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DCF 252.09(5)(c) (c) At least once per year, the licensee shall make available to the department each vehicle that is required to have a child safety alarm under sub. (8) (a) to determine whether the child safety alarm is in good working order.
DCF 252.09(5)(d) (d) Hired or contracted school buses used to transport children shall be in compliance with ch. Trans 300.
DCF 252.09(6) (6)Seat belts and child safety restraints.
DCF 252.09(6)(a) (a) No person may transport a child under 8 years of age in a motor vehicle, unless the child is restrained in a child safety restraint system that is appropriate to the child's age and size and in accordance with s. 347.48, Stats., and ch. Trans 310.
DCF 252.09 Note Note: For further information on child safety restraints, see
DCF 252.09(6)(b)1.1. Each child who is not required to be in an individual child car safety seat or booster seat when being transported under par. (a) shall be properly restrained by a seat belt in accordance with s. 347.48, Stats., and ch. Trans 315.
DCF 252.09(6)(b)2. 2. Each adult in the vehicle shall be properly restrained by a seat belt in accordance with s. 347.48, Stats., and ch. Trans 315.
DCF 252.09(6)(b)3. 3. Seat belts may not be shared.
DCF 252.09(6)(c) (c) Children transported in school buses or vehicles built to school bus standards shall be properly seated according to the manufacturer's specifications.
DCF 252.09(6)(d) (d) Children under 13 years of age who are in the care of the camp may not ride in the front seat of a vehicle.
DCF 252.09(7) (7)Vehicle capacity and supervision.
DCF 252.09(7)(a) (a) The camp shall be responsible for a child from the time the child is placed in a vehicle until the child reaches his or her destination and is released to a person responsible for the child. A parent of a school age child may authorize a child to enter a building unescorted.
DCF 252.09 Note Note: The form, Transportation Permission - Child Care Centers, may be used to designate an adult to receive a child being transported. Forms are available on the department's website,
DCF 252.09(7)(b) (b) Children may not be left unattended in a vehicle.
DCF 252.09(7)(c) (c) When children are transported in a vehicle, there shall be at least one adult supervisor in addition to the driver whenever there are more than 3 children who have a disability that limits their ability to respond to an emergency.
DCF 252.09(7)(d) (d) The licensee shall develop and implement a procedure to ensure that all children exit the vehicle after being transported to a destination.
DCF 252.09(7)(e) (e) No child may be in a vehicle for transport to or from the camp, a field trip, or other camp activity for more than 60 minutes each direction.
DCF 252.09(8) (8)Child care vehicle safety alarm.
DCF 252.09(8)(a) (a) A vehicle shall be equipped with a child safety alarm that prompts the driver to inspect the vehicle for children before exiting if all of the following conditions apply:
DCF 252.09(8)(a)1. 1. The vehicle is owned or leased by a licensee or a contractor of a licensee.
DCF 252.09(8)(a)2. 2. The vehicle has a seating capacity of 6 or more passengers plus the driver. The seating capacity of the vehicle shall be determined by the manufacturer.
DCF 252.09(8)(a)3. 3. The vehicle is used to transport children in care.
DCF 252.09(8)(b) (b) No person may shut off a child safety alarm unless the driver first inspects the vehicle to ensure that no child is left unattended in the vehicle.
DCF 252.09(8)(c) (c) The child safety alarm shall be in good working order each time the vehicle is used for transporting children to or from a center.
DCF 252.09 Note Note: Information on the required vehicle safety alarm is available in the “child care licensing/information for providers” section of the department website at
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DCF 252.40 DCF 252.40Scope. Sections DCF 252.40 to 252.44 apply to all licensed day camps for children.
DCF 252.40 History History: Cr. Register, October, 1984, No. 346, eff. 11-1-84; correction made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register November 2008 No. 635.
DCF 252.41 DCF 252.41Operational requirements for day camps.
DCF 252.41(1)(1)Administration. The licensee shall do all of the following:
DCF 252.41(1)(a) (a) Comply with all laws governing the camp and its operation.
