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NR 45.13(23) (23)Aztalan state park. Sledding, skiing and snowboarding are prohibited on the Indian mounds at Aztalan state park.
NR 45.13(25) (25)Big bay state park. No person may operate a dog sled on state lands in Big Bay state park unless authorized in writing by the property manager.
NR 45.13(26) (26)Lakeshore state park. The following rules and fees are established:
NR 45.13(26)(a) (a) Alcoholic beverages. No person may drink or possess any intoxicating liquor or fermented malt beverage except by transient boat campers in designated boat slips or by permit. Permits are available at the park office and shall be requested at least 24 hours in advance. The cost of a permit is $25.00. The department may deny a permit based on user conflicts or other public safety considerations.
NR 45.13(26)(b) (b) Event fees. All organized group events using Lakeshore state park are required to obtain a special events use license prior to using the park. The license has a required fee that must be remitted 30 days prior to holding the event. The fee is determined by the number of participants or the type of event.
NR 45.13(26)(b)1. 1. Free Presentations: art events, dance demonstrations, educational     $25.00
NR 45.13(26)(b)2. 2. Family Events: reunions, weddings, picnics   $100.00
NR 45.13(26)(b)3. 3. Fireworks Events: minimum of $300.00. The park is closed to public thoroughfare between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to the end of the fireworks display.
NR 45.13(26)(b)4. 4. Runs/Walks:   $750.00
NR 45.13(26)(b)5. 5. Corporate Events: less than 500 people $500.00, more than 500 people minimum of $2,000/day.
NR 45.13(26)(b)6. 6. Event concession booths:   $75.00/booth.
NR 45.13(26)(c) (c) Marina operations. The following prohibitions and restrictions apply to the marina located at Lakeshore state park:
NR 45.13(26)(c)1. 1. Swimming off docks or piers is prohibited.
NR 45.13(26)(c)2. 2. Fishing off docks or piers is prohibited.
NR 45.13(26)(c)3. 3. Sleeping on docks or piers is prohibited.
NR 45.13(26)(c)4. 4. Quiet hours begin at 11:00 p.m. and continue until 7:00 a.m., except on H. Maier Park festival nights when quiet hours begin at 12:30 a.m.
NR 45.13(26)(c)5. 5. All boaters and guests on park property, on the night of firework events, shall remain on their boat or adjoining slip beginning at 9:00 p.m. and continuing until the end of the fireworks display.
NR 45.13(26)(d) (d) Boat moorage fees.
NR 45.13(26)(d)1.1. `General.' All overnight moorage fees shall be based on the overall length of the watercraft as shown on the boat registration.
NR 45.13(26)(d)2. 2. `Exemption.' Watercraft that are the property of the United States, the State of Wisconsin, and other governmental entities during the performance of official duties are exempt from all moorage fees.
NR 45.13(26)(d)3. 3. `Overnight fees.'
NR 45.13(26)(d)3.a.a. The overnight mooring fee is $1.50 per foot, with a minimum charge of $30.00 per each overnight stay.
NR 45.13(26)(d)3.b. b. The overnight mooring fee reserves the assigned dock from 3:00 p.m. through 1:00 p.m. the following day.
NR 45.13(26)(d)3.c. c. A boater who wishes to occupy the slip prior to 3:00 p.m. may do so if the slip is available.
NR 45.13(26)(d)3.d. d. An overnight boater who wishes to occupy the slip beyond 1:00 p.m. may be permitted to extend the time, if available, at the discretion of the park manager. The boater who is permitted to stay beyond 1:00 p.m. shall pay the daytime temporary moorage rate.
NR 45.13(26)(d)4. 4. `Daytime fees.'
NR 45.13(26)(d)4.a.a. The daytime temporary moorage rate shall be $3.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $10.00.
NR 45.13(26)(d)4.b. b. The temporary daytime fee applies to all watercraft tied to the dock.
NR 45.13(26)(d)4.c. c. If a boat fails to vacate the slip by the required time of 3:00 p.m., the boater shall pay the overnight moorage fee.
NR 45.13(26)(d)4.d. d. The park manager shall have discretion in determining if and for what time period the temporary moorage is allowed.
NR 45.13(26)(e) (e) Boat moorage reservations.
NR 45.13(26)(e)1.1. Reservations may be made up to 11 months in advance.
NR 45.13(26)(e)2. 2. A one night nonrefundable reservation fee due with the overnight reservation application.
NR 45.13(26)(e)3. 3. Length of stay is limited to four consecutive days in any five day period.
NR 45.13(26)(e)4. 4. A boater shall vacate the slip for a minimum of 24 hours before reserving a moorage slip again. Consecutive reservations are not allowed during Milwaukee World Festival Incorporated's Summerfest event unless approved by the park manager.
NR 45.13(26)(e)5. 5. If more than a one night reservation fee is paid in advance, and the reservation is cancelled at least 7 days in advance, all but one night's fee shall be refunded.
NR 45.13(26)(f) (f) Rules for doubling.
NR 45.13(26)(f)1.1. Watercraft that are doubled properly to the pier shall both be charged the normal dockage rate.
NR 45.13(26)(f)2. 2. When two boats are moored in a slip, the second boat may not be provided electric power. The second boater may make arrangements with the first boater to share electric power but the first boater is under no obligation to do so.
NR 45.13(26)(f)3. 3. The park manager shall have discretion to allow doubling.
NR 45.13(26)(g) (g) Rules on rafting.
NR 45.13(26)(g)1.1. Watercraft that are properly rafted onto a moored watercraft shall be charged the normal moorage rate.
NR 45.13(26)(g)2. 2. When a boat is rafted to a moored vessel watercraft, the rafted boat may not be provided electric power. The rafted boater may make arrangement with the moored boater to share electric power, but the moored boater is under no obligation to do so.
NR 45.13(26)(g)3. 3. The park manager shall have discretion in allowing rafting, provided that rafting may not interfere with other marina uses or waterway navigation.
NR 45.13(27) (27)Thornapple River sturgeon spawning property-Rusk County. No person may discharge any firearm for the purpose of target shooting in areas designated by posted notice within the Thornapple River sturgeon spawning property, Rusk County.
NR 45.13(28) (28)Kohler-andrae state park, sheboygan county. No person may swim or scuba dive within any area delineated by posted notice.
NR 45.13(29) (29)Harrington beach state park, ozaukee county. Swimming and scuba diving in any areas may be prohibited by posted notice. No person may swim or scuba dive within the area delineated by posted notice.
NR 45.13(30) (30)Red cedar state trail. No person may jump or dive into waterways contrary to posted notice along the Red Cedar state trail.
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NR 45.14 NR 45.14 Exceptions.
NR 45.14(1)(1)Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit or hinder the department, its supervisors, managers, foresters, wardens, rangers or other duly authorized agents, or any peace officer from performing their official duties.
NR 45.14(2) (2)The department may waive in writing any provision of this chapter for commercial filming on state lands.
NR 45.14 History History: Cr. Register, December, 1983, No. 336, eff. 1-1-84; renum. to be (1), cr. (2), Register, March, 1992, No. 435, eff. 4-1-92.
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