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2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
July 2, 2015 - Offered by Joint Committee on Finance.
AB21-ASA1,1,2 1An Act; relating to: state finances and appropriations, constituting the
2executive budget act of the 2015 legislature.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB21-ASA1,2 3Section 2. 5.15 (1) (c) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,2,64 5.15 (1) (c) The wards established by municipal governing bodies in a division
5ordinance or resolution enacted or adopted under this section shall govern the
6adjustment of supervisory districts under s. 59.10 (2) (a) and (3) (b) and of aldermanic
7districts under s. 62.08 (1) for the purpose of local elections beginning on January 1
8of the 2nd year commencing after the year of the census until revised under this
9section on the basis of the results of the next decennial census of population unless
10adjusted under sub. (2) (f) 4. or 5., (6) (a) , or (7), or unless a division is required to
11effect an act of the legislature redistricting legislative districts under article IV,

1section 3, of the constitution or redistricting congressional districts. The populations
2of wards under each decennial ward division shall be determined on the basis of the
3federal decennial census and any official corrections to the census issued on or before
4the date of adoption of the division ordinance or resolution to reflect the correct
5populations of the municipality and the blocks within the municipality on April 1 of
6the year of the census.
AB21-ASA1,3 7Section 3. 5.15 (2) (f) 5. of the statutes is created to read:
AB21-ASA1,2,128 5.15 (2) (f) 5. Territory that lies between an actual municipal boundary that
9existed on April 1 of the year of a federal decennial census and an intersecting
10municipal boundary that deviates from the actual municipal boundary on that date
11if the deviating boundary was used by the U.S. bureau of the census to enumerate
12the population of the municipality in that census.
AB21-ASA1,4 13Section 4. 5.15 (4) (b) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,2,2114 5.15 (4) (b) Within 5 days after adoption or enactment of an ordinance or
15resolution under this section or any amendment thereto, the municipal clerk shall
16transmit one copy of the ordinance or resolution or the amendment to the county
17clerk of each county in which the municipality is contained, accompanied by the list
18and map specified in par. (a). If the population of the municipality exceeds 10,000,
19the municipal clerk shall furnish one copy to the legislative reference bureau at the
20same time.
Each copy shall identify the name of the municipality and the county or
21counties in which it is located.
AB21-ASA1,5 22Section 5. 5.15 (4) (bg) of the statutes is created to read:
AB21-ASA1,3,723 5.15 (4) (bg) No later than October 15 of each year following the year of a federal
24decennial census, each municipal clerk shall file a report with the county clerk of
25each county in which the municipality is contained confirming the boundaries of the

1municipality and of all wards in the municipality. The report shall be accompanied
2by a map of the municipality and a list of the block numbers of which the municipality
3and each ward within the municipality are comprised. Within 5 days after notice to
4the municipal clerk of a judgment that has the effect of changing the municipal
5boundaries, the clerk shall file the same report. Each report filed under this
6paragraph shall identify the name of the municipality and the county or counties in
7which it is located.
AB21-ASA1,6 8Section 6. 5.15 (4) (br) of the statutes is created to read:
AB21-ASA1,3,149 5.15 (4) (br) 1. Except as provided in subd. 2., no later than January 15 and July
1015 of each year, the county clerk shall transmit to the legislative technology services
11bureau a report confirming the boundaries of each municipality, ward, and
12supervisory district in the county together with a map of the county, in an electronic
13format approved by the legislative technology services bureau. Each report shall be
14current to the nearest January 1 or July 1 preceding the date of the report.
AB21-ASA1,3,1915 2. In each year following the year of a federal decennial census, the July report
16shall instead be transmitted no later than November 1 and shall be current to the
17date of the report. The November 1 report shall be accompanied by a list of the block
18numbers of which the county and each municipality and ward within the county are
AB21-ASA1,7 20Section 7. 5.15 (7) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,4,1121 5.15 (7) If a new town municipality is created or if part of a town municipality
22is annexed to a city or village during a decennial period after April 1 of the year of
23the federal decennial census, the town board governing body of any town
24municipality to which territory is attached or from which territory is detached,
25without regard to the time provisions of sub. (1) (b), may, by ordinance or resolution,