DCF 252.41(1)(b) (b) Comply with all requirements in this chapter.
DCF 252.41(1)(bm) (bm) Ensure that all information provided to the department is current and accurate.
DCF 252.41(1)(br) (br) Comply with all conditions placed on the license.
DCF 252.41(1)(c) (c) Designate, in writing, as part of the application under s. DCF 252.05 (1), a Wisconsin resident who is responsible on behalf of the licensee for ensuring compliance with all requirements in this chapter, if the licensee resides in another state.
DCF 252.41(1)(d) (d) Meet, upon request, with the licensing representative on matters pertaining to licensing.
DCF 252.41(1)(e) (e) Provide documentation of insurance coverage by the submission of a certificate of insurance reflecting current dates of coverage for:
DCF 252.41(1)(e)1. 1. General liability insurance which provides coverage with limits of not less than $25,000 for each person and total limits of $75,000 for each occurrence.
DCF 252.41(1)(e)2. 2. Vehicle liability insurance, when transportation is provided, with minimums no less than those specified in s. 121.53, Stats.
DCF 252.41(1)(e)3. 3. Vehicle liability insurance for non-owned vehicles with minimums not less than the amounts specified under s. 121.53, Stats., if transportation is provided in vehicles that are not owned by the camp and are not public transportation vehicles or chartered vehicles.
DCF 252.41(1)(e)4. 4. Specific adventure-based activities identified in s. DCF 252.44 (13) when offered as part of the camp program.
DCF 252.41(1)(f) (f) Develop, submit to the department, and implement written policies and procedures consistent with this chapter on all of the following subjects:
DCF 252.41(1)(f)1. 1. Discharge of enrolled children.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)2. 2. Fee payments and refunds.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)3. 3. Personnel policies including job descriptions, hours of work, lunch and break times, holidays, vacations, sick leaves, leaves of absence, probationary periods, performance evaluations, grievance procedures and the disciplinary process. The personnel policy shall also contain a procedure requiring staff to notify the licensee and the licensee to notify the department as soon as possible but no later than the next working day when any of the following occurs:
DCF 252.41(1)(f)3.a. a. The employee has been convicted of a crime.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)3.b. b. The employee has been or is being investigated by any governmental agency for any other act, offense, or omission, including an investigation related to the abuse or neglect or threat of abuse or neglect, to a child or other client, or an investigation related to misappropriation of a client's property.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)3.c. c. The employee has a governmental finding substantiated against them of abuse or neglect of a child or adult or of misappropriation of a client's property.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)3.d. d. When a professional license held by a provider has been denied, revoked, restricted or otherwise limited.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)4. 4. Admission, including a procedure to contact a parent if a child is absent from the camp without prior notification from the parent.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)5. 5. Program objectives and a description of activities designed to carry out the program objectives.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)6. 6. Transportation, if children may be transported to and from the camp or for field trips. The policy shall include a procedure to ensure that no child has been left unattended in a vehicle.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)7. 7. Plans to be followed in the event of a fire, tornado, missing child, or other emergency. If an open-sided shelter is used as a base camp, the plan shall identify the location of a designated tornado shelter and the procedure to ensure the camp receives information about tornado watches or warnings. The plan shall include a procedure to ensure that children reach the tornado shelter in a timely fashion.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)8. 8. The plan for supervising children during water activities and waterfront activities, including emergency procedures to be carried out if a child participating in water activities cannot be found.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)9. 9. The plan for providing pre-camp training to staff.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)10. 10. Child guidance, including ways to manage crying, fussing, or distraught children.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)11. 11. Health, including procedures to be followed when there is contact with animals.
DCF 252.41(1)(f)12. 12. Nutrition.
DCF 252.41(1)(i) (i) Ensure that all published statements such as brochures and publicity are accurate.
DCF 252.41(1)(k) (k) Post the day camp license at the base camp in an area visible to parents and the public.
