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87.305(2)(b) (b) The owner or operator of the railroad depot and the Dousman hotel fails to maintain the floodproofing system substantially as designed in the plans and specifications approved by the department under sub. (1) (a).
87.305(2)(c) (c) The city of Prairie du Chien fails to maintain the flood warning system and to test the emergency evacuation plan at least once each year.
87.305(2)(d) (d) The state historic preservation officer determines that the preservation or rehabilitation of the Dousman hotel is not consistent with the standards used by the U.S. secretary of the interior to certify rehabilitations under 26 USC 47 (c) (2).
87.31 87.31 Floodplain and shoreland mapping assistance program.
87.31(1)(1)Department to administer; purpose. The department shall administer a floodplain and shoreland mapping assistance program to provide counties, cities and villages with financial assistance to produce adequate topographical mapping of floodplain and shoreland areas and to delineate floodplain and floodway boundaries, to assist in the establishment and administration of floodplain and shoreland ordinances.
87.31(2) (2)Criteria. The department shall develop on a statewide basis a priority list for awarding mapping grants. The criteria for establishing the priority list includes but is not limited to:
87.31(2)(a) (a) The adequacy of existing mapping.
87.31(2)(b) (b) The existence of an approved floodplain or shoreland zoning ordinance.
87.31(2)(c) (c) The status of studies to develop flood profiles for the areas to be mapped.
87.31(2)(d) (d) The potential for future development in the areas to be mapped.
87.31(2)(e) (e) The potential for flood damage in the areas to be mapped.
87.31(2)(f) (f) Applications made by 2 or more counties, cities or villages which would enable mapping of an entire river system.
87.31(2)(g) (g) The availability of funds for mapping from other sources.
87.31(3) (3)Procedure. The department shall establish by rule the procedure for application for and awarding of mapping grants.
87.31(4) (4)Application. A county, city or village which seeks a mapping grant shall submit a grant application which includes:
87.31(4)(a) (a) The location, length and extent of the river or shorelands to be mapped.
87.31(4)(b) (b) The estimated cost of and time required to complete the proposed mapping.
87.31(4)(c) (c) The information necessary to determine the priority of the application under sub. (2).
87.31(4)(d) (d) A statement that the applicant will assume responsibility for administering any subcontracts with mapping contractors.
87.31(4)(e) (e) A statement that the applicant will adopt the resultant map, if approved by the department, as the official zoning map and any necessary ordinances or amendments within 6 months after the department approves the map.
87.31(4)(f) (f) Any other information required by rule by the department.
87.31(5) (5)Grants.
87.31(5)(a) (a) Prior to February 8, 1986, the department shall make grants-in-aid from the appropriation under s. 20.370 (4) (gc), 1983 stats., or s. 20.370 (4) (fc), 1985 stats., to a county, city or village which qualifies under the mapping grant program. A grant-in-aid may not exceed 50 percent of the expected cost of the topographical mapping.
87.31(5)(b) (b) Upon approval by the department and acceptance by the applicant, the department may make available 75 percent of the mapping grant award. The department shall make available the remaining 25 percent of the mapping grant at the time the applicant adopts the resultant map as approved by the department as the official zoning map and any necessary ordinances and amendments.
87.31(5)(c) (c) A grant is valid for one year after the date of acceptance but the department may extend this period up to 3 years if warranted by the circumstances.
87.31(6) (6)Failure to adopt map. If a mapping grant recipient fails to adopt the map as the official zoning map or fails to adopt any necessary ordinances or amendments within 6 months after the department approves the map without adequate justification as determined by the department, the recipient may not receive any further state funds under the mapping grant program and shall be required to reimburse the department for state funds already received under the program.
87.31(7) (7)Sunset. After February 8, 1986, no county, city or village may submit a grant application under sub. (4) and the department may not award any additional grants-in-aid under sub. (5).
87.31 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. NR 129, Wis. adm. code.
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