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hist109084Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 166 offered by Senator Darling.
Introduction, First Reading, and Reference of Proposals
Read and referred:
hist109058Senate Joint Resolution 72
Relating to: expressing concern over persistent and credible reports of systematic, state-sanctioned, forced organ harvesting from nonconsenting prisoners of conscience, including Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned for their spiritual beliefs and members of other religious and ethnic minority groups in the People's Republic of China.
By Senators Jacque, Larson, Nass, Stroebel and L. Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Thiesfeldt, Anderson, Ballweg, Bowen, Gundrum, Horlacher, Kulp, Murphy, Pope, C. Taylor, Vruwink and Wichgers.
hist109078To the committee on Senate Organization.
Report of Committees
The committee on Agriculture, Revenue and Financial Institutions reported and recommended:
Senate Bill 96
Relating to: actions for excessive property tax assessments.
Ayes: 7 - Senators Marklein, Petrowski, Testin, Jacque, Bernier, Smith and Ringhand.
Noes: 2 - Senators Risser and Larson.
The committee on Senate Organization reported:
Referred to, and withdrawn from, the Joint Committee on Finance, pursuant to Senate Rule 41 (1)(e):
hist109139Assembly Bill 73
hist109135Senate Bill 44
hist109136Senate Bill 125
hist109137Senate Bill 208
hist109138Senate Bill 369
Ayes: 3 - Senators Fitzgerald, Roth and Feyen.
Noes: 2 Senators Shilling and Bewley.
Public hearing requirement waived, pursuant to Senate Rule 18 (1m):
hist109145Assembly Bill 38
hist109146Assembly Bill 73
hist109147Assembly Bill 77
hist109148Assembly Bill 112
hist109149Assembly Bill 137
hist109150Assembly Bill 189
hist109151Assembly Bill 426
hist109152Assembly Bill 427
hist109153Assembly Bill 471
Ayes: 3 - Senators Fitzgerald, Roth and Feyen.
Noes: 2 – Senators Shilling and Bewley.
Placed the following appointments and proposals on the Senate Calendar of Tuesday, November 05, 2019:
hist109154Mark V. Afable
hist109155Susan M Bauer
hist109156Bryan Bee
hist109157Marge R. Bostelmann
hist109158Rebecca Cameron Valcq
hist109159Candace E Coates
hist109160Beverly A. Dittmar
hist109161Joel Enking
hist109162Michael Friedman
hist109163John F. Greany
hist109164Megan Jackson
hist109165Mark A. Jinkins
hist109166Edmund Manydeeds III
hist109167Terrance McGowan
hist109168William L. Oemichen
hist109169Brad M. Pfaff
hist109170Edward G. Porter III
hist109171Cooper J. Richason
hist109172Andrea L. Simon
hist109173William H. Smith
hist109174Mark Tyler
hist109175Lee Van Zeeland
hist109176Karen Walsh
hist109177Shana Weiss
hist109178Olivia Woodmansee
hist109179Lisa Yee
hist109180Senate Joint Resolution 59
hist109181Senate Bill 6
hist109182Senate Bill 44
hist109183Senate Bill 49
hist109184Senate Bill 72
hist109185Senate Bill 92
hist109186Senate Bill 106
hist109187Senate Bill 108
hist109188Senate Bill 117
hist109189Senate Bill 125
hist109190Senate Bill 155
hist109191Senate Bill 156
hist109192Senate Bill 163
hist109193Senate Bill 166
hist109194Senate Bill 205
hist109195Senate Bill 208
hist109196Senate Bill 214
hist109197Senate Bill 233
hist109198Senate Bill 235
hist109199Senate Bill 247
hist109200Senate Bill 290
hist109201Senate Bill 292