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2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
February 14, 2020 - Introduced by Representatives Stuck, Emerson, Anderson,
Gruszynski, Hebl, Hesselbein, Kolste, Pope, Sinicki, Spreitzer and Stubbs,
cosponsored by Senators Smith, Larson, Carpenter, Ringhand and L. Taylor.
Referred to Committee on Campaigns and Elections.
AB911,1,3 1An Act to create 66.0426 of the statutes; relating to: authorizing a local
2government to require advance payment from a presidential or
3vice-presidential campaign for certain expected public event costs.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under this bill, a city, village, town, or county may require a presidential or
vice-presidential campaign to pay in advance for certain costs the local government
expects to incur that are directly related to a campaign event held at a public venue.
The bill authorizes the local government to require the payment of its estimated costs
in advance of issuing a permit to hold the event. The costs to which the bill applies
are costs for police and sanitation services.
The bill also prohibits a political subdivision from issuing a campaign event
permit to a presidential or vice-presidential campaign if the political subdivision has
evidence that the campaign owes money to another Wisconsin political subdivision
for unpaid campaign event costs.
For further information see the local fiscal estimate, which will be printed as
an appendix to this bill.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB911,1 4Section 1. 66.0426 of the statutes is created to read:
166.0426 Prepayment of public presidential event costs. (1) Definitions.
2In this section:
AB911,2,43 (a) “Campaign event” means an event at a public venue that is sponsored or
4authorized by a presidential or vice-presidential campaign.
AB911,2,55 (b) “Political subdivision” means any city, village, town, or county.
AB911,2,76 (c) “Public costs” means a political subdivision's costs for providing police and
7sanitation services for a campaign event.
AB911,2,14 8(2) Event costs. (a) Subject to pars. (b) and (c), if a presidential or
9vice-presidential campaign, or a person acting on behalf of a presidential or
10vice-presidential campaign, applies for a permit from a political subdivision to hold
11a campaign event within the political subdivision, the political subdivision may
12require payment from the campaign, in advance of issuing the permit, for the public
13costs the political subdivision estimates it will incur that are directly attributable to
14the campaign event.
AB911,2,1715 (b) If the amount a presidential or vice-presidential campaign pays under par.
16(a) exceeds the actual public costs incurred by the political subdivision, the political
17subdivision shall refund the difference to the campaign.
AB911,2,2118 (c) A political subdivision may not approve a campaign event permit
19application described under par. (a) if the political subdivision has evidence that the
20presidential or vice-presidential campaign requesting the permit owes money to
21another political subdivision in this state for unpaid public costs.
AB911,2 22Section 2. Initial applicability.
AB911,2,2423 (1) This act first applies to a presidential or vice-presidential campaign that
24applies for a campaign event permit on the effective date of this subsection.
AB911,2,2525 (End)