1create new wards or adjust the existing wards in that town municipality to the extent
2required to reflect the change. If a municipality is consolidated with another
3municipality during a decennial period after April 1 of the year of the federal
4decennial census, the governing body of the consolidated municipality, without
5regard to the time provisions under sub. (1) (b), may, by ordinance or resolution,
6create new wards or adjust the existing wards of the municipality to the extent
7required to reflect the change. No ward line adjustment under this subsection may
8cross the boundary of a congressional, assembly, or supervisory district. The Within
95 days after adoption of the ordinance or resolution, the
municipal clerk shall
10transmit copies of the ordinance or resolution making the adjustment to the county
in compliance with sub. (4) (b).
AB21-ASA1,12 12Section 12. 13.101 (6) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,5,613 13.101 (6) (a) As an emergency measure necessitated by decreased state
14revenues and to prevent the necessity for a state tax on general property, the
15committee may reduce any appropriation made to any board, commission,
16department, or the University of Wisconsin System, or to any other state agency or
17activity, by such amount as it deems feasible, not exceeding 25% of the
18appropriations, except appropriations made by ss. 20.255 (2) (ac), (bc), (bh), (cg), and
19(cr), 20.395 (1), (2) (cq), (eq) to (ex) and (gq) to (gx), (3), (4) (aq) to (ax), and (6) (af),
20(aq), (ar), and (au), 20.435 (7) (4) (a) and (5) (da), and 20.437 (2) (a) and (dz) or for
21forestry purposes under s. 20.370 (1), or any other moneys distributed to any county,
22city, village, town, or school district. Appropriations of receipts and of a sum
23sufficient shall for the purposes of this section be regarded as equivalent to the
24amounts expended under such appropriations in the prior fiscal year which ended
25June 30. All functions of said state agencies shall be continued in an efficient

1manner, but because of the uncertainties of the existing situation no public funds
2should be expended or obligations incurred unless there shall be adequate revenues
3to meet the expenditures therefor. For such reason the committee may make
4reductions of such appropriations as in its judgment will secure sound financial
5operations of the administration for said state agencies and at the same time
6interfere least with their services and activities.
AB21-ASA1,14 7Section 14. 13.121 (4) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,5,168 13.121 (4) Insurance. For the purpose of premium determinations under s.
940.05 (4) and (5) each member of the legislature shall accrue sick leave at a rate
10equivalent to a percentage of time worked recommended for such positions by the
11director of the office administrator of the division of state employment relations
12personnel management in the department of administration and approved by the
13joint committee on employment relations in the same manner as compensation for
14such positions is determined under s. 20.923. This percentage of time worked shall
15be applied to the sick leave accrual rate established under s. 230.35 (2). The approved
16percentage shall be incorporated into the compensation plan under s. 230.12 (1).
AB21-ASA1,15 17Section 15. 13.123 (1) (a) 1. of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,6,1018 13.123 (1) (a) 1. Any member of the legislature who has signified, by affidavit
19filed with the department of administration, the necessity of establishing a
20temporary residence at the state capital for the period of any regular or special
21legislative session shall be entitled to an allowance for expenses incurred for food and
22lodging for each day that he or she is in Madison on legislative business, but not
23including any Saturday or Sunday unless the legislator is in actual attendance on
24such day at a session of the legislature or a meeting of a standing committee of which
25the legislator is a member. The amount of the allowance for each biennial session

