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Register July 2017 No. 739
Chapter MPSW 2
MPSW 2.01   Definitions.
Ch. MPSW 2 Note Note: Chapter SFC 2 was created as an emergency rule effective April 26, 1993.
Ch. MPSW 2 Note Note: Chapter SFC 2 was renumbered ch. MPSW 2 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register October 2002 No. 562.
MPSW 2.01 MPSW 2.01Definitions. In chs. MPSW 2 to 6:
MPSW 2.01(1) (1) “Accredited" means accredited by the council on social work education.
MPSW 2.01(2) (2) “Certified advanced practice social worker" means a person who holds a certificate under s. 457.08 (2), Stats.
MPSW 2.01(4) (4) “Certified independent social worker" means a person who holds a certificate under s. 457.08 (3), Stats.
MPSW 2.01(5) (5) “Certified social worker" means a person who holds a certificate under s. 457.08 (1) or 457.09, Stats.
MPSW 2.01(6) (6) “Client" means the individual, group, business, agency, school, organization, or association for whom the social worker provides professional services. The term “client" includes the term and concept of “patient."
MPSW 2.01(7) (7) “Clinical field training" means a minimum of one academic year in the supervised practice of clinical social work services consisting of assessment; diagnosis; treatment, including psychotherapy and counseling; client-centered advocacy; consultation; and evaluation. “Clinical field training" does not include indirect social work service, administrative, research, or other practice emphasis.
MPSW 2.01(8) (8) “Clinical social work practice" means providing services for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental and emotional disorders in individuals, families, and groups, to restore, maintain, and enhance social functioning through treatment interventions that include psychosocial evaluation, counseling of individuals, families, or groups, referral to community resources, advocacy, facilitation of organizational change to meet social needs, and individual, marital, or group psychotherapy.
MPSW 2.01(9) (9) “Clinical social work concentration" means a course of study with a primary focus on resolving intrapsychic and interpersonal problems by means of direct contact with clients at the individual, small group and family level. A concentration on community or organizational problems, social planning or policy development does not constitute a clinical social work concentration. To qualify as a master's or doctoral degree in social work with a concentration in clinical social work, the course of study shall include one course in psychopathology and social work and, from among the following, 2 theory and practice courses:
MPSW 2.01(9)(a) (a) Case management.
MPSW 2.01(9)(c) (c) Clinical assessment and treatment of specific populations and problems, such as children, adolescent, elderly, alcohol and drug abuse, family or couples relationships.
MPSW 2.01(9)(d) (d) Psychopharmacology.
MPSW 2.01(9)(e) (e) Psychotherapeutic interventions.
MPSW 2.01(9)(f) (f) Electives such as family therapy, social work with groups, sex- or gender-related issues and topics.
MPSW 2.01(10) (10) “Counseling" means the process of identifying and providing options for the resolution or mitigation of an undesired circumstance. Counseling characteristically involves the provision of education, support, advice, guidance, or assistance with planning, and other services of a similar character but does not necessarily involve a long term counselor-client relationship.
MPSW 2.01(11) (11) “Interpersonal" means between 2 or among 3 or more individuals or groups.
MPSW 2.01(12) (12) “Intrapsychic" means occurring within one's personality or psyche.
MPSW 2.01(12m) (12m) “Licensed clinical social worker" means a person who holds a license under s. 457.08 (4), Stats.
MPSW 2.01(13) (13) “Primary clinical setting" means a facility, or a unit within a facility, whose primary purpose is to treat persons with a DSM diagnosis.
MPSW 2.01(15) (15) “Regionally accredited college or university" means a college or university which is accredited by any of the following bodies: the New England association of schools and colleges, the middle states association of colleges and schools, the north central association of colleges and schools, the northwest association of schools and colleges, the southern association of colleges and schools, the western association of schools and colleges.
MPSW 2.01(16) (16) “Social worker" has the meaning given in s. 457.01 (10), Stats., and is interpreted to be a general term describing all persons who hold any certificate or license under s. 458.08, Stats., or any rules adopted pursuant to s. 457.03 (3), Stats., establishing levels of social work practice.
MPSW 2.01(17) (17) “Supervised clinical field training" means training in a primary clinical setting which must include at least 2 semesters of field placement where more than 50% of the practice is to assess and treat interpersonal and intrapsychic issues in direct contact with individuals, families or small groups.
MPSW 2.01(18) (18) “Supervision" means supervision of the professional practice of social work in the applied skills of the profession.
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