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Ins 6.20(6)(h)3. 3. For all mutual funds held by a town mutual insurer, the insurer shall maintain in its records the fund's prospectus and latest issued annual financial statement.
Ins 6.20(6)(h)4.a.a. If a town mutual insurer utilizes the services of an investment advisor, the town mutual shall have, and maintain, a written agreement with the investment advisor, that shall be approved by the board of directors. A separate agreement shall be entered into for each specific arrangement.
Ins 6.20(6)(h)4.b. b. Each written agreement with an investment advisor shall include a description of the scope and nature of the services to be provided; the standard of care to be provided; how or whether the investment strategy, including asset allocations, and any applicable limitations, incorporates the board approved investment policy; the level of authority the advisor exercises over the insurer's portfolio, whether discretionary or non-discretionary; a description of all types of compensation to the investment advisor; and a description as to how investment transactions, holdings, and portfolio performance will be communicated to the company's board of directors, including the frequency, content and means of reporting.
Ins 6.20(6)(h)4.c. c. An agreement under subd. 4. b. shall clearly state whether the investment advisor is, or is not, acting as a fiduciary with respect to the town mutual insurer. A fiduciary is someone whose conduct is subject to the fiduciary duty standard, as defined under applicable rules, regulations, or standards of conduct promulgated by the U.S. securities and exchange commission.
Ins 6.20(6)(i) (i) Custody. In addition to the requirements of s. 610.23, Stats., the shares of any mutual fund in which a town mutual insurer invests may be held in the direct custody of the town mutual insurer, and the shares must be maintained either in book entry form with the mutual fund's registrar and transfer agent, or in certificate form. If the town mutual insurer does not have direct custody of the shares, the shares shall be held in the custody of a bank or bank and trust company.
Ins 6.20(7) (7) Bonds permissible. Bonds permissible under s. 620.22 (1), Stats., include:
Ins 6.20(7)(a) (a) Direct obligations of the United States or Canada, or of other governmental units therein;
Ins 6.20(7)(b) (b) Obligations payable from and adequately secured by specifically pledged revenues of such governmental units or their instrumentalities, including corporations owned by or operated for such units; and
Ins 6.20(7)(c) (c) Evidences of indebtedness of any solvent corporation of the United States or Canada.
Ins 6.20(8) (8) Additional authorized investments. An insurer may, in addition to investments authorized by s. 620.22 (1) to (7), Stats., invest its assets in the following classes of investments, up to the limits stated, and in the case of insurers that are subject to special restrictions under s. 620.03, Stats., in accordance with any other rules made applicable to them:
Ins 6.20(8)(a) (a) Mortgage bonds of farm loan banks authorized under the federal farm loan act, and debentures issued by the banks for cooperatives established pursuant to the farm credit act of 1933, as amended;
Ins 6.20(8)(b) (b) Equipment securities or certificates of any equipment trust evidencing rights to receive partial payments agreed to be made upon any contract of leasing or conditional sale;
Ins 6.20(8)(c) (c) The purchase and ownership of machinery or equipment, which is or will become subject to contracts for sale or use under which contractual payments may reasonably be expected to return the principal of and provide earnings on the investment within the anticipated useful life of the property which shall be not less than 5 years but the aggregate of such investments shall not exceed 3% of the insurer's assets;
Ins 6.20(8)(d) (d) Loans upon the collateral security of any securities that the insurer could lawfully purchase, but not exceeding 90% of the market value of the securities up to an amount which, together with like securities owned, does not exceed the limits on the purchase of such securities;
Ins 6.20(8)(e) (e) Evidences of indebtedness not otherwise authorized of the kind which if held by a bank would be eligible for discount, rediscount, purchase or sale by federal reserve banks or other government agencies having similar powers and functions but the aggregate of such investments shall not exceed 1% of the insurer's assets;
Ins 6.20(8)(f) (f) Shares of savings and loan associations to the extent that they are insured or guaranteed by the United States government or any agency thereof;
Ins 6.20(8)(g) (g) The cash surrender values of life insurance policies of companies authorized to do business in Wisconsin;
Ins 6.20(8)(h) (h) For a company authorized to transact a credit insurance business, the claims and demands that it has guaranteed;
Ins 6.20(8)(i) (i) For a company authorized to transact a title insurance business, materials and plant necessary for the convenient transaction of business — not exceeding 50% of minimum capital or 5% of assets, whichever is greater;
Ins 6.20(8)(L) (L) Direct obligations of the international bank for reconstruction and development, the inter-American development bank, the African development bank and the Asian development bank but the aggregate of such investments shall not exceed 2% of the insurer's assets;
Ins 6.20(8)(n) (n) Shares of investment companies or investment trusts registered under the Federal Investment Company Act of 1940, 15 USC 80a-1 et seq., as amended — regarded as part of the common stock portfolio of the insurer.
