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Register April 2013 No. 688
Chapter ATCP 48
Subchapter I — Definitions
ATCP 48.01   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Assessing Drainage District Costs and Benefits
ATCP 48.02   Assessing costs against lands in a drainage district.
ATCP 48.04   Recovering costs from lands outside a drainage district.
ATCP 48.06   Assessing benefits to lands in a drainage district.
ATCP 48.08   Assessing benefits to agricultural lands.
ATCP 48.10   Assessing benefits to nonagricultural lands.
Subchapter III — Inspecting drainage districts
ATCP 48.12   Inspection authority.
ATCP 48.14   Annual inspection.
ATCP 48.16   Inspection after major storm.
ATCP 48.18   Department review and action.
Subchapter IV — District Map, Drains and Corridors
ATCP 48.20   Drainage district specifications.
ATCP 48.21   Changing drainage district specifications.
ATCP 48.22   Construction and maintenance; general.
ATCP 48.24   District corridors.
ATCP 48.26   District drains; design, construction and maintenance.
ATCP 48.28   Controlling woody vegetation.
ATCP 48.30   Controlling soil erosion and runoff.
ATCP 48.32   Deposition of materials.
ATCP 48.33   Structures impeding drainage.
Subchapter V — Construction Projects and Drainage Alterations; Department Approval
ATCP 48.34   Construction projects and drainage alterations; department approval required.
ATCP 48.36   Applying for approval.
ATCP 48.38   Department approval or disapproval.
Subchapter VI — Landowner Rights and Responsibilities
ATCP 48.40   Notice of landowner actions affecting drainage district.
ATCP 48.42   Removing lands from drainage district.
ATCP 48.43   Connecting private drains to district drains; extending private drains.
ATCP 48.44   Obstructing or altering district drains.
ATCP 48.45   Landowner rights.
Subchapter VII — Drainage District Records and Financial Management
ATCP 48.46   Records required.
ATCP 48.48   Care and inspection of records.
Subchapter VIII — Enforcement and Variances
ATCP 48.49   Financial management.
ATCP 48.50   Investigations.
ATCP 48.52   Compliance orders.
ATCP 48.54   Hearing on compliance order.
ATCP 48.56   Variances.
Subchapter IX — Grants to County Drainage Boards
ATCP 48.60   Grants to county drainage boards.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note Note: This chapter establishes legal obligations related to drainage districts:
Ch. ATCP 48 Note Drainage districts are special purpose districts formed for the purpose of draining land, primarily for agricultural purposes. Lands within a drainage district are drained by means of common drains that cross individual property boundaries. Chapter 88, Stats., spells out procedures for creating, modifying and dissolving drainage districts.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note County drainage boards are responsible for operating drainage districts in compliance with ch. 88, Stats., and this chapter. A county drainage board may levy assessments against landowners in a drainage district to pay for the design, construction and maintenance of district drains, and to pay other district operating costs. The county drainage board must allocate cost assessments between landowners based on a drainage district benefit assessment that complies with this chapter.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note The state of Wisconsin department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection monitors county drainage board compliance with ch. 88, Stats., and this chapter. Drainage district specifications and construction projects must be approved by the department. Within the limits of available resources, the department also provides technical assistance to county drainage boards.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note County drainage boards are primarily responsible for resolving drainage disputes within and between drainage districts. A landowner may petition a county drainage board to comply with applicable requirements under ch. 88, Stats., and this chapter. A landowner may also ask the department to order a county drainage board to comply.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note A county drainage board may prevent municipalities and other persons from connecting their drains to district drains, except under terms prescribed by the county drainage board. A county drainage board may also require a person to disconnect a drain. If a proposed connection will increase costs to the drainage district, the county drainage board may assess costs to the person wishing to connect.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note Landowners in a drainage district have certain rights and responsibilities prescribed by ch. 88, Stats., and this chapter. Drainage rights are based on drain specifications formally established by the circuit court (or by a county drainage board under this chapter). A county drainage board may not change established drain specifications without department approval. The county drainage board must comply with procedures designed to protect landowner rights.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note A change of land ownership does not relieve or deprive a succeeding landowner of rights or responsibilities that run with the land under ch. 88, Stats., or this chapter.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note A county drainage board must comply with public records and open meeting laws under ch. 19, Stats. A county drainage board must also comply with specific procedures required by ch. 88, Stats., and this chapter.
Ch. ATCP 48 NoteThis chapter is adopted under authority of ss. 88.11 and 93.07 (1), Stats.
Ch. ATCP 48 Note Questions related to drainage districts and this chapter may be referred to the county drainage board or to the department at the following address:
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