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30.131   Wharves and piers placed and maintained by persons other than riparian owners.
30.133   Prohibition against conveyance of riparian rights.
30.1335   Marina condominiums.
30.134   Use of exposed shore areas along streams.
30.135   Regulation of water ski platforms and jumps.
30.14   Reports of and hearings on violations.
30.15   Penalty for unlawful obstruction of navigable waters.
30.16   Removal of obstructions to navigation.
30.18   Withdrawal of water from lakes and streams.
30.19   Enlargement and protection of waterways.
30.195   Changing of stream courses.
30.196   Enclosure of navigable waters; issuance of permits to municipalities.
30.20   Removal of material from beds of navigable waters.
30.201   Financial assurance for nonmetallic mining.
30.202   Dredge disposal in and near the Mississippi, St. Croix and Black rivers by the U.S. corps of engineers.
30.2022   Activities of department of transportation.
30.2023   Seawalls; Wolf River and Fox River basins.
30.2025   Lake Koshkonong comprehensive project.
30.2026   Lake Belle View and Sugar River project.
30.203   Lake Winnebago comprehensive project.
30.2035   Shoreline protection study.
30.2037   Big Silver Lake high-water mark.
30.2038   Milwaukee shoreline established.
30.204   Lake acidification experiment.
30.205   Water resources development projects.
30.206   General permits.
30.2065   General permit for certain wetland restoration activities.
30.207   General permit pilot program.
30.208   Applications for individual permits and contracts; department determinations.
30.209   Contracts and individual permits; administrative and judicial review.
30.2095   Limits and conditions for permits and contracts.
30.21   Use of beds of Great Lakes by public utilities.
30.24   Bluff protection.
30.25   Wolf River protection.
30.255   Florence Wild Rivers Interpretive Center.
30.26   Wild rivers.
30.265   Adopt a river program.
30.27   Lower St. Croix River preservation.
30.275   Scenic urban waterways.
30.277   Urban rivers grant program.
30.28   Fees for permits, other approvals, and determinations.
30.285   Records of exemptions and permitted activities.
30.29   Operation of motor vehicles in waters prohibited.
30.291   Inspections for certain exemptions and permitted activities.
30.292   Parties to a violation.
30.294   Nuisances, abatement.
30.298   Penalties.
30.30   Municipal authority to make harbor improvements.
30.31   Procedural and other requirements to be followed in making harbor improvements.
30.32   Contracts; competitive bidding; exceptions.
30.33   Harbor railway belt lines.
30.34   Financing harbor improvements and operations generally.
30.35   Financing harbor improvements through bonds or notes.
30.37   Boards of harbor commissioners authorized.
30.38   Powers and duties of boards of harbor commissioners.
30.40   Definitions.
30.41   Creation.
30.42   Departmental duties, powers, prohibitions.
30.43   Board duties.
30.435   Board powers.
30.44   Permits and waivers; board procedures.
30.443   Erosion prevention and control.
30.445   Piers.
30.45   Prohibited and restricted activities in the riverway.
30.452   Prohibited activities in the river.
30.455   Department of transportation activities.
30.46   Agricultural use.
30.47   Restrictions on recreational use.
30.48   Applicability.
30.49   Enforcement.
30.50   Definitions.
30.501   Capacity plates on boats.
30.505   Certificate of number system to conform to federal system.
30.51   Certificate of number and registration; requirements; exemptions.
30.52   Certificate of number and registration; application; certification and registration period; fees; issuance.
30.523   Certification or registration card to be on board; display of decals and identification number.
30.525   Voluntary contributions for nonmotorized boats.
30.53   Certificate of origin; requirements; contents; guaranteed asset protection waivers.
30.531   Certificate of title; requirements; exemptions.
30.533   Application for certificate of title; hull and engine identification numbers.
30.535   Department to examine records.
30.537   Certificate of title; issuance, records, fees.
30.539   Contents of certificate of title.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 186 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on July 1, 2020. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after July 1, 2020, are designated by NOTES. (Published 7-1-20)