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2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
February 18, 2016 - Offered by Representatives Brostoff, Sinicki and Kessler.
AB885-AA5,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB885-AA5,1,2 21. Page 2, line 9: delete "shall" and substitute "may".
AB885-AA5,1,4 32. Page 2, line 10: after "plans" insert ", subject to approval by affected
4department heads,".
AB885-AA5,1,5 53. Page 2, line 10: delete "shall".
AB885-AA5,1,7 64. Page 2, line 11: delete the material beginning with "The" and ending with
7"emergency." on page 3, line 18.
AB885-AA5,1,8 85. Page 3, line 22: delete " required" and substitute "provided".
AB885-AA5,1,9 96. Page 4, line 2: delete "shall" and substitute "shall may".
AB885-AA5,1,10 107. Page 4, line 9: delete "shall" and substitute "may".
AB885-AA5,1,11 118. Page 4, line 13: delete " required" and substitute "provided".
AB885-AA5,1,12 129. Page 4, line 23: delete "shall" and substitute "may".
110. Page 4, line 24: after "debt" insert "unless, as it relates to individual debts,
2after any fee charge by the state, the debt is at least $50".
AB885-AA5,2,10 311. Page 5, line 1: delete lines 1 and 2 and substitute "a county. The county
4may withdraw, in whole or in part, from an agreement under s. 71.93 (8) (b) 2. if any
5combination of 2 of the county comptroller, treasurer, and clerk of courts submits to
6the department of revenue a report requesting withdrawal if the report shows that
7an alternative program for debt collection would be more efficient, inexpensive, or
8cost-effective for the county. The county may withdraw from the agreement at any
9time with the county board's approval. For purposes of this paragraph, the county
10may do all of the following:".
AB885-AA5,2,11 1112. Page 5, line 11: delete "shall" and substitute "may".
AB885-AA5,2,13 1213. Page 5, line 16: after "county" insert "department originally responsible
13for collecting the debt".
AB885-AA5,2,14 1414. Page 7, line 3: delete "shall" and substitute "may".
AB885-AA5,2,15 1515. Page 7, line 9: delete "shall" and substitute "may".
AB885-AA5,2,19 1616. Page 7, line 12: after "programs" insert ", except that if the county receives
17an amount of revenue in a fiscal year under subd. 2. that is less than $1,000,000, the
18county may pay the local workforce development board only the lesser amount in
19that fiscal year".
AB885-AA5,2,21 2017. Page 7, line 14: delete "secretary of revenue" and substitute "unit of county
21government originally responsible for collecting the debt".
AB885-AA5,2,22 2218. Page 7, line 15: after "secretary" insert "of revenue".
119. Page 7, line 17: delete the material beginning with "In" and ending with
2"foregone" on line 20 and substitute "In the event that the county disagrees with the
3determination of the secretary of revenue, the county may appeal the determination
4as provided under subch. III of ch. 227".