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2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
January 14, 2020 - Offered by Senator Darling.
SB594-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB594-SA1,1,3 21. Page 3, line 16: after “disorder" insert “, including treatments for
3withdrawal and detoxification,".
SB594-SA1,1,4 42. Page 3, line 17: delete “jail and" and substitute “jail,".
SB594-SA1,1,7 53. Page 3, line 18: after “month" insert “, and whether any of the persons in
6a prison or county jail who receive medication for treating opioid use disorder have
7been confirmed by medical personnel to be pregnant or postpartum".
SB594-SA1,1,8 84. Page 3, line 18: after that line insert:
SB594-SA1,1,10 9(d) All of the following related to the assessment and treatment of opioid use
10disorder in women who are in prison or county jail:
SB594-SA1,1,12 111. The availability of assessment for opioid use disorder for women upon entry
12into the prison or county jail.
12. The availability of treatment for opioid use disorder for women in the prison
2or county jail, especially women in the prison or county jail who have been confirmed
3by medical personnel to be pregnant or postpartum.”.
SB594-SA1,2,7 45. Page 3, line 25: after “administration." insert “The department of health
5services shall include in the proposal any strategies for improving assessment and
6treatment for opioid use disorder of pregnant and postpartum women who are in any
7prison or county jail selected for the pilot project.".