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August 2017 Special Session
2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
September 12, 2017 - Offered by Senators Shilling, Miller, Ringhand, L. Taylor,
Bewley, Wirch, Hansen, Larson, Vinehout, Carpenter, Erpenbach, Risser
and Johnson.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the substitute amendment as follows:
AB1-SSA1-SA2,1,2 21. Page 2, line 17: after that line insert:
AB1-SSA1-SA2,1,3 3 Section 1v. 16.288 of the statutes is created to read:
AB1-SSA1-SA2,1,8 416.288 Reporting. The department shall annually submit to the legislature
5under s. 13.172 (2) a report of all persons contracting with any business operating
6in an electronics and information technology manufacturing zone designated under
7s. 238.396 (1m). The report shall include information on contractors that are
8certified under ss. 16.283, 16.285, and 16.287.”.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,1,11 92. Page 15, line 16: after “individual" insert “who is required to file a Wisconsin
10income tax return for the same taxable year for which the employee's employer
11claims a credit under par. (b) and".
13. Page 15, line 17: delete “$30,000" and substitute “the average annual wage
2for an employee employed in the same region".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,3 34. Page 15, line 17: after “health," insert “including family health,".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,4 45. Page 15, line 18: after “health," insert “including family health,".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,7 56. Page 19, line 20: after “individual" insert “who is required to file a Wisconsin
6income tax return for the same taxable year for which the employee's employer
7claims a credit under par. (b) and".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,9 87. Page 19, line 21: delete “$30,000" and substitute “the average annual wage
9for an employee employed in the same region".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,10 108. Page 19, line 21: after “health," insert “including family health,".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,11 119. Page 19, line 22: after “health," insert “including family health,".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,13 1210. Page 22, line 18: after “acquired" insert “from sellers located in this state
13and acquired".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,14 1411. Page 24, line 21: delete “(bg)" and substitute “(bg),".
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,16 1512. Page 24, line 21: after “biennium" insert “and in each fiscal biennium
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,17 1713. Page 31, line 12: after that line insert:
AB1-SSA1-SA2,2,22 18“4e. Fails to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the corporation that each of the
19business's contracts with a contractor based in this state in connection with the
20construction of any facility of the business that is located in the electronics and
21information technology manufacturing zone requires the contractor to do all of the
1a. Ensure that applicants for employment with the contractor who are
2residents of this state are accorded preference over other applicants having
3substantially equal relevant qualifications and credentials.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,54 b. Ensure that the contractor provides health insurance benefits to each of its
5full-time employees at a premium coverage rate of at least 75 percent.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,66 c. Test its employees for the unlawful use of controlled substances.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,77 d. Participate in a state or federally recognized apprenticeship program.”.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,8 814. Page 32, line 4: after that line insert:
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,10 9“(gm) The contract under par. (fs) shall require a business certified under sub.
10(3) to do all of the following:
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,1311 1. Employ at least 1,000 full-time employees in this state before the business
12claims any tax benefits based on a certification to claim tax benefits issued under
13sub. (3m).
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,1714 2. Provide post-construction, end-use employment for the business's
15employees in this state and the employees of the business's suppliers and service
16contractors located in or near the electronics and information technology
17manufacturing zone.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,3,2218 3. Maintain an hourly basic rate of pay, as defined in s. 16.856 (1) (b), for its
19full-time employees of at least $15 through the last day of February 2020. On April
201, 2020, maintain an hourly basic rate of pay, as defined in s. 16.856 (1) (b), that is
21not less than an amount determined by multiplying $15 by the rate of inflation for
22the immediately preceding year.
14. Establish a labor peace agreement for the purpose of preventing adverse
2labor relations and ensuring a free and fair process for the business's employees to
3determine union representation.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,4,54 5. Provide first-source hiring for residents of this state that reside in zip codes
5specified by the corporation.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,4,66 6. Source the business's employees in this state through a hiring hall.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,4,117 (gr) The corporation shall ensure that applicants for job training that is
8required for employment with a business located in the electronics and information
9technology manufacturing zone who are residents of this state are accorded
10preference over other applicants having substantially equal relevant qualifications
11and credentials.”.
AB1-SSA1-SA2,4,12 1215. Page 37, line 9: after that line insert:
AB1-SSA1-SA2,4,17 13(3) The department of transportation shall study the regional transportation
14and transit needs associated with projects located within an electronics and
15information technology manufacturing zone designated under section 238.396 (1m)
16of the statutes and shall report its findings to the legislature under section 13.172
17(2) of the statutes no later than September 1, 2018.”.