1shall be 90% of the per diem rate for travel for federal government business within
2the city of Madison, as established by the federal general services administration.
3For the purpose of determining the amount of the allowance, the director of the office
4administrator of the division of state employment relations personnel management
5in the department of administration
shall certify to the chief clerk of each house the
6federal per diem rate in effect on December 1, or the first business day thereafter if
7December 1 is not a business day, in each even-numbered year. Each legislator shall
8file an affidavit with the chief clerk of his or her house certifying the specific dollar
9amount within the authorized allowance the member wishes to receive. Such
10affidavit, when filed, shall remain in effect for the biennial session.
AB21-ASA1,17 11Section 17. 13.20 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,6,2312 13.20 (2) Pay ranges; duration of employment. All legislative employees shall
13be paid in accordance with the compensation and classification plan for employees
14in the classified civil service within ranges approved by the joint committee on
15legislative organization. The director of the office of state employment relations
16administrator of the division of personnel management in the department of
shall make recommendations concerning a compensation and
18classification schedule for legislative employees if requested to do so by the joint
19committee on legislative organization or by the committee on organization of either
20house. If the joint committee does not approve pay ranges for legislative employees,
21the committee on organization of either house may approve pay ranges for its
22employees. Appointments shall be made for the legislative session, unless earlier
23terminated by the appointing officer.
AB21-ASA1,29 24Section 29. 13.48 (3) of the statutes is amended to read:
113.48 (3) State building trust fund. In the interest of the continuity of the
2program, the moneys appropriated to the state building trust fund under s. 20.867
3(2) (f) shall be retained as a nonlapsing building depreciation reserve. Such moneys
4shall be deposited into the state building trust fund. At such times as the building
5commission directs, or in emergency situations under s. 16.855 (16) (b), the governor
6shall authorize releases from this fund to become available for projects and shall
7direct the department of administration to allocate from this fund such amounts as
8are approved for these projects. In issuing such directions, the building commission
9shall consider the cash balance in the state building trust fund, the necessity and
10urgency of the proposed improvement, employment conditions and availability of
11materials in the locality in which the improvement is to be made. The building
12commission may authorize any project costing $760,000 or less in accordance with
13priorities to be established by the building commission and may adjust the priorities
14by deleting, substituting or adding new projects as needed to reflect changing
15program needs and unforeseen circumstances. The building commission may enter
16into contracts for the construction of buildings for any state agency, except a project
17authorized under sub. (10) (c) or (e), and shall be responsible for accounting for all
18funds released to projects. The building commission may designate the department
19of administration or the agency for which the project is constructed to act as its
20representative in such accounting.
AB21-ASA1,29m 21Section 29m. 13.48 (4) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,8,222 13.48 (4) State agencies to report proposed projects. Whenever any state
23agency contemplates a project under the state building program it shall report the
24project to the building commission. The report shall be made on such date and in