Ins 6.20(8g) (8g)  Foreign investments. An insurer, and in the case of insurers that are subject to special restrictions under s. 620.03, Stats., in accordance with any other rules applicable to them, may invest in foreign investments, in addition to investments authorized by s. 620.22 (1) to (7), Stats., that meet the following criteria and limitations:
Ins 6.20(8g)(a) (a) An insurer with assets less than $500,000,000 as of the financial statement filing date may invest up to 1% of assets in direct obligations of foreign governments.
Ins 6.20(8g)(b) (b) An insurer with assets equal to at least $500,000,000 as of the financial statement filing date may invest up to 4% of assets in direct obligations of foreign governments that at the time of purchase have a 1 or 2 designation from the national association of insurance commissioners, or equivalent ratings by a NRSRO and, in addition, up to 1% of assets in the direct obligations of foreign governments without regard to ratings.
Ins 6.20(8g)(c) (c) An insurer with assets less than $500,000,000 as of the financial statement filing date may invest up to 2% of assets in loans, securities or investments of foreign issuers which are of substantially the same kinds, classes and investment grades as those eligible for investment under ch. 620, Stats., and supplementary rules.
Ins 6.20(8g)(d) (d) An insurer with assets equal to at least $500,000,000 as of the financial statement filing date may invest up to 8% of assets in loans, securities or investments of foreign issuers which are substantially the same kinds, classes and investment grades as those eligible for investment under ch. 620, Stats, and supplementary rules.
Ins 6.20(8g)(e) (e) All investments in a foreign country, foreign government, and foreign issuers are subject to all of the following aggregate limits:
Ins 6.20(8g)(e)1. 1. All investments in a single foreign country, 4% of assets.
Ins 6.20(8g)(e)2. 2. All investments of a single foreign issuer and its foreign issuer affiliates, 3% of assets.
Ins 6.20(8g)(e)3. 3. All investments denominated in a single foreign currency, 5% of assets excluding investments under par. (f).
Ins 6.20(8g)(f) (f) An insurer doing business in a foreign country may invest in assets in that foreign country, or in that country's currency, that are needed to meet the insurer's obligations, provided the investment would be permitted if made in this state.
Ins 6.20(8g)(g) (g) An insurer are responsible for monitoring their compliance with individual and aggregate limitations on all investments in a foreign country, foreign government, and foreign issuer, including such investments held indirectly through mutual funds, and must maintain a record of all such investments, which shall be reconciled at least quarterly and be available for production upon the request of the commissioner.
Ins 6.20(8r) (8r)  Derivative instruments. An insurer, and in the case of an insurer that is subject to special restrictions under s. 620.03, Stats., to the extent other rules are applicable to them, may invest in derivative instruments in addition to investments authorized by s. 620.22 (1) to (7), Stats., provided all of the following requirements are met:
Ins 6.20(8r)(a) (a) Derivative instrument contracts shall be entered into to protect the investment portfolio of an insurer against the risk of changing asset values or interest rates, to enhance its liquidity, to aid in cash flow management, as a substitute for cash market transactions, and for any other purpose consistent with the investment objectives for the assets of an insurer stated in s. 620.01, Stats.
