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2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
June 9, 2017 - Offered by Representative Kolste.
AB260-AA6,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB260-AA6,1,2 21. Page 5, line 19: after that line insert:
AB260-AA6,1,3 3 Section 6m. 440.08 (2) (a) 24am. of the statutes is created to read:
AB260-AA6,1,54 440.08 (2) (a) 24am. Chiropractor health or physical examination certificate:
5December 15 of each even-numbered year.”.
AB260-AA6,1,6 62. Page 9, line 9: delete lines 9 to 20 and substitute:
AB260-AA6,1,7 7 Section 15m. 446.02 (2) (dm) of the statutes is created to read:
AB260-AA6,2,28 446.02 (2) (dm) 1. The examining board shall issue a certificate to a
9chiropractor who is licensed under this chapter, who submits satisfactory evidence
10that the chiropractor has completed a course in performing health or physical
11examinations for participation in school or college athletic activities, and who pays
12the certification fee specified in subd. 2., except that no fee is required under this

1subdivision for an individual who is eligible for the veterans fee waiver program
2under s. 45.44.
AB260-AA6,2,53 2. The renewal date for the certificate issued under this paragraph is specified
4under s. 440.08 (2) (a), and the fee for initial certification and for renewal of the
5certification is $25.
AB260-AA6,2,86 3. The examining board shall promulgate rules that establish minimum
7requirements or standards for the course that shall be completed in order to obtain
8a certificate under this paragraph.
AB260-AA6,2,119 4. The rules promulgated under subd. 3. shall require the course to cover all
10of the following topics concerning health or physical examinations for participation
11in school or college athletic activities:
AB260-AA6,2,1212 a. The goals and components of a health or physical examination.
AB260-AA6,2,1313 b. Taking information about the medical history of a patient.
AB260-AA6,2,1414 c. Health guidelines for participation in school or college athletic activities.
AB260-AA6,2,1615 d. Compliance with statutes and rules applicable to performing a health or
16physical examination.
AB260-AA6,2,1817 5. The examining board shall promulgate rules that require continuing
18education in order to renew the certificate.”.