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Messages from the Assembly
By Patrick E. Fuller, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has
Adopted and asks concurrence in:
hist110464Assembly Joint Resolution 76
hist110465Assembly Joint Resolution 79
hist110466Assembly Joint Resolution 96
hist110467Assembly Joint Resolution 101
hist110468Assembly Joint Resolution 102
hist110469Assembly Joint Resolution 104
hist110470Assembly Joint Resolution 105
hist110471Assembly Joint Resolution 106
Passed and asks concurrence in:
hist110472Assembly Bill 47
hist110473Assembly Bill 49
hist110474Assembly Bill 75
hist110475Assembly Bill 192
hist110476Assembly Bill 262
hist110477Assembly Bill 287
hist110478Assembly Bill 293
hist110479Assembly Bill 357
hist110480Assembly Bill 434
hist110481Assembly Bill 470
hist110482Assembly Bill 502
Concurred in:
hist110483Senate Bill 60
hist110484Senate Bill 86
hist110485Senate Bill 106
hist110494Senate Bill 188
hist110486Senate Bill 290
hist110487Senate Bill 304
hist110488Senate Bill 319
hist110489Senate Bill 320
hist110490Senate Bill 349
hist110491Senate Bill 362
hist110492Senate Bill 457
hist110493Senate Bill 482
Senate Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 38
Senator Fitzgerald, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate stand adjourned until Thursday, November 14, 2019.
1:58 P.M.