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DHS 159.23   Training course accreditation requirements.
DHS 159.24   Application requirements for contingent accreditation.
DHS 159.25   Application requirements for renewal of contingent or full course accreditation.
DHS 159.26   Accreditation and audit fees.
DHS 159.27   Department decisions on training course accreditation and renewal of accreditation.
DHS 159.28   Training course accreditation effective dates and expiration dates.
DHS 159.29   Curriculum requirements for exterior asbestos worker course.
DHS 159.30   Curriculum requirements for exterior asbestos supervisor initial course.
DHS 159.31   Curriculum requirements for asbestos worker initial course.
DHS 159.32   Curriculum requirements for asbestos supervisor initial course.
DHS 159.33   Curriculum requirements for asbestos inspector initial course.
DHS 159.34   Curriculum requirements for asbestos management planner initial course.
DHS 159.35   Curriculum requirements for asbestos project designer initial course.
DHS 159.36   Curriculum requirements for refresher courses.
Subchapter V — Training Course Instructors
DHS 159.37   Approval requirements for principal instructor.
DHS 159.38   Application requirements for initial and renewal principal instructor approval.
DHS 159.39   Principal instructor approval fees.
DHS 159.40   Department decisions on initial and renewal applications for principal instructor approval.
DHS 159.41   Principal instructor approval effective dates and expiration dates.
DHS 159.42   Guest instructor designation.
Subchapter VI — Enforcement
DHS 159.43   General provisions.
DHS 159.44   Reasons for enforcement actions.
DHS 159.45   Enforcement actions.
DHS 159.46   Appeals.
Subchapter VII — Designated Asbestos Person
DHS 159.47   Responsibilities of a local education agency.
DHS 159.48   Responsibilities of a designated asbestos coordinator.
Ch. DHS 159 Note Note: Chapter HSS 159 was created as an emergency rule effective November 3, 1989. Chapter HSS 159 was renumbered chapter HFS 159 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6. and 7., Stats., Register, September, 1999, No. 525. Chapter HFS 159 was renumbered chapter DHS 159 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register January 2009 No. 637. Chapter DHS 159 as it existed on April 30, 2009 was repealed and a new chapter DHS 159 was created effective May 1, 2009; corrections made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register February 2009 No. 638.
subch. I of ch. DHS 159 Subchapter I — General Provisions
DHS 159.01 DHS 159.01 Authority and purpose. This chapter is promulgated under the authority of s. 254.20, Stats., to establish requirements for certification and training for any person who performs or supervises any asbestos abatement activity or any asbestos management activity, and under the authority of s. 254.21, Stats., to establish rules to manage asbestos in schools.
DHS 159.01 History History: CR 08-036: cr. Register February 2009 No. 638, eff. 5-1-09.
DHS 159.02 DHS 159.02 Applicability.
DHS 159.02(1)(1) Except as provided under s. DHS 159.06, this chapter applies to any person that performs, claims to perform, offers to perform, supervises, or offers to supervise an asbestos abatement activity or asbestos management activity, as an individual or company, or who owns, conducts or offers to conduct a training course to qualify a person for certification under this chapter.
DHS 159.02(2) (2) For purposes of this chapter, all suspect asbestos-containing material shall be treated as asbestos-containing material.
DHS 159.02 History History: CR 08-036: cr. Register February 2009 No. 638, eff. 5-1-09.
DHS 159.03 DHS 159.03 Approved comparable compliance.
DHS 159.03(1)(1) The department may, upon request or its own initiative, approve an alternative to any requirement in this chapter, which is not mandated by state statue or federal law, if the department determines that the alternative is as protective of human health and the environment as the requirement.
DHS 159.03(2) (2) A request for approval of an alternative to a requirement shall be made in writing to the department and include all of the following:
DHS 159.03(2)(a) (a) Identification of the specific rule requirement for which the alternative is requested.
DHS 159.03(2)(b) (b) The reason for the request.
DHS 159.03(2)(c) (c) A description of the alternative.
DHS 159.03(2)(d) (d) The time period for which the alternative is requested.
DHS 159.03(2)(e) (e) Proof that the alternative is as protective of human health and the environment as strict compliance with the rule.
DHS 159.03(2)(f) (f) Any other information requested by the department.
DHS 159.03(3) (3) Within 30 days after receiving a written request for comparable compliance, the department shall approve or deny the request in writing. If the department denies the request, the reason for the denial shall be stated. If the department approves a request for alternative compliance, the department may do any of the following:
DHS 159.03(3)(a) (a) Impose any condition on an alternative which the department deems necessary.
DHS 159.03(3)(b) (b) Modify the alternative.
DHS 159.03(3)(c) (c) Limit the duration of an alternative.
DHS 159.03(3)(d) (d) Revoke approval of an alternative if any of the following occurs:
DHS 159.03(3)(d)1. 1. The alternative adversely affects the health, safety or welfare of persons or the environment.
DHS 159.03(3)(d)2. 2. The person fails to comply with any terms or conditions of the approval.
DHS 159.03(3)(d)3. 3. There is a change in applicable law.
DHS 159.03(4) (4) The department may charge a fee of up to $100 to review a request for an alternative.
DHS 159.03(5) (5) The department's denial of a request for comparable compliance is a final decision of the department and is not subject to a hearing under s. DHS 159.46.
DHS 159.03 History History: CR 08-036: cr. Register February 2009 No. 638, eff. 5-1-09.
DHS 159.04 DHS 159.04 Definitions. In this chapter:
DHS 159.04(1) (1) “Accreditation" means approval by the department of a training course for a specific discipline based on its compliance with subch. IV.
