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115.71   Definitions.
115.72   Establishment of programs.
115.73   Program requirements.
115.735   Parent advisory committee.
115.74   Assessment of needs and evaluation of resources.
115.745   Tribal language revitalization grants.
115.758   Construction.
115.76   Definitions.
115.762   Division for learning support.
115.77   Local educational agency duties.
115.775   Duties of operators of certain charter schools.
115.777   Special education referrals.
115.78   Individualized education program team; timeline.
115.782   Evaluations.
115.787   Individualized education programs.
115.79   Educational placements.
115.791   Reimbursement for private school placement.
115.7915   Special Needs Scholarship Program.
115.792   Procedural safeguards.
115.797   Mediation.
115.80   Due process hearings.
115.807   Transfer of parental rights at age of majority.
115.81   Children in residential care centers.
115.812   Placement disputes; school board referrals; interagency cooperation.
115.817   Children with disabilities education board.
115.82   Admission and transportation of nonresidents.
115.88   State aid.
115.881   Additional special education aid.
115.882   Payment of state aid.
115.884   Special education transition grants.
115.885   Special education transition readiness grant program.
115.897   Exhaustion of remedies.
115.898   Rule making.
115.90   Noncompliance; remedies.
115.91   Definition.
115.915   Availability of program services and modifications.
115.92   Establishment of programs; rules.
115.93   State aid.
115.95   Legislative findings and declaration of policy.
115.955   Definitions.
115.96   Establishment of programs.
115.97   Bilingual-bicultural education programs required.
115.977   Contracting; continued eligibility.
115.98   Bilingual-bicultural advisory committee.
115.99   Preschool and summer school programs.
115.991   Training programs.
115.993   Report on bilingual-bicultural education.
115.995   State aids.
115.996   Report to the legislature.
115.997   Interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children.
115.999   Opportunity schools and partnership program.
subch. I of ch. 115 SUBCHAPTER I
115.001 115.001 Definitions. In chs. 115 to 121:
115.001(1) (1)Charter school. “Charter school" means a school under contract with a school board under s. 118.40, with one of the entities under s. 118.40 (2r) (b) 1., or with the director under s. 118.40 (2x), or a school established and operated by one of the entities under s. 118.40 (2r) (b) 1. a. to d.
115.001(2) (2)Department. “Department" means the department of public instruction.
115.001(3) (3)Energy emergency. “Energy emergency" means a period of disruption of energy supplies which poses a serious risk to the economic well-being, health or welfare of the citizens of this state, as certified by executive order of the governor.
115.001(3d) (3d)Governing body of a private school. “Governing body of a private school" and “governing body of a new private school" means a board elected or appointed to govern the private school or, if no board is appointed or elected to govern the school, any other person having direct charge of the private school.
115.001(3g) (3g)Home-based private educational program. “Home-based private educational program" means a program of educational instruction provided to a child by the child's parent or guardian or by a person designated by the parent or guardian. An instructional program provided to more than one family unit does not constitute a home-based private educational program.
115.001(3m) (3m)Interim session. “Interim session" means a period of time in a school year when school is held by a school in a school district to provide hours of direct pupil instruction in addition to the hours of direct pupil instruction provided by the school district as required under s. 121.02 (1) (f).
115.001(3r) (3r)Private school. “Private school" means an institution with a private educational program that meets all of the criteria under s. 118.165 (1) or is determined to be a private school by the state superintendent under s. 118.167.
115.001(7) (7)School board. “School board" means the school board or board of school directors in charge of the schools of a school district.
115.001(8) (8)School district administrator. “School district administrator" means the school district superintendent, supervising principal or other person who acts as the administrative head of a school district.
115.001(10) (10)School district clerk. “School district clerk" means the school district clerk of a 3-member school board elected by the electors in a common or union high school district, the school district clerk elected by the school board in a unified, common or union high school district having a school board of more than 3 members and the clerk designated by the school board in a 1st class city school district.
115.001(11) (11)School nurse. “School nurse" means a registered nurse who is licensed under ch. 441 or who holds a multistate license, as defined in s. 441.51 (2) (h), issued in a party state, as defined in s. 441.51 (2) (k), who submits evidence satisfactory to the department that he or she has successfully completed a course, determined to be satisfactory to the department, in public health or community health.
115.001(12) (12)School term. “School term" means the time commencing with the first school day and ending with the last school day that the schools of a school district are in operation for attendance of pupils in a school year, other than for the operation of summer classes.
115.001(13) (13)School year. “School year" means the time commencing with July 1 and ending with the next succeeding June 30.
115.001(14) (14)Session. “Session" means the time during a school term that the schools of a school district are operated for the attendance of pupils.
115.001(15) (15)State superintendent. “State superintendent" means the state superintendent of public instruction.
115.001(15m) (15m) Tribal school. “Tribal school" means an institution with an educational program that has as its primary purpose providing education in any grade or grades from kindergarten to 12 and that is one of the following:
115.001(15m)(a) (a) Controlled by the elected governing body of a federally recognized American Indian tribe or band in this state.
115.001(15m)(b) (b) Jointly controlled by the elected governing bodies of 2 or more federally recognized American Indian tribes or bands in this state.
115.001(15m)(c) (c) Controlled by a tribal educational authority established by a federally recognized American Indian tribe or band in this state.
115.001(15m)(d) (d) Controlled by a tribal educational authority established jointly by 2 or more federally recognized American Indian tribes or bands in this state.
115.001(16) (16)Virtual charter school. “Virtual charter school" means a charter school under contract with a school board under s. 118.40 in which all or a portion of the instruction is provided through means of the Internet, and the pupils enrolled in and instructional staff employed by the school are geographically remote from each other.
115.01 115.01 Classifications. In chs. 115 to 121:
115.01(1) (1)Public schools. Public schools are the elementary and high schools supported by public taxation.
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