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Rule-Making Notices
Notice of Hearing
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) announces that it will hold a public hearing on rules revising Chapter ATCP 60, relating to goat milk somatic cell standards. DATCP adopted a temporary emergency rule effective February 5, 2010 and is also proposing a permanent rule. The hearing will cover the emergency rule as well as the proposed permanent rule.
Hearing Information
Date:   June 15, 2010
Time:   10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location:   WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer
  2811 Agriculture Drive
  Conference Room 172, 1st Floor
  Madison, WI 53718
Hearing impaired persons may request an interpreter for these hearings. Please make reservations for a hearing interpreter by May 7, 2010, by writing to Deb Mazanec, Division of Food Safety, P.O. Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911; e-mailing to or by phone at (608) 224-4712. Alternatively, you may contact the DATCP TDD at (608) 224-5058. Handicap access is available at the hearings.
Submittal of Written Comments
DATCP will hold the public hearing at the time and location shown above. DATCP invites the public to attend the hearing and comment on the rules. Following the hearing, the hearing record will remain open until Friday, June 25, 2010 for additional written comments. Comments may be sent to the Division of Food Safety at the address below, by email to or online at http://AdminRules.
Copies of Emergency Rules and Proposed Permanent Rules
You may obtain free copies of the temporary emergency rule and proposed permanent rule by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Division of Food Safety, 2811 Agriculture Drive, P.O. Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708. You may also obtain copies by calling (608) 224-4712 or e-mailing Copies will also be available at the hearing. To view the proposed rule online, go to: http://
Analysis Prepared by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
This rule relaxes Wisconsin's current standard for somatic cells in goat milk to conform to a new, less stringent, national standard. The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) adopted a temporary emergency rule on February 5, 2010, and gave notice that it would adopt a permanent rule on the same subject. The permanent rule is identical to the temporary emergency rule adopted by DATCP.
Statutes interpreted
Sections 97.22 and 97.24, Stats.
Statutory authority
Sections 93.07 (1), 97.22 (8), 97.24 (3) and 227.24, Stats.
Explanation of statutory authority
DATCP has broad general authority, under s. 93.07 (1), Stats., to interpret laws under its jurisdiction. DATCP also has authority, under ss. 97.22 (8) and 97.24 (3), Stats., to adopt regulations governing the operation of dairy farms and the production of milk and fluid milk products.
This rule will maintain the competitiveness of Wisconsin goat milk producers, relative to producers in other states, by conforming Wisconsin goat milk standards to new (less stringent) national standards.
Related statutes and rules
Dairy plant operators are required to test goat milk received from producers, to ensure that goat milk meets somatic cell and other standards. Milk must be tested in certified laboratories, and test results must be reported to DATCP. Serious or continued violations of milk quality standards may result in state enforcement action, including the suspension of a milk producer's grade A dairy farm permit. In some serious cases, dairy plant operators must take immediate action to reject milk shipments from the affected dairy farms until violations are eliminated. However, not all violations require such an “immediate response." See, generally, chs. ATCP 60 and 80, Wis. Adm. Code.
Wisconsin rules for grade A milk and fluid milk products (including goat milk and fluid goat milk products) must be in reasonable accord with the interstate pasteurized milk ordinance (PMO). See s. 97.24, Stats. The PMO is adopted by the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) with the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is administered by FDA. Wisconsin rules must be at least as stringent as the PMO in order for Wisconsin to ship milk and fluid milk products in interstate commerce.
Plain language analysis
Recently, NCIMS and FDA relaxed the PMO standard for somatic cells in Grade A goat milk, from 1,000,000 somatic cells per ml to 1,500,000 per ml. The United States Department of Agriculture is making an equivalent change in its somatic cell standard for Grade B goat milk (Grade B milk may not be sold as fluid milk, but may be used to manufacture non-fluid dairy products such as cheese).
This permanent rule relaxes Wisconsin's standard for somatic cells in Grade A and Grade B goat milk, from 1,000,000 somatic cells per ml to 1,500,000 per ml, to conform to the new national standard. This rule also eliminates the current “immediate response" requirement, under which a dairy plant operator must immediately reject goat milk shipments from producer whenever a somatic cell count on any shipment from that producer exceeds 1,500,000 per ml.
Comparison with federal regulations
There is no federal law that compels this rule change. However this rule is consistent with recent changes in national standards (see above).
Comparison with rules in adjacent states
All surrounding states with dairy goat herds are likely to adopt the standard contained in this rule.
Summary of factual data and analytical methodologies
Somatic cell test methods for goat milk are currently prescribed by s. ATCP 60.22 (3), Wis. Adm. Code. This rule does not change current test methods.
Small Business Impact
This rule will benefit the Wisconsin dairy goat industry, by relaxing the current somatic cell standard for dairy goat milk to conform to the newly relaxed national standard. This rule will maintain parity with other states, and will relieve goat milk producers and dairy plant operators of certain problems associated with the current somatic cell standard.
To provide comments or concerns relating to small business, you may contact DATCP's small business regulatory coordinator Keeley Moll at the address below, or by emailing to or by telephone at (608) 224-5039.
Fiscal Estimate
This rule will have no fiscal impact on the state of Wisconsin or on local units of government.
Agency Contact Person
Questions and comments related to this rule may be directed to:
Tom Leitzke
Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
P.O. Box 8911
Madison, WI 53708-8911
Phone: (608) 224-4711
Notice of Hearing
Children and Families
Early Care and Education, Chs. DCF 201-252
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to ss. 49.155 (6g) and 227.11 (2) (a), Stats., the Department of Children and Families proposes to hold a public hearing to consider proposed and emergency rules revising Chapter DCF 201, relating to authorized hours of subsidized child care and affecting small businesses.
Hearing Information
Date and Time:
June 17, 2010
GEF 1 Building, H206
1:30 p.m.
201 E. Washington Avenue
Interested persons are invited to appear at the hearing and will be afforded the opportunity to make an oral presentation of their positions. Persons making oral presentations are requested to submit their facts, views, and suggested rewording in writing.
Visitors to the GEF 1 building are requested to enter through the left East Washington Avenue door and register with the customer service desk. The entrance is wheelchair accessible via a ramp from the corner of Webster Street and East Washington Avenue. If you have special needs or circumstances regarding communication or accessibility at a hearing, please call (608) 267-9403 at least 10 days prior to the hearing date. Accommodations such as ASL interpreters, English translators, or materials in audio format will be made available on request to the fullest extent possible.
Submittal of Written Comments and Copies of Proposed Rule
A copy of the proposed rule is available at This site allows you to view documents associated with this rule's promulgation, register to receive email notification whenever the Department posts new information about this rulemaking order, and submit comments and view comments by others during the public comment period. You may receive a paper copy of the rule or fiscal estimate by contacting:
Elaine Pridgen, Office of Legal Counsel
Department of Children and Families
201 E. Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53707
Phone: (608) 267-9403
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