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46.285   Operation of resource center and care management organization.
46.286   Family care benefit.
46.287   Hearings.
46.288   Rule-making.
46.2895   Long-term care district.
46.2896   Counting promissory notes as assets.
46.2897   Self-directed services option.
46.2898   Employment of individuals with disabilities; long-term care programs.
46.2899   Services for the developmentally disabled who receive post-secondary education.
46.29   Council on physical disabilities.
46.293   Specialized programs for the blind and visually impaired.
46.295   Interpreters for the hearing-impaired.
46.297   Telecommunication aid for the hearing impaired.
46.298   Vehicle sticker for the hearing impaired.
46.33   Employee counseling referral programs.
46.34   Emission standards for hazardous air contaminants.
46.37   Certain water and sewerage service in Winnebago County.
46.40   Community aids funding.
46.45   Carry-over of community aids funds.
46.47   Grants for nonnarcotic drug treatment in county jails.
46.48   Grants for community programs.
46.482   Coordination of care in substance use overdose.
46.485   Mental health services for severely emotionally disturbed children.
46.49   Allocation of federal funds for community aids.
46.495   Distribution of community aids funds to counties.
46.50   State mental health authority.
46.52   Systems change grants.
46.53   Mental health treatment provider training.
46.535   Crisis intervention training grants.
46.536   Crisis program enhancement grants.
46.54   Consumer and family self-help and peer-support programs.
46.545   Individual placement and support.
46.55   Grants for services to persons in treatment.
46.56   Initiatives to provide coordinated services for children and families.
46.57   Grants for services to persons with epilepsy.
46.65   Treatment alternative program.
46.70   Delivery of services to American Indians.
46.71   American Indian drug abuse prevention, treatment and education.
46.75   Food distribution grants.
46.77   Food distribution administration.
46.80   Aging.
46.81   Benefit specialist program.
46.82   Aging unit.
46.85   Programs for older individuals.
46.856   Alzheimer's disease; training and information grants.
46.86   Treatment programs.
46.87   Alzheimer's family and caregiver support program.
46.90   Elder abuse reporting system.
46.94   Referral system for community-based services.
46.96   Independent living center grants; independent living services.
46.972   Primary health for homeless individuals.
46.973   Drug dependence program.
46.975   Grant and funding program; services related to alcohol and other drug abuse.
46.977   Guardianship grants.
46.986   Respite care program.
46.99   Medical assistance waiver for Birth to 3 participants.
46.995   Disabled children's long-term support program; local funding.
46.001 46.001 Purposes of chapter. The purposes of this chapter are to conserve human resources in Wisconsin; to prevent dependency, mental illness, developmental disability, mental infirmity, and other forms of social maladjustment by a continuous attack on causes; to provide effective aid and services to all persons in need of that aid and those services and to assist those persons to achieve or regain self-dependence at the earliest possible date; to avoid duplication and waste of effort and money on the part of public and private agencies; and to coordinate and integrate a social welfare program.
46.011 46.011 Definitions. In chs. 46, 50, 51, 54, 55, and 58:
46.011(1c) (1c)“Community-based juvenile delinquency-related services" means juvenile delinquency-related services provided under ch. 938 other than juvenile correctional services.
46.011(1e) (1e)“Department" means the department of health services.
46.011(1g) (1g)“Disabled children's long-term support program" means the programs described under 2001 Wisconsin Act 16, section 9123 (16rs), and 2003 Wisconsin Act 33, section 9124 (8c).
46.011(1m) (1m)“Institution for mental diseases" has the meaning given in 42 CFR 435.1009.
46.011(1p) (1p)“Juvenile correctional services" means services provided for a juvenile who is under the supervision of the department of corrections under s. 938.183, 938.34 (2), (4h), (4m), (4n), or (7g), or 938.357 (3) or (4).
46.011 Note NOTE: Sub. (1p) is amended by 2019 Wis. Act 8 effective on the date specified in the department of corrections notice published in the Wisconsin Administrative Register under 2017 Wis. Act 185, section 110 (2) (b), or 7-1-21, whichever is earlier, to read:
Effective date text (1p) “Juvenile correctional services" means services provided for a juvenile who is under the supervision of the department of corrections under s. 938.183, 938.34 (4h) or (7g), or 938.357 (3) or (4).
