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186.52 186.52 Customer access to appraisals. If requested by an individual who is a customer, loan applicant or credit applicant, a financial institution, as defined in s. 705.01 (3), shall provide that individual with a copy of any written appraisal report which is held by the financial institution, which relates to residential real estate that the individual owns or has agreed to purchase and for which a fee is imposed.
186.52 History History: 1991 a. 78.
186.53 186.53 Customer access to credit reports. If requested by an individual who is a customer, loan applicant or credit applicant, a financial institution, as defined in s. 705.01 (3), shall provide that individual, at no additional charge, with a copy of any written credit report which is held by the financial institution, which relates to that individual and for which a fee is imposed.
186.53 History History: 1993 a. 425.
186.60 186.60 Venue. An action brought by a credit union to enjoin the office of credit unions in the discharge of the office's duties shall be brought in the county in which the credit union is located.
186.60 History History: 1995 a. 151.
186.70 186.70 Record search; members' inspection of records.
186.70(1)(1)A credit union is entitled to reimbursement for expenses and costs incurred in searching for, reproducing and transporting books, papers, records and other data required to be produced by legal process, unless otherwise prohibited by law from collecting these expenses and costs or unless the person seeking the production is a government unit, as defined in s. 108.02 (17). The expenses and costs shall be paid by persons seeking such production. If a credit union is entitled to reimbursement under this subsection, a credit union may not be required to produce books, papers, records and other data in response to legal process unless the expenses and costs, identified in an itemized invoice to be provided by the credit union, are paid or unless payment is tendered to the credit union in cash or by certified check or draft.
186.70(2) (2)
186.70(2)(a)(a) A group of members of a credit union has the right, upon submission of a petition to the credit union that satisfies the requirements under par. (b), to inspect and copy nonconfidential portions of all of the following:
186.70(2)(a)1. 1. The credit union's accounting books and records.
186.70(2)(a)2. 2. The credit union's minutes of the proceedings of the credit union's members, board of directors, and committees of directors.
186.70(2)(b) (b) The petition under par. (a) shall describe the particular records to be inspected and state a proper purpose for the inspection, which must be a purpose related to the protection of the members' financial interests in the credit union. The petition shall state that the petitioners as a whole, or certain named petitioners, agree to pay the direct and reasonable costs associated with search and duplication of requested material. The petition shall also state that the inspection is not desired for any purpose other than the stated purpose; that the members signing the petition will not sell or offer for sale any information obtained from the credit union; and that the members signing the petition have not within 5 years immediately preceding the signature date sold or offered for sale any information acquired from the credit union or aided or abetted any person in procuring any information from the credit union for purposes of sale. The petition shall name one member, and one alternate member, who shall represent the petitioners on issues such as inspection procedures, costs, and potential disputes. At least one percent of the credit union's members, with a minimum of 20 members and a maximum of 500 members, must sign the petition. Each member who signs the petition must have been a member of the credit union for at least 180 days at the time the petitioners submit the petition to the credit union.
186.70(2)(c)1.1. A credit union shall respond to petitioners within 14 days of receiving a petition under par. (b). In its response, a credit union shall inform petitioners either that it will provide inspection of the requested material and, if so, when, or, if a credit union is going to withhold all or part of the requested material, it shall inform petitioners what part of the requested material it intends to withhold and the reasons for withholding the requested material. As soon as possible after receiving a petition, a credit union shall schedule inspection and copying of nonconfidential requested material it determines petitioners may inspect and copy.
186.70(2)(c)2. 2. Inspection may be made in person or by agent or attorney and at any reasonable time. The credit union may, at its option, skip inspection and deliver copies of requested documents directly to the petitioners. Member inspection rights under this subsection are in addition to any other member inspection rights afforded by the credit union's charter or bylaws or other statutory provisions or rules.
186.70(2)(c)3. 3. If the credit union denies inspection because the petitioners have failed to obtain the minimum number of valid signatures, the credit union shall inform the petitioners which signatures were not valid and why.
186.70(2)(d) (d) Members do not have the right to inspect any portion of the books, records, or minutes of a credit union if any of the following applies:
186.70(2)(d)1. 1. Statutory provisions or rules prohibit disclosure of that portion.
186.70(2)(d)2. 2. The publication of that portion could cause the credit union predictable and substantial financial harm.
186.70(2)(d)3. 3. That portion contains nonpublic personal information, as defined in 12 CFR 1016.3.
186.70(2)(d)4. 4. That portion contains information about credit union employees or officials the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.
186.70(2)(e) (e) A credit union may charge petitioners the direct and reasonable costs associated with search and duplication. The credit union may not charge for other costs, including indirect costs or attorney fees.
186.70(2)(f) (f) In the event of a dispute between a credit union and its members concerning a petition for inspection or the associated costs, either party may submit the dispute to the director of the office of credit unions. The director, after obtaining the views of both parties, shall direct the credit union either to withhold the disputed materials or to make them available for member inspection and copying. The director may place conditions upon release. The decision of the director is a final agency decision and is not appealable to the credit union review board.
186.70 History History: 1995 a. 336; 2015 a. 304.
186.71 186.71 Reproduction and destruction of records; evidence.
186.71(1)(1)Any credit union may cause any or all records kept by such credit union to be recorded, copied or reproduced by any photostatic, photographic or miniature photographic process or by optical imaging if the process employed correctly, accurately and permanently copies, reproduces or forms a medium for copying, reproducing or recording the original record on a film or other durable material. A credit union may thereafter dispose of the original record.
186.71(2) (2)Any photographic, photostatic, or miniature photographic copy or reproduction or copy reproduced from a film record or any copy of a record generated from optical disc storage of a credit union record is considered to be an original record for all purposes and shall be treated as an original record in all courts or administrative agencies for the purpose of its admissibility in evidence. A facsimile, exemplification, or certified copy of any such photographic copy or reproduction, copy reproduced from a film record, or copy generated from optical disc storage of a record shall, for all purposes, be considered a facsimile, exemplification, or certified copy of the original record.
186.71 History History: 1997 a. 152; 2013 a. 277; 2015 a. 196.
186.80 186.80 False statements.
186.80(1)(1)No officer, director, or employee of a credit union may do any of the following:
186.80(1)(a) (a) Willfully and knowingly subscribe to or make, or cause to be made, a false statement or entry in the books of the credit union.
186.80(1)(b) (b) Knowingly subscribe to or exhibit false information with the intent to deceive any person authorized to examine the affairs of the credit union.
186.80(1)(c) (c) Knowingly make, state, or publish any false report or statement of the credit union.
186.80(2) (2)Any person who violates sub. (1) is guilty of a Class F felony.
186.80 History History: 2003 a. 63.
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