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2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
February 19, 2020 - Offered by Senators Risser, Larson, Carpenter, Hansen, L.
, Johnson, Smith and Schachtner.
SB440-SA10,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB440-SA10,1,3 21. Page 3, line 19: after “year" insert “, and that complies with the requirement
3under s. 234.655 (2)".
SB440-SA10,1,4 42. Page 6, line 3: after that line insert:
SB440-SA10,1,5 5 Section 7m. 234.655 of the statutes is created to read:
SB440-SA10,1,6 6234.655 Opportunity zones. (1) Definitions. In this section:
SB440-SA10,1,87 (a) “Wisconsin qualified opportunity zone” has the meaning given in s. 71.05
8(25m) (a) 3.
SB440-SA10,1,109 (b) “Wisconsin qualified opportunity zone property” has the meaning given in
10s. 71.05 (25m) (a) 4.
SB440-SA10,2,2 11(2) Disclosure by funds. Annually, no later than February 1, a qualified
12opportunity fund described in s. 71.05 (25m) (a) 2. shall disclose to the authority the
13amount of assets held by the fund during the prior calendar year in Wisconsin

1qualified opportunity zone property in each Wisconsin qualified opportunity zone.
2The disclosure shall be in the form required by the authority.
SB440-SA10,2,8 3(3) Annual report. Annually, no later than April 1, the authority shall submit
4to the appropriate standing committees of the legislature under s. 13.172 (3) a report
5that describes the economic conditions in each Wisconsin qualified opportunity zone,
6provides the total amount of assets disclosed under sub. (2) for each Wisconsin
7qualified opportunity zone, and assesses the impact of the opportunity zone
8designation on each local area.”.