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Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and Fourth Regular Session
  WEDNESDAY, January 29, 2020
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Amendments Offered
hist115029Assembly Amendment 4 to Assembly Bill 660 offered by Representatives Kolste and Subeck.
hist115070Assembly Amendment 5 to Assembly Bill 660 offered by Representatives Kolste and Subeck.
hist115186Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 731 offered by Representative VanderMeer.
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist114442Assembly Bill 818
Relating to: permits for the overweight transport of the residue material resulting from treatment of municipal sewage.
By Representatives Stafsholt, Magnafici and Zimmerman; cosponsored by Senators Petrowski and Schachtner.
hist115166To committee on Transportation.
hist115173Assembly Bill 819
Relating to: imposing requirements related to insurance data cybersecurity and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Petersen, Neylon and Duchow; cosponsored by Senators Testin, Feyen and Olsen.
hist115174To committee on Science and Technology.
Executive Communications
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
January 29, 2020
To the Honorable Members of the Assembly:
The following bills, originating in the Assembly, have been approved, signed and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State:
Bill Number   Act Number   Date Approved
hist115014Assembly Bill 119   76   January 28, 2020
hist115016Assembly Bill 706   77   January 28, 2020
hist115018Assembly Bill 707   78   January 28, 2020
hist115020Assembly Bill 708   79   January 28, 2020
hist115022Assembly Bill 709   80   January 28, 2020
hist115024Assembly Bill 710   81   January 28, 2020
hist115026Assembly Bill 711   82   January 28, 2020
Respectfully submitted,
Pursuant to s. 35.095 (1)(b), Wisconsin Statutes, the following 2019 Acts have been published:
Act Number   Bill Number   Publication Date
hist115015Wisconsin Act 76   Assembly Bill 119   January 29, 2020
hist115017Wisconsin Act 77   Assembly Bill 706   January 29, 2020
hist115019Wisconsin Act 78   Assembly Bill 707   January 29, 2020
hist115021Wisconsin Act 79   Assembly Bill 708   January 29, 2020
hist115023Wisconsin Act 80   Assembly Bill 709   January 29, 2020
hist115025Wisconsin Act 81   Assembly Bill 710   January 29, 2020
hist115027Wisconsin Act 82   Assembly Bill 711   January 29, 2020
January 29, 2020
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
hist115074Please add my name as a co-author of Assembly Bill 450, relating to generally prohibiting local units of government from excluding from consideration certain piping materials.
Please add my name as a co-author of Assembly Bill 723, relating to notice to the public upon release of a violent offender.