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By Patrick E. Fuller, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has
Adopted and asks concurrence in:
hist103172Assembly Joint Resolution 62
hist103173Assembly Joint Resolution 63
hist103174Assembly Joint Resolution 64
hist103175Assembly Joint Resolution 65
hist103176Assembly Joint Resolution 66
Passed and asks concurrence in:
hist103152Assembly Bill 15
hist103153Assembly Bill 17
hist103154Assembly Bill 58
hist103155Assembly Bill 59
hist103156Assembly Bill 73
hist103157Assembly Bill 77
hist103158Assembly Bill 132
hist103159Assembly Bill 135
hist103160Assembly Bill 151
hist103161Assembly Bill 171
hist103162Assembly Bill 188
hist103163Assembly Bill 194
hist103164Assembly Bill 195
hist103165Assembly Bill 249
hist103166Assembly Bill 250
hist103167Assembly Bill 251
hist103168Assembly Bill 273
hist103169Assembly Bill 275
hist103170Assembly Bill 284
hist103171Assembly Bill 285
Concurred in:
hist103150Senate Bill 68
hist103151Senate Bill 152
Senator Fitzgerald, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate stand adjourned until Tuesday, June 25, 2019.
9:32 A.M.