. Number of birds killed or harvested by species.
NR 16.50(3)(c) (c) Wild fur farms.
NR 16.50(3)(c)1.1. In addition to the records required under s. 169.36 (2), Stats., no person may remove live fur bearing animals or the carcasses of fur bearing animals of the species authorized under s. NR 16.18 (4) from the licensed premises of any wild fur farm unless the following information related to the harvest and transfer of the animals is first recorded in the licensee's records:
NR 16.50(3)(c)1.a. a. The complete name and address of the person who harvested the animals.
NR 16.50(3)(c)1.b. b. The date the animals were harvested.
NR 16.50(3)(c)1.c. c. The species and number of the animals harvested.
NR 16.50(3)(c)1.d. d. The complete name and address of the person to whom the animals were transferred.
NR 16.50(3)(c)1.e. e. The date, species and number of animals sold or transferred.
NR 16.50(3)(c)2. 2. Persons authorized by the licensee to take live fur bearing animals on the licensed premises may not possess these live animals off the licensed premises unless authorized by a captive wild animal farm license or other license that authorizes the possession of the live captive wild animals.
NR 16.50(3)(d) (d) Stocking license. Each person required to hold a stocking license shall keep a correct and complete record of the following:
NR 16.50(3)(d)1. 1. For each transaction in which live captive wild animals are purchased or otherwise acquired or received:
NR 16.50(3)(d)1.a. a. The complete name and address of the person from whom the animals were purchased or acquired.
NR 16.50(3)(d)1.b. b. The number of any license issued under ch. 169, Stats., held by the seller.
NR 16.50(3)(d)1.c. c. The date of the transaction and the number, sex and species of the animals purchased or obtained.
NR 16.50(3)(d)2. 2. For each stocking or release:
NR 16.50(3)(d)2.a. a. The date and location of the stocking or release.
NR 16.50(3)(d)2.b. b. The number, sex and species of the captive wild animals stocked or released.
NR 16.50(3)(e) (e) Nonresident temporary exhibiting license. Each person required to hold a nonresident temporary exhibiting license shall keep a correct and complete record of all of the following information:
NR 16.50(3)(e)1. 1. The dates during which captive wild animals are brought into and held in this state for exhibition purposes.
NR 16.50(3)(e)2. 2. The nature or purpose of the exhibition.
NR 16.50(3)(e)3. 3. The location of the exhibition.
NR 16.50(3)(e)4. 4. The number and species of animals being exhibited.
NR 16.50(4) (4) Reports to municipalities. When requested by a municipality, any person who introduces, stocks or releases any captive wild animals under s. 169.06 (1), Stats., shall provide the information required in s. 169.06 (2), Stats., to that municipality within 72 hours.
NR 16.50 History History: CR 03-030: cr. Register October 2003 No. 574, eff. 11-1-03; CR 05-031: am. (3) (b) (intro.) Register November 2005 No. 599, eff. 12-1-05; CR 09-052: am. (1) (c) 2. a., cr. (1) (c) 2. e., f., and (d) Register June 2010 No. 654, eff. 7-1-10.
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