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hist118482Passage as amended:
Ayes: 12 - Representatives Petryk, Dittrich, Murphy, Oldenburg, Kulp, Macco, Snyder, Gundrum, Shankland, Fields, Ohnstad and Haywood.
Noes: 2 - Representatives Allen and Brandtjen.
hist118483To committee on Rules.
Committee on Workforce Development
Action on the Senate Message
Senate Bill 44
Relating to: grants to technical college students for apprenticeship expenses and making an appropriation.
By Senators Jacque, Testin, L. Taylor, Darling, Feyen, Marklein, Nass and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives Murphy, Petryk, Allen, Brandtjen, Brooks, Dittrich, Duchow, Edming, Gundrum, Horlacher, Jagler, Oldenburg, Ramthun, Subeck, Thiesfeldt, Tusler, Wichgers, Zimmerman and Summerfield.
hist118159To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 48
Relating to: allowing an elector to show his or her marked ballot.
By Senators Craig, Bernier, Carpenter, Stroebel, Wanggaard and Nass; cosponsored by Representatives Brooks, Felzkowski, Knodl, Krug, Kulp, Quinn, Ramthun, Rohrkaste, Steffen, Subeck, Thiesfeldt and Wichgers.
hist118160To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 49
Relating to: prosecuting a person under the age of 18 with committing an act of prostitution.
By Senators Darling, Johnson, Schachtner, Feyen, L. Taylor, Carpenter, Bewley, Shilling, Ringhand, Wirch, Smith, Risser, Cowles, Jacque, Olsen, Hansen, Erpenbach, Larson, Miller and Kooyenga; cosponsored by Representatives Billings, Steineke, Emerson, Thiesfeldt, Kitchens, Rohrkaste, Hebl, Kolste, Kulp, Goyke, Zamarripa, Vining, Shankland, Vruwink, C. Taylor, Subeck, Tittl, Neubauer, Doyle, Sargent, Mursau, Brostoff, Pope, Snyder, Spiros, Crowley, Felzkowski, Considine, Stubbs, Zimmerman, Pronschinske, B. Meyers, Spreitzer, Ramthun, Sinicki, James, Gundrum, Wittke, L. Myers, Kurtz, Ohnstad, Sortwell, Skowronski, Anderson, Krug, Murphy, Fields, Petryk, Ott, Gruszynski, Riemer, Steffen and Tusler.
hist118161To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 70
Relating to: bringing contraband into a jail or prison and providing a penalty.
By Senators Jacque, Marklein and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Tusler, Edming, Gundrum, Horlacher, Murphy, Skowronski, Sortwell, Spiros, Thiesfeldt and Wichgers.
hist118169To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 71
Relating to: aids to counties and municipalities for certain special election costs and making an appropriation.
By Senators Jacque, Bernier and Carpenter; cosponsored by Representatives Sortwell, Brooks, Edming, Felzkowski, Gundrum, Horlacher, Plumer, Ramthun, Skowronski, Tusler and Wichgers.
hist118162To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 72
Relating to: requiring certain occupational areas to be included in the youth apprenticeship program.
By Senators Jacque, Feyen and Nass; cosponsored by Representatives Dittrich, Oldenburg, Brandtjen, James, Murphy, Mursau, Nygren, Ramthun, Rohrkaste, Skowronski, Steffen, Summerfield, Tittl and Tusler.
hist118170To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 108
Relating to: vacancies in elective offices in cities and villages.
By Senators Stroebel, Nass and Bernier; cosponsored by Representatives Brooks, Knodl, Wichgers, Murphy and Subeck.
hist118171To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 117
Relating to: adopting revisions to the state's uniform athlete agents act and providing a penalty.
By Senator Jacque; cosponsored by Representatives Brooks, Tusler, Kuglitsch, Ramthun and Wichgers.
hist118172To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 162
Relating to: fee for certain motor vehicle certificate of title transfers.
By Senators Wanggaard, Miller, L. Taylor, Bewley, Cowles, Ringhand, Marklein, Larson, Olsen, Wirch and Nass; cosponsored by Representatives Pope, Brandtjen, Kulp, Milroy, L. Myers, Rodriguez, Tusler, Dittrich, Krug, C. Taylor, Kolste, B. Meyers, Murphy, Horlacher, Mursau, Knodl, Ohnstad, Skowronski, Bowen, Hesselbein, Thiesfeldt, Sinicki, Wichgers, Considine, Edming, Spreitzer and Kuglitsch.
hist118784To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 200
Relating to: storage and processing of sexual assault kits and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.
