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We provide $2,000,000 for training allied health professionals and advanced practice clinicians. This funding will provide grants to health systems to train and retain health professionals in rural hospitals and clinics.
We increase funding for the Rural Physician Residency Assistance program by $100,000 per year. This is intended to increase the number of rural residency positions in the state.
Pursuant to Article V, Section 10 of the Wisconsin Constitution and consistent with its intent, I have made 98 vetoes to the budget. These vetoes maintain our priorities while eliminating items that could be categorized as earmarks and nonfiscal policy items. These vetoes also reduce spending, eliminate unfunded mandates, and make technical corrections. These vetoes increase the general fund balance by $16,511,100 GPR over the biennium and reduce overall spending by roughly $4,759,400 GPR. These vetoes will also improve the structural balance heading into the next budget biennium by an estimated $71,143,500 GPR.
We have enacted numerous measures together that have moved Wisconsin forward. We cut taxes by billions of dollars. We enacted historic reforms proving Wisconsin continues to be a leader in the nation. We now have surpluses instead of deficits. We have some of the lowest unemployment in the nation and more people working that ever before. Our state’s economy is growing and our wages are rising.
This budget invests in our shared priorities of education, tax relief, and workforce development. I am appreciative of the Legislature’s work on this budget and look forward to continuing our good work for the people of Wisconsin.
Respectfully submitted,
Veto Message
Table of Contents
A. Agriculture, Environment and Justice
Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
  1. Livestock Premises Identification    
Department of Corrections
2. Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program    
3. Earned Release Program Expansion    
4. Inmate Work Opportunity Training    
5. Long-Term Service Awards  
6. Mental Health Staffing at Oshkosh, Waupun, Green Bay and Columbia        
7. Opening Avenues to Reentry Success    
8. Planning Concerning Correctional Facilities  
9. Geriatric Prison Facility      
District Attorneys
10. Creation of a Prosecutor Board    
Judicial Council
11. Restore Judicial Council      
Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board
12. Standard Budget Adjustments    
Department of Natural Resources
13. Use of Unobligated Stewardship Bonding Authority
14. Vacant Forestry and Parks Positions  
15. Council on Forestry Report    
16. Tainter Lake Water Quality    
17. Wolf Damage Payments      
18. Permit the Sale of Dyed Diesel Fuel to Recreational Motor Boats        
Department of Safety and Professional Services
19. Possession, Use and Transportation of Fireworks and Fireworks Manufacturer Fees    
20. Information Technology Projects    
21. Local Regulation of Quarries    
B. Education and Workforce Development
Historical Society
22. State Archive Preservation Facility    
Labor and Industry Review Commission
23. Survey of Labor and Industry Review Commission Decisions  
Technical College System Board
24. Sunset of the Educational Approval Board  
25. Educational Approval Board Incumbents
University of Wisconsin System
26. Performance Funding  
27. Innovation Fund  
28. University of Wisconsin System Audits  
29. Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology
30. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Tribal Gaming Appropriation  
31. Flexible Option Program
Public Instruction
32. Energy Efficiency Revenue Limit Adjustment
33. Low Revenue Adjustment  
34. School District Referenda Scheduling  
35. Whole Grade Sharing Aid  
36. Shared Services Aid    
37. Summer School Grants  
38. Virtual Charter School Funding Study  
39. Mental Health Services Grants  
Workforce Development
40. Technical Education Equipment Grants  
C. General Government, Children and Families
Department of Administration
41. Positions for Information Technology Purchasing Report  
42. Replacement of Information Technology Contractors Report  
43. State Transforming Agency Resources (STAR) Program and Benefits Realization Report  
44. Self-Funded Portal Annual Report  
45. Office of the Commissioner of Insurance Information Technology Position Transfers Report
46. Worker's Compensation Recording Equipment Report  
47. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Leases  
48. Fee Report with Agency Budget Requests  
49. On-Site Delivery of Human Resources, Payroll and Benefit Functions at Select Agencies  
Department of Children and Families
50. Homeless Shelter Employment Services Grant Uses
51. Work Participation Rate Reporting Requirements
Elections Commission
52. Funding for Elections Commission Positions  
Elections and Ethics Commissions
53. Elections and Ethics Commissioner Per Diems
Department of Employee Trust Funds
54. Group Insurance Program Changes and Group Insurance Board Directives  
55. 100th Anniversary of the State Capitol  
56. State Capitol Basement Renovations