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Register March 2020 No. 771
Chapter DFI-SB 19
DFI-SB 19.01   Definitions.
DFI-SB 19.02   Financial activity.
DFI-SB 19.03   Control and interest.
DFI-SB 19.04   Application.
DFI-SB 19.05   Conditions and requirements.
DFI-SB 19.06   Capital deduction.
DFI-SB 19.07   Disclosure.
DFI-SB 19.08   Safeguards for the financial institution.
DFI-SB 19.09   Affiliate requirements.
DFI-SB 19.10   Preservation of existing subsidiaries.
DFI-SB 19.11   Examination and supervision.
DFI-SB 19.12   Report of disposition of financial subsidiary.
DFI-SB 19.01 DFI-SB 19.01Definitions. In this chapter:
DFI-SB 19.01(1) (1) “Affiliate" has the meaning set forth in s. 221.0901, Stats.
DFI-SB 19.01(2) (2) “Company" has the meaning set forth in s. 221.0901, Stats.
DFI-SB 19.01(3) (3) “Control" has the meaning set forth in s. 221.0901, Stats.
DFI-SB 19.01(4) (4) “Division" means the division of banking.
DFI-SB 19.01(5) (5) “Financial institution" means a state savings bank chartered under ch. 214, Stats.
DFI-SB 19.01(6) (6) “Financial subsidiary" means any company that is controlled by one or more insured depository institutions other than a subsidiary that a financial institution is authorized to control under other applicable law, or a subsidiary that engages solely in activities that a financial institution is permitted to engage in directly and are conducted subject to the same terms and conditions that govern the conduct of such activities by the financial institution.
DFI-SB 19.01(7) (7) “Insured depository institution" has the meaning set forth in 12 USC 1813(c)(2).
DFI-SB 19.01(8) (8) “Subsidiary" has the meaning set forth in s. 221.0901, Stats.
DFI-SB 19.01(9) (9) “Well capitalized" has the meaning set forth in 12 USC 1831o(b)(1)(A).
DFI-SB 19.01 History History: Cr. Register, October, 2000, No. 538, eff. 11-1-00; correction in (4) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 6., Stats., Register March 2020 No. 771.
DFI-SB 19.02 DFI-SB 19.02Financial activity. For the purposes of this chapter, the following activities shall be considered to be financial in nature:
DFI-SB 19.02(1) (1) Lending, exchanging, transferring, investing for others, or safeguarding money or securities.
DFI-SB 19.02(2) (2) Engaging as agent or broker in any state for purposes of insuring, guaranteeing, or indemnifying against loss, harm, damage, illness, disability, death, or defects in title, or providing annuities as agent or broker.
DFI-SB 19.02(3) (3) Issuing or selling instruments representing interests in pools of assets permissible for a bank to hold directly.
DFI-SB 19.02(4) (4) Underwriting, dealing in, or making a market in securities.
DFI-SB 19.02(5) (5) Extending credit and servicing loans, including making, acquiring, brokering, or servicing loans or other extensions of credit (such as factoring, issuing letters of credit, and accepting drafts) for the financial subsidiary's account or for the account of others.
DFI-SB 19.02(6) (6) Engaging in any of the following activities related to extending credit:
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(a) (a) Appraising real estate and personal property.
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(b) (b) Arranging commercial and real estate equity financing.
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(c) (c) Providing check guaranty services.
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(d) (d) Providing collection agency services.
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(e) (e) Providing credit bureau services.
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(f) (f) Engaging in asset management, servicing, and collection activities.
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(g) (g) Acquiring a debt in default.
DFI-SB 19.02(6)(h) (h) Servicing real estate settlements.
DFI-SB 19.02(7) (7) Operating nonbank depository institutions, including owning, controlling, or operating an industrial bank or a savings association.
DFI-SB 19.02(8) (8) Engaging in trust company functions, including activities of a fiduciary, agency, or custodial nature.
DFI-SB 19.02(9) (9) Providing financial and investment advisory services, including any of the following:
DFI-SB 19.02(9)(a) (a) Serving as investment adviser to a company registered under 15 USC 80a-1 et seq.
DFI-SB 19.02(9)(b) (b) Furnishing general economic information and advice.
DFI-SB 19.02(9)(c) (c) Providing advice in connection with mergers, acquisitions, and other similar transactions, and conducting financial feasibility studies.
DFI-SB 19.02(9)(d) (d) Providing information, statistical forecasting, and advice concerning any transaction in foreign exchange or derivatives.
DFI-SB 19.02(9)(e) (e) Providing educational courses to consumers on individual financial management matters.
DFI-SB 19.02(9)(f) (f) Providing tax planning and tax preparation services to any person.
DFI-SB 19.02(10) (10) Providing agency transactional services for customer investment, including any of the following:
DFI-SB 19.02(10)(a) (a) Providing securities brokerage services.
DFI-SB 19.02(10)(b) (b) Acting as riskless-principal in secondary market transactions.
DFI-SB 19.02(10)(c) (c) Acting as agent for private placement of securities.
DFI-SB 19.02(10)(d) (d) Acting as a futures commission merchant.
DFI-SB 19.02(11) (11) Engaging in investment transactions as principal, including any of the following:
DFI-SB 19.02(11)(a) (a) Underwriting and dealing in bank-eligible securities.
DFI-SB 19.02(11)(b) (b) Engaging as principal in foreign exchange and derivative instruments.
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