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2017 Special Session
2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
Remove slavery exception for the punishment of crime.
Preliminary Draft - Not Ready For Introduction
June 23, 2017 - Introduced by Senators L. Taylor, Johnson and Larson,
cosponsored by Representatives Young, Fields, Mason, Kessler, Subeck,
Goyke, Berceau, Zepnick, C. Taylor, Wachs, Bowen, Crowley and Zamarripa.
Referred to Committee on Financial Services, Constitution and Federalism.
SJR63,1,2 1To amend section 2 of article I of the constitution; relating to: slavery or
2involuntary servitude in punishment of a crime (first consideration).
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This proposed constitutional amendment, proposed to the 2017 legislature on
first consideration, eliminates the exception to the constitutional prohibition against
slavery and involuntary servitude for the punishment of a crime for which the party
has been duly convicted. Under the constitutional amendment, slavery and
involuntary servitude are prohibited without exception.
A proposed constitutional amendment requires adoption by two successive
legislatures, and ratification by the people, before it becomes effective.
SJR63,1,3 3Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That:
SJR63,1 4Section 1 . Section 2 of article I of the constitution is amended to read:
1[Article I] Section 2. There shall be neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude
2in this state, otherwise than for the punishment of crime, whereof the party shall
3have been duly convicted
SJR63,2,6 4Be it further resolved, That this proposed amendment be referred to the
5legislature to be chosen at the next general election and that it be published for three
6months previous to the time of holding such election.
SJR63,2,77 (End)