By Senators Cowles, Schachtner, Darling, Carpenter, Hansen, Johnson, Larson, Ringhand, Petrowski, Risser, Shilling, L. Taylor and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Steffen, Sargent, Macco, Thiesfeldt, C. Taylor, Ballweg, Bowen, Brandtjen, Brostoff, Considine, Duchow, Hutton, Kerkman, Kitchens, Kulp, B. Meyers, Murphy, Mursau, L. Myers, Ohnstad, Plumer, Pope, Quinn, Ramthun, Shankland, Sinicki, Snyder, Spiros, Spreitzer, Subeck, Tittl, Tusler and Vining.
hist118163To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 203
Relating to: issuance by municipalities of alcohol beverage operator's licenses.
By Senators Kapenga, Kooyenga, Nass, Stroebel and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Knodl, Ballweg, Duchow, Kitchens, Kurtz, Mursau, Plumer, Rohrkaste, Sanfelippo, Schraa, Skowronski, Spiros, Steffen, Subeck, Tittl and Zimmerman.
hist118173To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 205
Relating to: transferring academic credits from military transcripts to University of Wisconsin System schools and technical colleges.
By Senators Kooyenga, Marklein, Testin, Wanggaard, Bewley, Smith and Bernier; cosponsored by Representatives Kurtz, Sanfelippo, Kulp, Spiros, Skowronski, Kuglitsch, Ballweg, Thiesfeldt, Tusler, Brandtjen, Dittrich, Sinicki, Horlacher, Wichgers and VanderMeer.
hist118174To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 217
Relating to: diabetes care and prevention plan.
By Senators Darling, L. Taylor, Carpenter, Feyen, Hansen, Johnson, Larson, Olsen, Ringhand, Smith and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Vorpagel, Sargent, Anderson, Billings, Cabrera, Considine, Crowley, Edming, Fields, Hintz, Krug, Kuglitsch, Kulp, Kurtz, Magnafici, L. Myers, Novak, Ohnstad, Petryk, Pope, Ramthun, Rohrkaste, Shankland, Snyder, Spiros, Subeck, Tittl, Tusler, C. Taylor and Skowronski.
hist118528To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 268
Relating to: lengthening the time during which tax increments may be allocated and expenditures for project costs may be made and extending the maximum life for Tax Incremental District Number Two in the village of Kronenwetter.
By Senator Petrowski; cosponsored by Representative Spiros.
hist118175To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 292
Relating to: notices of eligibility to receive a prize.
By Senators LeMahieu, Hansen, Marklein, Nass and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Tittl, Vorpagel, Katsma, Skowronski and Steffen.
hist118176To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 298
Relating to: Department of Natural Resources' efforts to raise awareness about Lyme disease.
By Senators Cowles, Miller, Carpenter, Hansen, Kapenga, Larson, Olsen, Petrowski, Ringhand and Smith; cosponsored by Representatives Mursau, Milroy, Anderson, Considine, Crowley, Gruszynski, Hesselbein, Kulp, Kurtz, B. Meyers, Ohnstad, Ott, Pope, Ramthun, Rodriguez, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, Skowronski, Snyder, Spiros, Spreitzer, Tauchen, Thiesfeldt and Tusler.
hist118783To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 303
Relating to: registration and the scope of practice of interior designers and granting rule-making authority.
By Senators Kapenga, Johnson, Craig, Kooyenga, LeMahieu, Marklein, Nass, Stroebel and L. Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Horlacher, Stubbs, Gundrum, Knodl, Macco and Rohrkaste.
hist118164To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 332
Relating to: tracking of sexual assault kits in sexual assault cases and making an appropriation.
By Senators Darling, Schachtner, Feyen, Carpenter, Jacque, Johnson, Marklein, Ringhand, Shilling, L. Taylor, Wirch, Olsen and Larson; cosponsored by Representatives Thiesfeldt, C. Taylor, Rodriguez, Anderson, Billings, Bowen, Brandtjen, Cabrera, Considine, Crowley, Dittrich, Duchow, Fields, Kolste, Krug, Kuglitsch, Kurtz, Mursau, Ohnstad, Rohrkaste, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, Skowronski, Spreitzer, Vining, Zimmerman, Neubauer, L. Myers, Subeck and Tusler.
hist118165To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 351
Relating to: a sales tax exemption for tangible personal property temporarily stored in this state.
By Senators Marklein, Feyen, Olsen and Petrowski; cosponsored by Representatives Tranel, Dittrich, Kulp, Quinn, Ramthun, Skowronski, Snyder and Spiros.
hist118177To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 369
Relating to: federal emergency management assistance payments to municipalities.
By Senators Marklein, Cowles, Jacque, L. Taylor and Testin; cosponsored by Representatives Kurtz, Krug, Felzkowski, Kulp, Milroy, Petryk, Skowronski, Spiros, Wittke, Ramthun and Thiesfeldt.