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By Senators Jacque, Wanggaard and Marklein; cosponsored by Representatives Brandtjen, Ballweg, Horlacher, James, Kulp, Loudenbeck, Murphy, Mursau, Novak, Pronschinske, Ramthun, Skowronski, Tittl, Tusler, Wichgers and Anderson.
hist99178To the committee on Government Operations, Technology and Consumer Protection.
hist98863Senate Bill 150
Relating to: segregated fees for part-time students at University of Wisconsin System schools.
By Senators Kooyenga, Darling, Cowles, Feyen, Nass and Stroebel; cosponsored by Representatives Zimmerman, Brandtjen, Brooks, Horlacher, Loudenbeck, Murphy, Ramthun, Sanfelippo, Skowronski, Spiros, Thiesfeldt and Tusler.
hist99179To the committee on Universities, Technical Colleges, Children and Families.
hist98877Senate Bill 151
Relating to: prohibiting local ordinances, resolutions, and policies that prohibit the enforcement of federal or state law relating to illegal aliens or immigration status, authorizing certain elective officeholders to commence an enforcement action, providing a reduction in shared revenue payments, and creating governmental liability for damages caused by illegal aliens.
By Senators Nass, Craig, Wanggaard, Jacque, Stroebel and Kapenga; cosponsored by Representatives Spiros, August, Edming, Kuglitsch, Murphy, Neylon, Ramthun, Sanfelippo, Skowronski, Sortwell, Thiesfeldt, Tusler and Wichgers.
hist99180To the committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform.
hist98955Senate Bill 152
Relating to: the operation of electric scooters on highways, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.
By Senators Kooyenga, Cowles, Carpenter, Larson and Stroebel; cosponsored by Representatives Kuglitsch, Duchow, Brandtjen, Kitchens, Myers, Neylon, Ramthun, Sanfelippo and Sinicki.
hist99181To the committee on Transportation, Veterans and Military Affairs.
hist99008Senate Bill 153
Relating to: submission of building permit applications for one-family and two-family dwellings.
By Senators LeMahieu, Bewley, Cowles, Kapenga, Marklein, Nass, Petrowski and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Jagler, Stuck, Anderson, Brandtjen, Brooks, Emerson, Fields, Kulp, Murphy, Skowronski, Stafsholt, Subeck, Thiesfeldt and Vruwink.
hist99185To the committee on Utilities and Housing.
hist99009Senate Bill 154
Relating to: creditable military service under the Wisconsin Retirement System.
By Senators Feyen, Hansen, Jacque and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives Thiesfeldt, Hebl, Anderson, Brandtjen, Considine, Edming, Kolste, Milroy, Mursau, Ohnstad, Ramthun, Sargent, Skowronski, Spiros, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor and VanderMeer.
hist99186To the committee on Transportation, Veterans and Military Affairs.
hist99010Senate Bill 155
Relating to: participation in the Volunteer Health Care Provider program by agencies serving homeless individuals.
By Senators Darling, Johnson, Carpenter, Nass, Ringhand, Stroebel, Wirch, Cowles and L. Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Thiesfeldt, Stuck, Felzkowski, Anderson, Bowen, Brostoff, Considine, Horlacher, Kolste, Kulp, Mursau, Novak, Ohnstad, Plumer, Ramthun, Rohrkaste, Sargent, Skowronski, Spiros, Snyder, Steffen, Subeck, C. Taylor, Tusler, Vining, Sinicki, Loudenbeck and Murphy.
hist99187To the committee on Insurance, Financial Services, Government Oversight and Courts.
hist99011Senate Bill 156
Relating to: retired credential status for certain professionals holding credentials granted by the Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers, and Professional Land Surveyors; extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures; providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures; and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.
By Senators Kooyenga, Marklein and Jacque; cosponsored by Representatives Kulp, Tusler, Anderson, Thiesfeldt, Spiros, Skowronski and Brooks.
hist99188To the committee on Public Benefits, Licensing and State-Federal Relations.
Petitions and Communications
hist99244Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Jagler withdrawn as a cosponsor of Senate Bill 53.
hist99217Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Bowen added as a cosponsor of Senate Bill 64.
hist99209Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Felzkowski withdrawn as a cosponsor of Senate Bill 91.
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
Relating to dental licensure and the practice of dental hygiene.
Submitted by the Dentistry Examining Board.
hist98794Report received from Agency, March 26, 2019.
hist99172Referred to the committee on Health and Human Services, April 4, 2019.
Relating to delegation of functions to unlicensed persons.
Submitted by the Dentistry Examining Board.
hist98795Report received from Agency, March 26, 2019.
hist99171Referred to the committee on Health and Human Services, April 4, 2019.
The committee on Education reported and recommended:
Relating to aid for school mental health programs.
hist99214No action taken on March 31, 2019.
hist99215Referred to the joint committee for review of Administrative Rules, April 4, 2019.