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66.1009   Agreement to establish an airport affected area.
66.1010   Moratorium on evictions.
66.1011   Local equal opportunities.
66.1013   Urban homestead programs.
66.1014   Limits on residential dwelling rental prohibited.
66.1015   Municipal rent control, inclusionary zoning, prohibited.
66.1017   Family child care homes.
66.1019   Housing codes to conform to state law.
66.1021   City, village and town transit commissions.
66.1023   Transit employees; Wisconsin retirement system.
66.1024   Effect of reservation or exception in conveyance.
66.1025   Relief from conditions of gifts and dedications.
66.1027   Traditional neighborhood developments and conservation subdivisions.
66.1031   Widening of highways; establishment of excess widths.
66.1033   Curative provisions.
66.1035   Rights of abutting owners.
66.1036   Building permit for a shoreland structure.
66.1037   Beautification and protection.
66.1101   Promotion of industry; industrial sites.
66.1102   Land development; notification; records requests; construction site development.
66.1103   Industrial development revenue bonding.
66.1105   Tax increment law.
66.1106   Environmental remediation tax incremental financing.
66.1107   Reinvestment neighborhoods.
66.1108   Limitation on weekend work.
66.1109   Business improvement districts.
66.1110   Neighborhood improvement districts.
66.1111   Historic properties.
66.1113   Premier resort areas.
66.1201   Housing authorities.
66.1203   Housing authorities; operation not for profit.
66.1205   Housing authorities; rentals and tenant selection.
66.1207   Penalties; evidence.
66.1209   Housing authorities; cooperation in housing projects.
66.1211   Housing authorities; contracts with city; assistance to counties and municipalities.
66.1213   Housing authorities for elderly persons.
66.1301   Urban redevelopment.
66.1303   Urban redevelopment; plans, approval.
66.1305   Redevelopment corporations; limitations; incubator.
66.1307   Urban redevelopment; regulation of corporations.
66.1309   Urban redevelopment; transfer of land.
66.1311   Urban redevelopment; acquisition of land.
66.1313   Urban redevelopment; condemnation for.
66.1315   Urban redevelopment; continued use of land by prior owner.
66.1317   Urban redevelopment; borrowing; mortgages.
66.1319   Urban redevelopment; sale or lease of land.
66.1321   Urban redevelopment; city lease to, terms.
66.1323   Urban redevelopment; aids and appropriations.
66.1325   Urban redevelopment; city improvements.
66.1327   Urban redevelopment; construction of statute; conflict of laws; supplemental powers.
66.1329   Urban redevelopment; enforcement of duties.
66.1331   Blighted area law.
66.1333   Blight elimination and slum clearance.
66.1335   Housing and community development authorities.
66.1337   Urban renewal.
66.1339   Villages to have certain city powers.
66.1341   Towns to have certain city powers.
Ch. 66 Note NOTE: Chapter 66 was substantially revised by 1999 Wis. Act 150, which contained extensive explanatory notes. See Laws of Wisconsin, 1999.
subch. I of ch. 66 SUBCHAPTER I
66.0101 66.0101 Home rule; manner of exercise.
66.0101(1)(1)Under article XI, section 3, of the constitution, the method of determination of the local affairs and government of cities and villages shall be as prescribed in this section.
66.0101(1m) (1m)In this section, “charter ordinance" means an ordinance that enacts, amends or repeals the charter, or any part of the charter, of a city or village or that makes the election under sub. (4).
66.0101(2) (2)
66.0101(2)(a)(a) A city or village may enact a charter ordinance. A charter ordinance shall be designated as a charter ordinance, requires a two-thirds vote of the members-elect of the legislative body of the city or village, and is subject to referendum as provided in this section.
66.0101(2)(b) (b) A charter ordinance that amends or repeals a city or village charter shall designate specifically the portion of the charter that is amended or repealed. A charter ordinance that makes the election under sub. (4) shall designate specifically each enactment of the legislature or portion of the enactment that is made inapplicable to the city or village by the election.
66.0101(3) (3)A charter ordinance shall be published as a class 1 notice, under ch. 985, and shall be recorded by the clerk in a permanent book kept for that purpose, with a statement of the manner of its adoption. A certified copy of the charter ordinance shall be filed by the clerk with the secretary of state. The secretary of state shall keep a separate index of all charter ordinances, arranged alphabetically by city and village and summarizing each ordinance, and annually shall issue the index of charter ordinances filed during the 12 months prior to July 1.
66.0101(4) (4)A city or village may elect under this section that any law relating to the local affairs and government of the city or village other than those enactments of the legislature of statewide concern as shall with uniformity affect every city or every village shall not apply to the city or village, and when the election takes effect, the law ceases to be in effect in the city or village.
66.0101(5) (5)A charter ordinance does not take effect until 60 days after its passage and publication. If within the 60-day period a petition conforming to the requirements of s. 8.40 and signed by a number of electors of the city or village equal to not less than 7 percent of the votes cast in the city or village for governor at the last general election is filed in the office of the clerk of the city or village demanding that the ordinance be submitted to a vote of the electors, it may not take effect until it is submitted to a referendum and approved by a majority of the electors voting in the referendum. The petition and the proceedings for its submission are governed by s. 9.20 (2) to (6).
66.0101(6) (6)A charter ordinance may be initiated under s. 9.20 (1) to (6), but alternative adoption of the charter ordinance by the legislative body is subject to referendum under sub. (5).
66.0101(7) (7)A charter ordinance may be submitted to a referendum by the legislative body, under s. 9.20 (4) to (6), without initiative petition, and becomes effective when approved by a majority of the electors voting in the referendum.
66.0101(8) (8)A charter ordinance enacted or approved by a vote of the electors controls over any prior or subsequent act of the legislative body of the city or village. If the electors of any city or village by a majority vote have adopted or determined to continue to operate under either ch. 62 or 64, or have determined the method of selection of members of the governing board, the question shall not again be submitted to the electors, nor action taken on the question, within a period of 2 years. Any election to change or amend the charter of any city or village, other than a special election as provided in s. 9.20 (4), shall be held at the time provided by statute for holding the spring election.
66.0101(9) (9)
66.0101(9)(a)(a) The legislative body of a city or village, by resolution adopted by a two-thirds vote of its members-elect may, and upon petition complying with s. 9.20 shall, submit to the electors under s. 9.20 (4) to (6) the question of holding a charter convention under one or more plans proposed in the resolution or petition.
66.0101(9)(b) (b) The ballot shall be in substantially the following form:
Shall a charter convention be held?
If a charter convention is held what plan do you favor?
[Repeat for each plan proposed.]
Mark an [X] in the square to the RIGHT of the plan that you select.
66.0101(9)(c) (c) If a majority of the electors voting vote for a charter convention, the convention shall be held pursuant to the plan favored by a majority of the total votes cast for all plans. If no plan receives a majority, the 2 plans receiving the highest number of votes shall be again submitted to the electors and a convention shall be held pursuant to the plan favored by a majority of the votes cast.
2019-20 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2021 Wis. Act 237 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on April 28, 2022. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after April 28, 2022, are designated by NOTES. (Published 4-28-22)