Ins 6.20(8r)(b) (b) The aggregate market value of all derivative instruments outstanding may not exceed 10% of the insurer's assets.
Ins 6.20(8r)(c) (c) An insurer may purchase put options or sell call options only with regard to derivative instruments or financial instruments owned by the insurer, or which may be obtained through the exercise of warrants or conversion rights held by the insurer.
Ins 6.20(8r)(d) (d) An insurer may purchase call options or sell put options on derivative instruments or financial instruments only if the amount of the instrument, which may be acquired upon exercise of the option, when aggregated with current holdings, would be an authorized investment under s. 620.22 (1) to (7), Stats., or this subsection, and would not exceed the limitations specified in s. 620.23, Stats., or this section.
Ins 6.20(8r)(e) (e) The board of directors or its authorized committee shall first approve the insurer's plan relating to such investments, which plan must contain specific policy objectives and strategies, establish aggregate maximum limits in such investments and internal control procedures, and identify the duties, expertise and limits of authority of personnel authorized by the board of directors to engage in such transactions on behalf of the insurer.
Ins 6.20(8r)(f) (f) A copy of the insurer's plan shall be filed with the commissioner 30 days prior to its effective date. The commissioner may disapprove the plan within the 30-day period after receipt.
Ins 6.20(9) (9) Changes in qualification of investments. Any investment originally made under s. 620.22 (9), Stats., may thereafter be considered as falling within any other class of investment for which it subsequently qualifies.
Ins 6.20(10) (10) Valuation.
Ins 6.20(10)(a)(a) General. Security valuations contained in “Valuations of Securities", issued by the Committee on Valuation of Securities of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, will be followed in implementing this chapter.
Ins 6.20(10)(b) (b) Insurance policies. Insurance policies purchased under sub. (8) (g) will be valued at their cash surrender value.
Ins 6.20(10)(c) (c) Claims and demands guaranteed by insurer. When an insurer authorized to sell credit insurance purchases, under sub. (8) (h), claims and demands it has guaranteed, it shall value them at face value or at cost, whichever is less, and shall set up a separate and adequate “loss reserve for guaranteed claims purchased" in an amount satisfactory to the commissioner.
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Ins 6.25 Ins 6.25 Joint underwriting and joint reinsurance associations.
Ins 6.25(1)(1)Purpose. This section, pursuant to s. 625.04, Stats., is intended to encourage an active, economical and efficient insurance market; to provide for the regulation of marketing practices; and to exempt certain insurers and organizations from the provisions of s. 625.33, Stats., with respect to joint underwriting or joint reinsurance.
Ins 6.25(2) (2) Scope. Subsection (3) applies to joint underwriting and joint reinsurance involving the insurance of risks associated with:
Ins 6.25(2)(a) (a) Nuclear energy.
Ins 6.25(2)(b) (b) Commercial aircraft.
Ins 6.25(2)(c) (c) Aircraft products liability.
Ins 6.25(2)(d) (d) Crude oil production and processing.
Ins 6.25(2)(e) (e) Municipal bonds.
Ins 6.25(2)(f) (f) Commercial property policies insuring property damage, business interruption, extra expense, rents and other time element coverages, for any policy whose total property damage limit is an amount not less than $50,000,000.
Ins 6.25(2)(g) (g) Excess and umbrella liability with limits in excess of $25 million to risks with underlying coverage or self-insured for a minimum of $25 million.
