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39.16   Medical education review committee.
39.26   Definition.
39.28   Powers and duties.
39.285   Board review of proposed formulae.
39.29   Executive secretary.
39.30   Wisconsin grants; private, nonprofit college students.
39.31   Determination of student costs.
39.32   Student loans.
39.325   Wisconsin health education loan program.
39.33   Guaranteed student loan program.
39.34   Medical student loan program.
39.35   Repayment of scholarships for teachers in educationally disadvantaged areas.
39.36   Repayment of stipends for teachers of the impaired.
39.37   Student loan funding.
39.374   Wisconsin health education loan program funding.
39.38   Indian student assistance.
39.382   Tribal college payments.
39.385   Primary care and psychiatry shortage grant program.
39.39   Nursing student stipend loans.
39.393   Nursing student loan program.
39.397   School leadership loan program.
39.398   Teachers and orientation and mobility instructors of visually impaired pupils loan program.
39.399   Teacher loan program.
39.40   Minority teacher loan program.
39.41   Academic excellence higher education scholarships.
39.415   Technical excellence higher education scholarships.
39.42   Interstate agreements.
39.435   Wisconsin grants and talent incentive grants.
39.437   Wisconsin covenant scholars grants.
39.44   Minority undergraduate grants.
39.45   Independent student grants.
39.46   Contract for dental education.
39.465   Scholarship program.
39.47   Minnesota-Wisconsin student reciprocity agreement.
39.48   Armed forces.
39.49   Private institution grants for veterans and dependents.
39.50   Remission of fees for veterans and dependents.
39.51   Dual enrollment credential grants.
39.53   Information for students relating to higher education costs.
39.54   Information on student identification cards.
39.75   Compact for education.
39.76   Compact commission delegation.
39.80   Midwestern higher education compact.
39.85   Definitions.
39.86   Distance education reciprocity agreement.
39.87   Listing of exempt institutions.
subch. I of ch. 39 SUBCHAPTER I
39.11 39.11 Educational communications board; duties. The educational communications board shall:
39.11(1) (1)Receive and disburse state, federal and private funds and engage or contract for such personnel and facilities as it deems necessary to carry out the purpose of this section.
39.11(2) (2)Plan, construct and develop a state system of radio broadcasting for the presentation of educational, informational and public service programs and formulate policies regulating the operation of such a state system.
39.11(3) (3)Protect the public interest in educational television by making application to the federal communications commission for educational television channels reserved for Wisconsin, and take such action as is necessary to preserve such channels to Wisconsin for educational use.
39.11(4) (4)Initiate, develop and maintain a comprehensive state plan for the orderly operation of a statewide television system for the presentation of noncommercial instructional programs that will serve the best interests of the people of the state now and in the future.
39.11(5) (5)Work with the educational agencies and institutions of the state as reviewer, adviser and coordinator of their joint efforts to meet the educational needs of the state through radio, television and other appropriate technologies.
39.11(6) (6)Furnish leadership in securing adequate funding for statewide joint use of radio and television for educational and cultural purposes, including funding for media programming for broadcast over the state networks. The educational communications board may submit joint budget requests with state agencies and other nonstate organizations or corporations for the purposes enumerated in this subsection.
39.11(7) (7)Lease, purchase or construct radio and television facilities for joint use, such as network interconnection or relay equipment, mobile units, or other equipment available for statewide use.
39.11(8) (8)Apply for, construct and operate radio and television transmission equipment in order to provide broadcast service to all areas of this state.
39.11(9) (9)Establish and maintain a continuing evaluation of the effectiveness of the joint efforts of all participating educational institutions in terms of jointly-established goals in the area of educational radio and television.
39.11(10) (10)Act as a central clearing house and source of information concerning educational radio and television activities in this state, including the furnishing of such information to legislators, offices of government, educational institutions and the general public.
39.11(11) (11)If appropriate funds are made available, file applications after appropriate engineering studies and feasibility surveys for the construction and operation of noncommercial educational radio and television transmitters in the vicinities of Wausau, Colfax, La Crosse and Appleton and translators in the Platteville and Ashland area.
39.11(12) (12)Establish and operate, as soon as practicable, an interconnection between the broadcast facilities and higher education campuses to facilitate statewide use of closed circuit and broadcast radio and television for educational purposes. Additional facilities may be authorized by the educational communications board if deemed necessary and if funds are available for such purposes.
39.11(13) (13)Throughout this development, seek to cooperate with similar bodies in other states and participate in regional and national network planning so as to insure maximum educational benefits for the people of this state.
39.11(14) (14)Coordinate the radio activities of the various educational and informational agencies, civic groups, and citizens having contributions to make to the public interest and welfare.
39.11(15) (15)Manage, operate and maintain broadcasting station WLBL.
39.11(16) (16)When appropriate and related to the programs of the state educational radio and television network, procure or publish instructional material. A reasonable handling charge may be established to cover the costs of providing this material.
39.11(16m) (16m)Give priority in the development of instructional television programs to programs specific to this state.
39.11(17) (17)Assist any state agency, upon its request, in the development and review of plans for the utilization of educational radio and television to include, but not be limited to, equipment, personnel, facilities and programming.
39.11(17m) (17m)Maintain annual records of its expenditures for programming purposes by type of programming and by source of revenue. By December 1, 1981, and annually thereafter, the educational communications board shall submit to the governor and the chief clerk of each house of the legislature, for distribution to the legislature under s. 13.172 (2), a report on all of the board's sources of revenue by source and amount.
39.11(21) (21)Operate an emergency weather warning system.
39.11 Annotation The board's relationship with support organizations is discussed. 70 Atty. Gen. 163.
39.115 39.115 Educational communications board; powers. The educational communications board may:
39.115(1) (1)Copyright in its own name or acquire copyrights by assignment and charge for their use.
39.115(2) (2)Review capital equipment purchases related to public broadcasting made by any state agency.
39.115(3) (3)Enter into a contract with any state agency, county, cooperative educational service agency, technical college district, municipality or school district for the educational communications board to furnish engineering and other services related to the construction or operation of telecommunications facilities.
39.115 History History: 1985 a. 29 ss. 711g, 711r; 1995 a. 27.
39.12 39.12 Nonstock corporation.
39.12(1)(1)The educational communications board may organize and maintain a nonstock nonprofit corporation under ch. 181 for the exclusive purpose of raising funds for the educational communications board to support the activities of the educational communications board. Any funds raised by the corporation shall be expended to carry out the purposes for which received.
39.12(2) (2)The educational communications board shall enter into a contract with the corporation under sub. (1). The contract shall provide that the educational communications board may make use of the services of the corporation and that the educational communications board may provide administrative services to the corporation. The type and scope of any administrative services provided by the educational communications board to the corporation and the educational communications board employees assigned to perform the services shall be determined by the educational communications board. The corporation may neither employ staff nor engage in political activities.
39.12(2m) (2m)The corporation under sub. (1) shall donate any real property to the state within 5 years after acquiring the property unless holding the property for more than 5 years is consistent with sound business and financial practices and is approved by the joint committee on finance.
39.12(3) (3)The educational communications board, the department of administration, the legislative fiscal bureau, the legislative audit bureau and the appropriate committee of each house of the legislature, as determined by the presiding officer, may examine all records of the corporation.
39.12(4) (4)The board of directors of any corporation established under this section shall consist of 5 members, including the executive director of the educational communications board and 4 members of the educational communications board, elected by the educational communications board, of which one shall be a legislator. No 2 members of the board of directors may be from the same category of educational communications board members under s. 15.57 (1) to (7).
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