46.011(1s) (1s)“Milwaukee County mental health board" means the Milwaukee County mental health board created under s. 51.41 (1d).
46.011(2) (2)“Prisoner" means any person who is either arrested, incarcerated, imprisoned or otherwise detained in excess of 12 hours by any law enforcement agency of this state, except when detention is pursuant to s. 51.15, 51.20, 51.45 (11) (b) or 55.135 (1) or ch. 980. “Prisoner" does not include any person who is serving a sentence of detention under s. 973.03 (4) unless the person is in the county jail under s. 973.03 (4) (c).
46.011(3) (3)“Secretary" means the secretary of health services.
46.011(4) (4)“State health planning and development agency" means the department, as designated under s. 250.04 (12).
46.014 46.014 Secretary, powers and duties.
46.014(1)(1)Inventories. On or before July 1 in each year, the secretary shall cause full and complete inventories and appraisals to be made of all the property of each institution administered by the department, which shall be recorded and so classified as to show separately the amount, kind and value of such property.
46.014(2) (2)Visitation. The secretary shall cause each of said institutions to be visited and inspected at least once a month to ascertain whether the officers and employees therein are competent and faithful in the discharge of their duties, all inmates properly cared for and governed, all accounts, books and vouchers properly kept, and all the business affairs properly conducted.
46.014(3) (3)Powers and duties. The secretary shall plan for and establish within the department a program of research designed to determine the effectiveness of the treatment, curative and rehabilitative programs of the various institutions and divisions of the department. The secretary may inquire into any matter affecting social welfare and hold hearings and subpoena witnesses and make recommendations to the appropriate agencies, public or private, thereon.
46.014 History History: 1975 c. 39; 1983 a. 27; 1987 a. 186; 2007 a. 20.
46.016 46.016 Cooperation with federal government. The department may cooperate with the federal government in carrying out federal acts concerning public assistance, social security, mental hygiene, services for the blind, and in other matters of mutual concern pertaining to public welfare.
46.016 History History: 1989 a. 31, 107; 1995 a. 27; 2007 a. 20.
46.016 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also chs. DHS 5 and 149, Wis. adm. code.
46.017 46.017 Legal actions. The department may sue and be sued.
46.018 46.018 Disbursement of funds and facsimile signatures. Withdrawal or disbursement of moneys deposited in a public depository, as defined in s. 34.01 (5), to the credit of the department or any of its divisions or agencies shall be by check, share draft or other draft signed by the secretary or by one or more persons in the department designated by written authorization of the secretary. Such checks, share drafts and other drafts shall be signed personally or by use of a mechanical device adopted by the secretary or his or her designees for affixing a facsimile signature. Any public depository shall be fully warranted and protected in making payment on any check, share draft or other draft bearing such facsimile signature notwithstanding that the facsimile may have been placed thereon without the authority of the secretary or his or her designees.
46.018 History History: 1983 a. 189 s. 329 (21); 1983 a. 368, 538.
46.02 46.02 Agency powers and duties. Any institution that is subject to chs. 46, 49 to 51, 55, and 58 and to regulation under ch. 150 shall, in cases of conflict between chs. 46, 49 to 51, 55, and 58 and ch. 150, be governed by ch. 150. The department shall promulgate rules and establish procedures for resolving any such a conflict.
46.027 46.027 Contract powers.
46.027(1)(1)Religious organizations; Legislative purpose. The purpose of this section is to allow the department to contract with, or award grants to, religious organizations, under any program administered by the department, on the same basis as any other nongovernmental provider without impairing the religious character of such organizations, and without diminishing the religious freedom of beneficiaries of assistance funded under such program.
46.027(2) (2)Nondiscrimination against religious organizations. If the department is authorized under ch. 16 to contract with a nongovernmental entity, or is authorized to award grants to a nongovernmental entity, religious organizations are eligible, on the same basis as any other private organization, as contractors under any program administered by the department so long as the programs are implemented consistent with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and article I, section 18 of the Wisconsin Constitution. Except as provided in sub. (10), the department may not discriminate against an organization that is or applies to be a contractor on the basis that the organization has a religious character.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 186 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on June 1, 2020. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after June 1, 2020, are designated by NOTES. (Published 6-1-20)