1such manner as the building commission prescribes. This subsection does not apply
2to projects identified in sub. (10) (c) and (e).
AB21-ASA1,35m 3Section 35m. 13.48 (10) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,8,134 13.48 (10) (a) Except as provided in par. pars. (c) and (e), no state board, agency,
5officer, department, commission, or body corporate may enter into a contract for the
6construction, reconstruction, remodeling of, or addition to any building, structure,
7or facility, in connection with any building project which involves a cost in excess of
8$185,000 without completion of final plans and arrangement for supervision of
9construction and prior approval by the building commission. This section applies to
10the department of transportation only in respect to buildings, structures, and
11facilities to be used for administrative or operating functions, including buildings,
12land, and equipment to be used for the motor vehicle emission inspection and
13maintenance program under s. 110.20.
AB21-ASA1,40m 14Section 40m. 13.48 (10) (c) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,8,2015 13.48 (10) (c) Paragraph (a) does not apply to any contract for a building project
16involving a cost of less than $500,000 to be constructed for the University of
17Wisconsin System that is funded entirely from the proceeds of gifts and grants made
18to the system
UW gifts and grants project, as defined in s. 16.855 (1g) (f), that the
19Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System lets through single prime
20contracting under s. 16.855 (12m)
AB21-ASA1,41m 21Section 41m. 13.48 (10) (e) of the statutes is created to read:
AB21-ASA1,8,2422 13.48 (10) (e) Paragraph (a) does not apply to any contract for an eligible energy
23conservation project approved by the president of the University of Wisconsin
24System under s. 36.11 (26m) (b).
AB21-ASA1,42m 25Section 42m. 13.48 (12) (b) 1. of the statutes is amended to read:
113.48 (12) (b) 1. A facility constructed by or for corporations a business entity
2having condemnation authority under s. 32.02 (3) to (10) and (13) for purposes for
3which the corporation it would have condemnation authority.
AB21-ASA1,44b 4Section 44b. 13.48 (13) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,9,165 13.48 (13) (a) Except as provided in par. (b) or (c) to (d), every building,
6structure or facility that is constructed for the benefit of or use of the state, any state
7agency, board, commission or department, the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and
8Clinics Authority, the Fox River Navigational System Authority, the Wisconsin
9Economic Development Corporation, or any local professional baseball park district
10created under subch. III of ch. 229 if the construction is undertaken by the
11department of administration on behalf of the district, shall be in compliance with
12all applicable state laws, rules, codes and regulations but the construction is not
13subject to the ordinances or regulations of the municipality in which the construction
14takes place except zoning, including without limitation because of enumeration
15ordinances or regulations relating to materials used, permits, supervision of
16construction or installation, payment of permit fees, or other restrictions.
AB21-ASA1,44m 17Section 44m. 13.48 (13) (d) of the statutes is created to read:
AB21-ASA1,9,2218 13.48 (13) (d) The structure or facility that is to be constructed for the benefit,
19or use, of the state and that was first enumerated under the 2007-09 building
20program and last modified under the 2013-15 building program as State
21Transportation Building replacement — Madison is not subject to any zoning
22ordinance or regulation of any city, village, or town.
AB21-ASA1,47b 23Section 47b. 13.48 (19) of the statutes is renumbered 13.48 (19) (a) and
24amended to read:
113.48 (19) (a) Whenever the building commission determines that the use of
2innovative types of design and construction processes will make better use of the
3resources and technology available in the building industry, the building commission
4may waive any or all of s. 16.855, except s. 16.855 (13) and (14m) (a) to (c), if such the
5action is in the best interest of the state and if the waiver is accomplished through
6formal action of the building commission. The building commission may authorize
7the lease, lease purchase or acquisition of such facilities constructed in the manner
is approved by the building commission.
AB21-ASA1,10,12 9(b) Subject to the requirements of s. 20.924 (1) (i), the building commission may
10also authorize the lease, or lease purchase or acquisition of existing facilities in lieu
11of state construction of any project enumerated in the authorized state building
AB21-ASA1,53 13Section 53. 13.48 (26) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB21-ASA1,11,1314 13.48 (26) Environmental improvement annual finance plan approval. The
15building commission shall review the versions of the biennial finance plan and any
16amendments to the biennial finance plan submitted to it by the department of
17natural resources and the department of administration under s. 281.59 (3) (bm) and
18the recommendations of the joint committee on finance and the standing committees
19to which the versions of the biennial finance plan and any amendments were
20submitted under s. 281.59 (3) (bm). The building commission shall consider the
21extent to which that version of the biennial finance plan that is updated to reflect the
22adopted biennial budget act will maintain the funding for the clean water fund
23program and the safe drinking water loan program, in the environmental
24improvement fund, in perpetuity. The building commission shall consider the extent
25to which the implementation of the clean water fund program, the safe drinking

1water loan program and the land recycling loan program, as set forth in the biennial
2finance plan updated to reflect the adopted biennial budget act, implements
3legislative intent on the clean water fund program, the safe drinking water loan
4program and the land recycling loan program. The building commission shall, no
5later than 60 days after the date of enactment of the biennial budget act, either
6approve or disapprove the biennial finance plan that is updated to reflect the adopted
7biennial budget act, except that the building commission may not disapprove those
8amounts that the legislature approves under s. 281.59 (3e) (a), (3m) (a) and (3s) (a)
9If the building commission disapproves the version of the biennial finance plan that
10is updated to reflect the adopted biennial budget act, it must notify the department
11of natural resources and the department of administration of its reasons for
12disapproving the plan, and those departments must revise that version of the
13biennial finance plan and submit the revision to the building commission.
AB21-ASA1,54m 14Section 54m. 13.48 (28m) of the statutes is created to read:
AB21-ASA1,11,2115 13.48 (28m) Carroll University. (a) The legislature finds and determines
16that there is a growing shortage of primary medical care workers in this state,
17particularly for medically underserved populations in rural and urban areas of the
18state, and that assisting institutions of higher education in training primary medical
19care workers is a statewide responsibility of statewide dimension. It is therefore in
20the public interest, and it is the public policy of this state, to assist Carroll University
21in the construction of a science laboratory facility.