Ins 6.25(3) (3) Persons exempted. If any of the following joint underwriting associations and joint reinsurance associations is licensed as a rate service organization under s. 625.32, Stats., each insurer-member thereof shall be exempted from the provisions of s. 625.33, Stats., with respect to agreements between or among insurer-members to adhere to certain rates and rules in providing insurance or reinsurance as members of such association:
Ins 6.25(3)(a)(a) Aircraft products insurance association
  (b) Industrial risk insurers
  (c) Mutual atomic energy liability underwriters
  (d) Mutual atomic energy reinsurance pool
  (e) American nuclear insurers
  (f) Nuclear energy property insurance association
  (g) Municipal bond insurance association
  (h) American excess insurance association.
Ins 6.25(4) (4) Limitation on membership disciplinary action. No person may impose any penalty or other adverse consequence for failure of any insurer to adhere to the rates or rules of any joint underwriting association or joint reinsurance association of which the insurer is a member, except termination of or expulsion of the insurer from membership in the association.
Ins 6.25(5) (5) Penalty. Violations of this section shall be subject to s. 601.64, Stats.
Ins 6.25 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1973, No. 213, eff. 10-1-73; am. (2) and (3), Register, August, 1974, No. 224, eff. 9-1-74; am. (3) (e), Register, May, 1975, No. 233, eff. 6-1-75; am. (3), Register, February, 1976, No. 242, eff. 3-1-76; am. (3) (e), Register, November, 1978, No. 275, eff. 12-1-78; cr. (2) (f), Register, January, 1983, No. 325, eff. 2-1-83; emerg. cr. (2) (g) and (3) (h), eff. 12-12-86; am. (1), (2) (intro.) to (e), (4) and (5), cr. (2) (g) and (3) (h), Register, May, 1987, No. 377, eff. 6-1-87.
Ins 6.30 Ins 6.30 Instructions for uniform classifications of expenses of fire and marine and casualty and surety insurers. For the purpose of establishing uniformity in classifications of expenses of fire and marine and casualty and surety insurers recorded in statements and reports filed with and statistics reported to the commissioner of insurance, all such insurers shall observe the instructions set forth below. These instructions shall not apply to single line accident and health insurance companies, assessment accident and health associations, hospital and medical service or indemnity organizations, single line title insurance companies, or town mutual insurance companies.
Ins 6.30(1) (1) Part I.
Ins 6.30(1)(a)(a) List of operating expense classifications for annual statement purposes for fire and marine and casualty and surety insurers.
Ins 6.30(1)(a)1. 1. Claim Adjustment Services:
Ins 6.30(1)(a)1.b. b. Reinsurance Assumed
Ins 6.30(1)(a)1.c. c. Reinsurance Ceded
Ins 6.30(1)(a)2. 2. Commission and Brokerage:
Ins 6.30(1)(a)2.b. b. Reinsurance Assumed
Ins 6.30(1)(a)2.c. c. Reinsurance Ceded
Ins 6.30(1)(a)2.d. d. Contingent-Nete. Policy and Membership Fees
Ins 6.30(1)(a)3. 3. Allowances to Managers and Agents
Ins 6.30(1)(a)4. 4. Advertising
Ins 6.30(1)(a)5. 5. Boards, Bureaus and Associations
Ins 6.30(1)(a)6. 6. Surveys and Underwriting Reports
Ins 6.30(1)(a)7. 7. Audit of Assureds' Records
Ins 6.30(1)(a)8. 8. Salaries
Ins 6.30(1)(a)9. 9. Employee Relations and Welfare
Ins 6.30(1)(a)10. 10. Insurance
Ins 6.30(1)(a)11. 11. Directors' Fees
Ins 6.30(1)(a)12. 12. Travel and Travel Items
Ins 6.30(1)(a)13. 13. Rent and Rent Items
Ins 6.30(1)(a)14. 14. Equipment
Ins 6.30(1)(a)15. 15. Printing and Stationery
Ins 6.30(1)(a)16. 16. Postage, Telephone and Telegraph, Exchange and Express
Ins 6.30(1)(a)17. 17. Legal and Auditing
Ins 6.30(1)(a)18. 18. Taxes, Licenses and Fees:
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