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      d.   Exclusions
    2.   Definition of the insured
    3.   Duties of the insured
    4.   Obligations of the insurance company
    5.   Mortgagee rights
    6.   Proof of loss
    7.   Notice of claim
    8.   Appraisal
    9.   Pro rata liability (other insurance)
    10.   Assignment
    11.   Subrogation
    12.   Arbitration
    13.   Elements of a contract
    14.   Warranties, representations, and concealment
    15.   Warranty
      a.   Affirmative
      b.   Promissory
    16.   Breach of warranty
    17.   Concealment
    18.   Binders
    19.   Sources of insurability information
    20.   Fair Credit Reporting Act
  C. Types of policies
    1.   Standard fire
    2.   Personal lines
      a.   Dwelling (DP forms)
      b.   Homeowners (HO) forms
      c.   Mobile homes
    3.   Homeowners policy
    4.     Watercraft
    5.     Flood insurance
    6.   Commercial Lines
      a.   Commercial package policy (CPP)
        (1)   Building and personal property coverage Form
        (2)   Causes of loss forms
        (3)   Business income coverage form
        (4)   Extra expense coverage form
        (5)   Boiler and machinery coverage form
    7.   Inland marine
      a.   Personal floaters
      b.   Commercial floaters
    8.   Other policies
      a.   Flood insurance
      b.   Personal Watercraft
      c.   Farm and ranch insurance
      d.   Commercial ocean marine
      e.   Earthquake insurance
V. Wisconsin Property Insurance Law -- 2 Hours
  A.   General rate standards - use and file provisions
  B.   Prohibited classification of risks
  C.   Surplus lines
    1.   Definitions
    2.   Prohibitions and restrictions
    3.   Responsibilities of agents and brokers
  D.   Oral contracts
  E.   Content of forms
  F.   Definition of loss
  G.   Wisconsin Insurance Plan
  H.   Valued policy law
  I.   Vacancy rule
  J.   Time period for filing claim
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