DCF 252.41(1)(L)1.1. Post next to the day camp license all of the following:
DCF 252.41(1)(L)1.a. a. The current licensing statement of compliance or a noncompliance statement and correction plan, including rule violations the department has not verified as corrected and in compliance.
DCF 252.41(1)(L)1.b. b. Any notice from the department regarding rule violations, such as a warning letter or enforcement action.
DCF 252.41(1)(L)1.c. c. Any stipulations, conditions, temporary closures, exceptions, or exemptions that affect the license.
DCF 252.41(1)(L)2. 2. All items posted as required under this paragraph shall be visible to parents.
DCF 252.41(1)(m) (m) Ensure that any action, by commission or omission, or any condition or occurrence relating to the operation or maintenance of the day camp does not adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of any child under the care of the licensee.
DCF 252.41(1)(n) (n) Submit to the department by the department's next business day a completed background check request form for any of the following:
DCF 252.41(1)(n)1. 1. There is a change in the board president or chairperson.
DCF 252.41(1)(n)2. 2. A corporation or limited liability company designates a new person to be subject to the child care background check.
DCF 252.41(1)(n)3. 3. A household member turns 18 years of age, unless the household member has previously submitted a background check request form.
DCF 252.41(1)(n)4. 4. A household member turns 10 years of age.
DCF 252.41(1)(o) (o) Submit to the department a completed background check request form for each potential household member prior to the date on which the individual becomes a household member, unless the person is less than 10 years of age.
DCF 252.41(1)(p) (p) Submit a current delegation of administrative authority signed by the licensee that describes the organizational structure of the camp. The delegation of administrative authority shall identify by position or name those persons that will be on the premises and in charge of the camp for all hours of operation.
DCF 252.41(2) (2)Reports. The licensee shall report all of the following to the department via fax, email, or letter or via telephone with a follow-up written report to the appropriate regional licensing office within 5 business days:
DCF 252.41(2)(a) (a) Any accident or incident that occurs while the child is in the care of the camp that results in professional medical evaluation, within 24 hours of the licensee becoming aware of the medical evaluation.
DCF 252.41 Note Note: The licensee may use either the department's form, Incident Report – Regulated Child Care, or the licensee's own form to report accidents. Information on how to obtain forms is available from the department's website,, or any regional licensing office in Appendix A.
DCF 252.41(2)(am) (am) Any death of a child in care, within 24 hours after the death.
DCF 252.41(2)(ar) (ar) Any injury caused by an animal to a child in care, within 24 hours after the incident.
DCF 252.41(2)(b) (b) Any damage to the base camp that may affect compliance with this chapter, or any incident at the base camp that results in the loss of utility services, within 24 hours after the occurrence.
DCF 252.41(2)(d) (d) A change of the day camp director, within 7 days after the change.
DCF 252.41(2)(e) (e) Statistical data required by the department on forms provided by the department.
DCF 252.41(2)(f) (f) Any known convictions, pending charges, or other offenses of the licensee, day camp employees, or other persons subject to a child care background check which could potentially relate to the care of children at the camp or the activities of the camp by the department's next business day.
DCF 252.41(2)(g) (g) Any suspected abuse or neglect of a child by a staff member that was reported under s. DCF 252.07 (3) (a), including any incident that results in a child being forcefully shaken or thrown against a surface, hard or soft, by a staff member during the child's hours of attendance, within 24 hours after the occurrence.
DCF 252.41(2)(gm) (gm) Any prohibited actions specified in s. DCF 252.44 (2) (c) by a staff member to a child during the child's hours of attendance, within 24 hours after the incident.
DCF 252.41(2)(h) (h) Any incident involving law enforcement within 24 hours after the occurrence in which any of the following occurs:
DCF 252.41(2)(h)1. 1. A licensee, a household member or an employee of the camp is involved in an incident that causes, or threatens to cause, physical or serious emotional harm to an individual, including a child in the care of the camp.
DCF 252.41(2)(h)2. 2. A person responsible for transporting children is involved in a traffic-related incident.
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