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SB21-SSA1-SA2,3,74 (b) If requested by any person performing the work described in sub. (2m), the
5department shall inspect the payroll records of any contractor, subcontractor, or
6agent performing work on a project of public works that is subject to this section to
7ensure compliance with this section.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,3,98 (c) Section 111.322 (2m) applies to discharge and other discriminatory acts
9arising in connection with any proceeding under this section.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,3,10 104. Page 73, line 15: after that line insert:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,3,11 11" Section 453xm. 19.36 (12) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,3,2112 19.36 (12) Information relating to certain employees. Unless access is
13specifically authorized or required by statute, an authority shall may not provide
14access to a record prepared or provided by an employer performing work on a project
15to which s. 66.0903, 103.49, or 103.50 16.856 or 84.062 applies, or on which the
16employer is otherwise required to pay prevailing wages, if that record contains the
17name or other personally identifiable information relating to an employee of that
18employer, unless the employee authorizes the authority to provide access to that
19information. In this subsection, "personally identifiable information" does not
20include an employee's work classification, hours of work, or wage or benefit payments
21received for work on such a project.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,3,23 225. Page 123, line 3: increase the dollar amount for fiscal year 2016-17 by
23$25,000,000 for the purpose for which the appropriation is made.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,3,24 246. Page 583, line 23: delete "Mason" and substitute " Michigan".
17. Page 584, line 24: delete that line.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,2 28. Page 585, line 1: delete lines 1 to 16.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,3 39. Page 588, line 8: delete lines 8 to 12.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,4 410. Page 589, line 20: delete lines 20 to 25.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,5 511. Page 590, line 1: delete lines 1 to 2 and substitute:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,6 6" Section 1914h. 59.52 (31) (e) of the statutes is created to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,87 59.52 (31) (e) With regard to any transaction to which s. 59.17 (2) (b) 3. applies,
8such a transaction is not subject to the provisions of pars. (b), (c), and (d).".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,9 912. Page 602, line 25: after that line insert:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,10 10" Section 1948y. 66.0129 (5) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,1511 66.0129 (5) Bids for construction. The nonprofit corporation shall let all
12contracts exceeding $1,000 for the construction, maintenance or repair of hospital
13facilities to the lowest responsible bidder after advertising for bids by the publication
14of a class 2 notice under ch. 985. Sections Section 66.0901 and 66.0903 apply applies
15to bids and contracts under this subsection.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,16 1613. Page 608, line 1: delete "local".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,17 1714. Page 608, line 2: delete "governmental unit" and substitute "1st class city".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,19 1815. Page 608, line 3: delete "local governmental unit" and substitute "1st class
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,20 2016. Page 611, line 9: after "cities" insert " or villages".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,21 2117. Page 611, line 13: delete "conditions".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,22 2218. Page 611, line 13: delete "all" and substitute "any".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,4,23 2319. Page 611, line 14: delete "are" and substitute "is".
120. Page 611, line 15: delete that line and substitute:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,2 2"(a) All of the following conditions apply:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,33 1. The most recent federal decennial census shows that the resident".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,4 421. Page 611, line 17: delete "(b)" and substitute "2.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,5 522. Page 611, line 18: delete "(c)" and substitute "3.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,6 623. Page 611, line 20: delete "(d)" and substitute "4.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,7 724. Page 611, line 23: delete "(e)" and substitute "5.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,8 825. Page 611, line 24: delete "(f)" and substitute "6.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,9 926. Page 612, line 1: delete "(g)" and substitute "7.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,10 1027. Page 612, line 3: delete "(h)" and substitute "8.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,11 1128. Page 612, line 4: after that line insert:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,12 12"(b) All of the following conditions apply:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,1413 1. The most recent federal decennial census shows that the resident population
14of the town exceeds 2,300.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,1615 2. The most recent data available from the department of revenue show that
16the equalized value for the town exceeds $190,000,000.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,1717 3. The area of the town exceeds 40 square miles.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,1918 4. The town is contiguous to a village to which all of the following conditions
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,2120 a. The most recent federal decennial census shows that the resident population
21of the village is less than 300.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,5,2222 b. The area of the village is less than 2 square miles.
1c. The aggregate net tax rate of the village, as determined by the department
2of revenue under s. 70.114 (3), is greater than 36 mills.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,53 5. The village under subd. 4. and the town are located in a county for which the
4most recent federal decennial census shows that the resident population is less than
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,7 629. Page 612, line 7: delete "all of the conditions" and substitute "the
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,8 830. Page 632, line 11: delete "2015" and substitute " 2016".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,9 931. Page 632, line 14: delete "2015" and substitute " 2016".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,10 1032. Page 635, line 7: delete "2016" and substitute "2017".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,11 1133. Page 635, line 12: delete "2016" and substitute "2017".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,12 1234. Page 635, line 13: delete "2013" and substitute "2014".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,13 1335. Page 635, line 14: delete "2017" and substitute "2018".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,14 1436. Page 635, line 15: delete "2012" and substitute "2013".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,15 1537. Page 635, line 16: delete "2018" and substitute "2019".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,16 1638. Page 635, line 17: delete "2011" and substitute "2012".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,17 1739. Page 635, line 18: delete "2019" and substitute "2020".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,18 1840. Page 635, line 19: delete "2010" and substitute "2011".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,19 1941. Page 635, line 20: delete "2020" and substitute "2021".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,20 2042. Page 635, line 21: delete "2009" and substitute "2010".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,6,22 2143. Page 635, line 25: delete the material beginning with "and" and ending
22with "date]," on page 636, line 1.