DHS 159.04(2) (2) “AHERA" means 40 CFR 763, Subpart E, the asbestos-containing materials in schools rule promulgated by EPA under the authority of 15 USC 2643, the asbestos hazard emergency response act of 1986 as amended by the asbestos school hazard abatement reauthorization act of 1990.
DHS 159.04(3) (3) “Asbestos" means chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite, fibrous tremolite, fibrous actinolite or fibrous anthophyllite.
DHS 159.04(4) (4) “Asbestos abatement activity" means any activity that disturbs asbestos-containing material, including but not limited to, the repair, enclosure, encapsulation, or removal of asbestos-containing material and the repair, operation, service, maintenance, renovation or demolition of any part of a facility where asbestos-containing material or suspect asbestos-containing material is present, including all associated set up of work-site containment, clean-up and loading-out of asbestos-containing material for disposal and any air sampling or air monitoring conducted before, during or after the activity to determine that the containment or regulated area is intact or that clean-up is complete and the containment or regulated area can be disassembled.
DHS 159.04(5) (5) “Asbestos company" means a person that performs, supervises, or offers to perform or supervise a regulated asbestos activity. “Asbestos company" includes an exterior asbestos company.
DHS 159.04(6) (6) “Asbestos-containing material" or “ACM" means a material or product that contains more than 1% of asbestos, as determined using the method specified in 40 CFR Part 763, Appendix E to Subpart E, Section I, “Polarized Light Microscopy," and a material meeting the definition of suspect asbestos-containing material.
DHS 159.04 Note Note: In Appendix E to Subpart E, 40 CFR Part 763, Section I, EPA describes the acceptable method of identifying asbestos-containing materials, which uses polarized light microscopy (PLM). If the asbestos content of friable asbestos-containing material is less than 10%, as determined by a method other than point counting by PLM, EPA requires the asbestos content to be verified by point counting using PLM.
DHS 159.04(7) (7) “Asbestos inspection" means any activities undertaken to specifically determine the presence or location or assess the condition of asbestos-containing material or suspect asbestos-containing material, by visual or physical examination or by collecting a sample or samples of the materials. “Asbestos inspection" includes re-inspection of known or suspect asbestos-containing material that has been previously identified. “Asbestos inspection" does not include:
DHS 159.04(7)(a) (a) Visual inspections of the type described in 40 CFR 763.90 (i) that are conducted solely to determine the completeness of response actions in schools.
DHS 159.04(7)(b) (b) Periodic surveillance of the type described in 40 CFR 763.92 (b) that are conducted solely for recording or reporting a change in the condition of known or suspect asbestos-containing material.
DHS 159.04(7)(c) (c) Inspections conducted by employees or agents of federal, state or local government solely for determining compliance with applicable statutes or regulations.
DHS 159.04(8) (8) “Asbestos inspector" means an individual who performs asbestos inspections.
DHS 159.04(9) (9) “Asbestos management activity" means an inspection for asbestos-containing material, including collecting a sample of material, the design of an asbestos abatement activity or school asbestos response action, or the development of an asbestos management plan.
DHS 159.04(10) (10) “Asbestos management plan" means the document that specifies the plan for managing known or suspect asbestos-containing material in or on a facility to protect the occupants and the environment.
DHS 159.04(11) (11) “Asbestos management planner" means an individual who develops written plans to manage asbestos in or on a facility and make recommendations for the best response actions to be taken to manage asbestos-containing material in or on the facility.
DHS 159.04(12) (12) “Asbestos project designer" means an individual who develops written plans and designs for asbestos abatement activities.
DHS 159.04(13) (13) “Asbestos supervisor" means an individual who performs, or oversees or directs the performance of, asbestos abatement activities or conducts air sampling associated with asbestos abatement activities.
DHS 159.04(14) (14) “Asbestos training activity" means offering or providing a training course required for certification under subch. II.
DHS 159.04(15) (15) “Asbestos worker" means an individual who performs asbestos abatement activities.
DHS 159.04(16) (16) “Certification" means authorization by the department to conduct, supervise or offer to conduct or supervise asbestos abatement activities or asbestos management activities as issued to an individual in the form of a photo identification card or to an asbestos company in the form of a certificate.
DHS 159.04(17) (17) “Classroom contact hour" means 60 minutes of instructional activities, not including breaks and lunch.
DHS 159.04(18) (18) “Contingent approval" means an accreditation status that is provisionally granted based on a review of written training course curriculum and other information and materials that describe the training course.
DHS 159.04(19) (19) “Department" means the Wisconsin department of health services.
DHS 159.04(20) (20) “Designated person" means the individual who is authorized to act on behalf of the local education agency regarding asbestos work and who works with the local education agency to ensure compliance with EPA requirements under 40 CFR 763, Subpart E and with all other federal and state asbestos regulations.
DHS 159.04(21) (21) “Direct supervision" means supervision by a certified asbestos supervisor who is onsite during an asbestos abatement activity and readily available to observe and assist.
DHS 159.04(22) (22) “Disposal bag" means a heavy duty, impervious waste bag or glove bag.
DHS 159.04(23) (23) “DNR" means the Wisconsin department of natural resources.
DHS 159.04(24) (24) “DOT" means the Wisconsin department of transportation.
DHS 159.04(25) (25) “Encapsulation" means the treatment of asbestos-containing material with a product specifically designed to surround or embed asbestos fibers in an adhesive matrix.
DHS 159.04(26) (26) “Enclosure" means an airtight, impermeable, permanent barrier around asbestos-containing material.
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