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2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
January 11, 2018 - Offered by Representative Doyle.
AB778-AA2,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB778-AA2,1,2 21. Page 2, line 11: after that line insert:
AB778-AA2,1,3 3 Section 2m. 809.107 (5) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB778-AA2,1,104 809.107 (5) (a) Filing; and service of notice of appeal. Within 30 days after the
5later of the service of the transcript or the circuit court case record, unless extended
6under s. 809.82, the appellant shall file a notice of appeal as provided in s. 809.10 and
7serve a copy of the notice on the persons required to be served under sub. (2) (bm).
8For an appellant other than the state, the appellant on whose behalf the notice of
9appeal is filed shall sign the notice. Appellant's counsel, if any, shall also sign the
10notice of appeal, but may not sign in lieu of the appellant.
AB778-AA2,2,3 112. Page 3, line 1: delete the material beginning with “shall" and ending with
12remand" on line 3 and substitute “ shall file an affidavit in support of the motion
13stating with specificity the reasons that postjudgment fact-finding is necessary. The

1person signing the affidavit shall in the affidavit affirm under s. 802.05 (2) that, to
2the best of his or her knowledge, information, and belief, remand is warranted and
3is not being sought to cause unnecessary delay
AB778-AA2,2,4 43. Page 3, line 8: after that line insert:
AB778-AA2,2,5 5 Section 3m. 809.107 (6) (f) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB778-AA2,2,126 809.107 (6) (f) Petition for review. A petition for review of an appeal in the
7supreme court, if any, shall be filed within 30 days after the date of the decision of
8the court of appeals. For a petitioner other than the state, the petitioner on whose
9behalf the petition for review is filed shall sign the petition. Petitioner's counsel, if
10any, shall also sign the petition for review, but may not sign in lieu of the petitioner.

11The supreme court shall give preference to a petition for review of an appeal filed
12under this paragraph.”.