144. Page 635, line 25: delete "2015" and substitute "2016".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,2 245. Page 636, line 10: delete "2016" and substitute "2017".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,4 346. Page 639, line 12: after "municipality" insert "in a county bordered by
4Lake Michigan and the state of Illinois".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,5 547. Page 639, line 13: after "municipality" insert "in that county".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,7 648. Page 640, line 2: delete lines 2 and 3 and substitute "may appeal to the
7public service commission any decision of the municipality that owns and".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,14 849. Page 640, line 4: after "extension." insert "The public service commission
9may include in its decision conditions on the extension of service to ensure that costs
10resulting from the extension are borne by the users causing the cost and that the
11connection point selected by the municipality requesting the service is reasonable.
12Either municipality may appeal the decision of the public service commission to the
13department of natural resources. The department shall provide a determination
14within 45 days of receiving the appeal.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,15 1550. Page 640, line 15: after that line insert:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,17 16" Section 1991sd. 66.0903 (title) of the statutes is repealed and recreated to
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,18 1866.0903 (title) Prevailing wage.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sf 19Section 1991sf. 66.0903 (1) (a), (am), (b), (cm), (dr), (em), (hm) and (im) of the
20statutes are repealed.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sh 21Section 1991sh. 66.0903 (1) (c) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,7,2322 66.0903 (1) (c) "Hourly basic rate of pay" has the meaning given in s. 103.49
2316.856 (1) (b).
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sj 24Section 1991sj. 66.0903 (1) (f) of the statutes is amended to read:
166.0903 (1) (f) "Prevailing hours of labor" has the meaning given in s. 103.49
216.856 (1) (c) (e).
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sL 3Section 1991sL. 66.0903 (1) (g) of the statutes is repealed and recreated to
SB21-SSA1-SA2,8,65 66.0903 (1) (g) "Prevailing wage rate" includes the meanings given under s.
666.0903 (1) (g), 2013 stats., and s. 16.856 (1) (f).
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sn 7Section 1991sn. 66.0903 (1) (j) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,8,98 66.0903 (1) (j) "Truck driver" has the meaning given in s. 103.49 16.856 (1) (g)
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sp 10Section 1991sp. 66.0903 (1m) (a) (intro.) of the statutes is renumbered
1166.0903 (1) (h) and amended to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,8,1912 66.0903 (1) (h) In this subsection, "publicly "Publicly funded private
13construction project" means a construction project in which the developer, investor,
14or owner of the project receives direct financial assistance from a local governmental
15unit for the erection, construction, repair, remodeling, demolition, including any
16alteration, painting, decorating, or grading, of a private facility, including land, a
17building, or other infrastructure. "Publicly funded private construction project" does
18not include a project of public works or a housing project involving the erection,
19construction, repair, remodeling, or demolition of any of the following:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sr 20Section 1991sr. 66.0903 (1m) (a) 1. to 3. of the statutes are repealed.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991st 21Section 1991st. 66.0903 (1m) (b) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,9,1022 66.0903 (1m) (b) The legislature finds that the enactment of ordinances or
23other enactments by local governmental units requiring laborers, workers,
24mechanics, and truck drivers employed on projects of public works or on publicly
25funded private construction projects to be paid the prevailing wage rate and to be

1paid at least 1.5 times their hourly basic rate of pay for hours worked in excess of the
2prevailing hours of labor would be logically inconsistent with, would defeat the
3purpose of, and would go against the spirit of this section and the repeal repeals of
4s. 66.0904, 2009 stats, and s. 66.0903 (2) to (12), 2013 stats. Therefore, this section
5shall be construed as an enactment of statewide concern for the purpose of providing
6uniform prevailing wage rate and prevailing hours of labor requirements throughout
7the state
purposes of facilitating broader participation with respect to bidding on
8projects of public works, ensuring that wages accurately reflect market conditions,
9providing local governments with the flexibility to reduce costs on capital projects,
10and reducing spending at all levels of government in this state
SB21-SSA1-SA2,1991sv 11Section 1991sv. 66.0903 (2) to (12) of the statutes are repealed.".
SB21-SSA1-SA2,9,12 1251. Page 640, line 15: after that line insert:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,9,13 13" Section 1991s. 66.0901 (12) of the statutes is created to read:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,9,1414 66.0901 (12) Public building plan information. (a) In this subsection:
SB21-SSA1-SA2,9,1715 1. "Public building plan information" means construction plans, designs,
16specifications, and related materials for construction work undertaken, or proposed
17to be undertaken, by a municipality pursuant to a public contract.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,9,1918 2. "Public plan room" means a nonprofit organization that gathers and makes
19available to the public for inspection and copying public building plan information.
SB21-SSA1-SA2,9,2320 (b) Notwithstanding s. 19.35 (3), if a municipality receives a request for public
21building plan information from a public plan room, the municipality shall provide
22the requested information by electronic copy, and without charging a fee, if all of the
23following apply: