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AB64-ASA1,1391 7Section 1391 . 103.503 (3) (a) 2. of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,729,158 103.503 (3) (a) 2. A requirement that employees performing the work described
9in s. 66.0903 (4), 2013 stats., or s. 16.856 (2m), 2015 stats., on a project of public works
10or performing work on a public utility project submit to random, reasonable
11suspicion, and post-accident drug and alcohol testing and to drug and alcohol testing
12before commencing work on the project, except that testing of an employee before
13commencing work on a project is not required if the employee has been participating
14in a random testing program during the 90 days preceding the date on which the
15employee commenced work on the project.
AB64-ASA1,1395 16Section 1395 . 106.04 of the statutes is repealed.
AB64-ASA1,1396 17Section 1396 . 106.125 of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,729,23 18106.125 Early college credit program. On behalf of the school board of a
19school district and on behalf of the governing body of a participating private school,
20as defined in s. 118.55 (1) (c), the department of workforce development shall pay to
21the department of public instruction the costs of tuition for a pupil who attends an
22institution of higher education under the program under s. 118.55 as provided under
23s. 118.55 (5) (e) 2. and 3.
AB64-ASA1,1397 24Section 1397 . 106.27 (1) of the statutes is renumbered 106.27 (1) (intro.) and
25amended to read:
1106.27 (1) Workforce training grants. (intro.) From the appropriation under
2s. 20.445 (1) (b), the department shall award grants to public and private
3organizations for the development and implementation of workforce training
4programs. An organization that is awarded a grant under this subsection may use
5the grant for the training of unemployed and underemployed workers and
6incumbent employees of businesses in this state. As a condition of receiving a grant
7under this subsection, the department may require a public or private organization
8to provide matching funds at a percentage to be determined by the department.
9Grants awarded under this subsection may include any of the following:
AB64-ASA1,1398 10Section 1398 . 106.27 (1) (a) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,730,1311 106.27 (1) (a) Grants for collaborative projects among school districts, technical
12colleges, and businesses to provide high school students with industry-recognized
13certifications in high-demand fields, as determined by the department.
AB64-ASA1,1399 14Section 1399 . 106.27 (1) (b) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,730,1615 106.27 (1) (b) 1. Grants for programs that train teachers and that train
16individuals to become teachers, including teachers in dual enrollment programs.
AB64-ASA1,730,1717 2. In this paragraph:
AB64-ASA1,730,2118 a. “Dual enrollment program" means a program or course of study designed to
19provide high school students the opportunity to gain credits in both technical college
20and high school, including transcripted credit programs or other educational
21services provided by contract between a school district and a technical college.
AB64-ASA1,730,2222 b. “Teacher” includes an instructor at a technical college under ch. 38.
AB64-ASA1,1400 23Section 1400 . 106.27 (1) (c) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,730,2524 106.27 (1) (c) Grants for the development of public-private partnerships
25designed to improve workforce retention through employee support and training.
1Section 1401. 106.27 (1) (d) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,731,42 106.27 (1) (d) Grants to nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher
3education, as defined in 20 USC 1001 (a) and (b), and employers to increase the
4number of students who are placed with employers for internships.
AB64-ASA1,1402 5Section 1402 . 106.27 (1) (e) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,731,86 106.27 (1) (e) Grants to community-based organizations for public-private
7partnerships to create and implement a nursing training program for middle school
8and high school students.
AB64-ASA1,1402c 9Section 1402c. 106.27 (1) (f) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,731,1110 106.27 (1) (f) Grants to school districts to fund building modifications needed
11to support school districts' technical education programs.
AB64-ASA1,1403 12Section 1403 . 106.27 (1j) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,731,1613 106.27 (1j) Workforce training program; mobile classrooms. (a) Of the
14amounts appropriated under s. 20.445 (1) (b), the department shall allocate up to
15$1,000,000 for grants to the department of corrections to fund the creation and
16operation of mobile classrooms.
AB64-ASA1,731,1917 (am) Of the amounts appropriated under s. 20.445 (1) (b), the department may
18allocate up to $50,000 in each fiscal year for grants to fund the upkeep and
19maintenance of the mobile classrooms described under par. (a).
AB64-ASA1,731,2220 (b) The mobile classrooms described under par. (a) shall be used to provide job
21skills training to individuals in underserved areas of this state, including inmates
22at correctional facilities who are preparing for reentry into the workforce.
AB64-ASA1,732,323 (c) The department of corrections may use the grant money awarded under par.
24(a) to purchase capital equipment, such as a mobile or modular unit, that will be used
25as a mobile classroom, including costs to modify the equipment to make it suitable

1for classroom instruction, and to purchase and install any furniture, equipment, and
2supplies necessary or desirable for outfitting the mobile classroom for the job skills
3training that will be provided in the mobile classroom.
AB64-ASA1,1404 4Section 1404 . 106.27 (1r) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,732,95 106.27 (1r) Student internship coordination. From the appropriation under
6s. 20.445 (1) (b), the department shall provide coordination between nonprofit
7organizations and
institutions of higher education, as defined in 20 USC 1001 (a) and
8(b), and employers to increase the number of students who are placed with employers
9for internships.
AB64-ASA1,1405 10Section 1405 . 106.27 (2g) (a) 2. of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,732,1411 106.27 (2g) (a) 2. Receive and review applications for grants under subs. (1)
12and, (1g), and (1j) (am) and prescribe the form, nature, and extent of the information
13that must be contained in an application for a grant under sub. (1) or, (1g), or (1j)
AB64-ASA1,1406 15Section 1406 . 106.27 (3) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,733,1316 106.27 (3) Annual report. Annually, by December 31, the department shall
17submit a report to the governor and the cochairpersons of the joint committee on
18finance providing an account of the department's activities and expenditures under
19this section during the preceding fiscal year and detailing the amounts allocated to
20and expended for each of the programs, grants, and services specified in s. 20.445 (1)
21(b) and (bm) for that fiscal year. The report shall include information on the number
22of unemployed and underemployed workers and incumbent employees who
23participate in training programs under sub. (1) or (1j); the number of unemployed
24workers who obtain gainful employment, underemployed workers who obtain new
25employment, and incumbent employees who receive increased compensation after

1participating in such a training program; and the wages earned by those workers and
2employees both before and after participating in such a training program. The report
3shall also include information on the extent to which waiting lists for enrollment in
4courses and programs provided by technical colleges in high-demand fields are
5reduced as a result of grants under sub. (1g) (a), on the number of high school pupils
6students who participate in certification or training programs under sub. (1) (a) or
7(e) or
(1g) (b), on the building modifications funded under sub. (1) (f) and the effect
8of those building modifications on the school districts' technical education programs,

9and on the number of persons with disabilities who participate in employment
10enhancement activities under sub. (1g) (c). In addition, the report shall provide
11information on the number of student interns who are placed with employers as a
12result of the coordination activities conducted under sub. (1r) or the grants awarded
13under sub. (1) (d)
AB64-ASA1,1407 14Section 1407 . 106.272 of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,733,21 15106.272 Teacher development program grants. (1) From the
16appropriation under s. 20.445 (1) (b), the department shall award grants to the school
17board of a school district or to the governing body of a private school, as defined under
18s. 115.001 (3d), or to a charter management organization that has partnered with an
19educator preparation program approved by the department of public instruction and
20headquartered in this state to design and implement a teacher development
AB64-ASA1,733,23 22(2) In awarding a grant under this section, the department shall do all of the
AB64-ASA1,733,2524 (a) Consult with the department of public instruction to confirm that the
25teacher development program satisfies the requirements under s. 118.196 (2).
1(b) Consider the methods by which the school board, governing body, or charter
2management organization and the educator preparation program under sub. (1) will
3make the teacher development program affordable to participating employees.
AB64-ASA1,734,64 (c) Consider whether the school board, governing body, or charter management
5organization has agreed to contribute matching funds towards the teacher
6development program.
AB64-ASA1,1407g 7Section 1407g. 106.273 (3) (a) (intro.) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,734,148 106.273 (3) (a) (intro.) From the appropriation under s. 20.445 (1) (b), the
9department shall allocate not less than $3,000,000 $3,500,000 in each fiscal year for
10incentive grants to school districts under this section. From that allocation, the
11department shall, subject to par. (am), annually award to a school district $1,000 per
12pupil for each pupil in the school district who, in the prior school year, obtained a high
13school diploma or a technical education high school diploma from a school in the
14school district, if all of the following apply:
AB64-ASA1,1407i 15Section 1407i. 106.273 (3) (am) of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,734,1916 106.273 (3) (am) The department may not make a per pupil award of $1,000
17to a school district under par. (a) if the industry-recognized certification program
18completed by the pupil as a condition of the award under par. (a) 2. is an information
19technology instructional program developed under s. 115.455.
AB64-ASA1,1407k 20Section 1407k. 106.275 of the statutes is created to read:
AB64-ASA1,735,2 21106.275 Technical education equipment grants. (1) Awarding of grants.
22(a) From the appropriation under s. 20.445 (1) (b), the department may allocate up
23to $500,000 in each fiscal year for technical education equipment grants to school
24districts under this section. From that allocation, the department may award grants

1in the amount of not more than $50,000 to school districts whose grant applications
2are approved under sub. (2) (b).
AB64-ASA1,735,73 (b) A school district that is awarded a grant under this section shall use the
4grant moneys awarded for the acquisition of equipment that is used in advanced
5manufacturing fields in the workplace, together with any software necessary for the
6operation of that equipment and any instructional material necessary to train pupils
7in the operation of that equipment.
AB64-ASA1,735,118 (c) As a condition of receiving a grant under this section, a school district shall
9provide matching funds equal to 200 percent of the grant amount awarded. The
10match may be in the form of money, or the monetary value of equipment, contributed
11from private sources, the school district, or both.
AB64-ASA1,735,19 12(2) Grant application process. (a) A school district that wishes to receive a
13grant under this section shall apply for the grant in accordance with procedures and
14requirements established by the department under rules promulgated under sub. (4)
15(b) 1. A grant application shall describe the purpose and need for the grant, the
16projected outcomes that the school district is seeking to achieve as a result of
17receiving the grant, the amount and source of the matching funds required under
18sub. (1) (c), and any other information that the department may require under rules
19promulgated under sub. (4) (b) 1.
AB64-ASA1,735,2520 (b) The department, in consultation with the advisory committee created under
21sub. (4) (a), shall review and evaluate a grant application submitted under par. (a)
22in accordance with procedures and criteria established by the department under
23rules promulgated under sub. (4) (b) 2. After completing that review and evaluation,
24the department shall notify the school district of the department's decision on the
25grant application.
1(3) Reporting requirements. Each school district that receives a grant under
2this section shall file a report with the department by September 1 of each of the first
33 fiscal years following the fiscal year in which the grant was received. The report
4shall describe how the grant moneys were expended, describe the outcomes achieved
5as a result of receiving the grant, share the best practices employed by the school
6district regarding the training of pupils in the use of the equipment acquired with
7the grant moneys, include a plan for sustainability of that training, and provide such
8other information as the department may require under rules promulgated under
9sub. (4) (b) 3.
AB64-ASA1,736,15 10(4) Implementation of grant program. (a) The secretary of workforce
11development shall create an advisory committee under s. 15.04 (1) (c) to assist the
12department in reviewing and evaluating grant applications under sub. (2) (b). The
13committee shall consist of 5 individuals appointed by the secretary each of whom
14represents a different industrial sector of the economy and a different geographic
15region of the state.
AB64-ASA1,736,1716 (b) The department shall promulgate rules to implement this section. Those
17rules shall include all of the following:
AB64-ASA1,736,2018 1. Rules establishing the procedures and requirements for applying for a grant
19under sub. (2) (a), including the information that must be submitted with a grant
AB64-ASA1,736,2221 2. Rules establishing the procedures and criteria for awarding a grant under
22sub. (2) (b).
AB64-ASA1,736,2423 3. Rules governing the reporting requirements under sub. (3), including the
24information that must be provided in a report submitted under sub. (3).
AB64-ASA1,1407m 25Section 1407m. 106.277 of the statutes is created to read:
1106.277 Grants for teacher training and recruitment. (1) From the
2appropriation under s. 20.445 (1) (bt), the department shall award a grant to a
3nonprofit organization that applies on a form prepared by the department to receive
4a grant under this section if all of the following apply:
AB64-ASA1,737,75(a) The organization is described under section 501 (c) (3) or (4) of the Internal
6Revenue Code and exempt from taxation under section 501 (a) of the Internal
7Revenue Code.
AB64-ASA1,737,108 (b) The organization operates a program to recruit and prepare individuals to
9teach in public or private schools located in low-income or urban school districts in
10this state.
AB64-ASA1,737,1511 (c) The organization submits an application no later than January 15 in the
12year for which the organization seeks a grant under this section and includes with
13its application a description of the organization and its program and the manner in
14which grant funding will benefit the organization or has benefited the organization
15in the past.
AB64-ASA1,737,20 16(2) The department shall establish a process for evaluating and assigning a
17score to each organization eligible to receive a grant under sub. (1). If the amount
18appropriated under s. 20.445 (1) (bt) is insufficient to make the payments required
19under sub. (1), the department shall give preference in evaluating grants under this
20section to a nonprofit organization for each of the following:
AB64-ASA1,737,2221 (a) The program trains future teachers who are enrolled in an accredited
22college or university in this state concurrent with the training.
AB64-ASA1,737,2423 (b) The program focuses on future teachers who plan to teach in public or
24private schools in this state as a profession.
AB64-ASA1,737,2525 (c) The program provides continuing education and professional development.
1(d) The program attempts to place a majority of its total participants in public
2or private schools located in low-income or urban school districts in this state.
AB64-ASA1,738,5 3(3) When awarding a grant under this section, the department may not
4consider the religious affiliation, if any, of the nonprofit organization or whether the
5organization has received funding from the state in the past.
AB64-ASA1,738,8 6(4) By February 15 of each year, the department shall make its determination
7regarding successful applicants and shall notify those applicants that will receive a
8grant under this section.
AB64-ASA1,1444 9Section 1444 . 109.09 (1) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,739,610 109.09 (1) The department shall investigate and attempt equitably to adjust
11controversies between employers and employees as to alleged wage claims. The
12department may receive and investigate any wage claim that is filed with the
13department, or received by the department under s. 109.10 (4), no later than 2 years
14after the date the wages are due. The department may, after receiving a wage claim,
15investigate any wages due from the employer against whom the claim is filed to any
16employee during the period commencing 2 years before the date the claim is filed.
17The department shall enforce this chapter and s. 66.0903, 2013 stats., s. 103.49, 2013
18stats., and s. 229.8275, 2013 stats., and s. 16.856, 2015 stats., and ss. 16.856, 103.02,
19103.82, and 104.12. In pursuance of this duty, the department may sue the employer
20on behalf of the employee to collect any wage claim or wage deficiency and ss. 109.03
21(6) and 109.11 (2) and (3) shall apply to such actions. Except for actions under s.
22109.10, the department may refer such an action to the district attorney of the county
23in which the violation occurs for prosecution and collection and the district attorney
24shall commence an action in the circuit court having appropriate jurisdiction. Any
25number of wage claims or wage deficiencies against the same employer may be joined

1in a single proceeding, but the court may order separate trials or hearings. In actions
2that are referred to a district attorney under this subsection, any taxable costs
3recovered by the district attorney shall be paid into the general fund of the county
4in which the violation occurs and used by that county to meet its financial
5responsibility under s. 978.13 (2) (b) for the operation of the office of the district
6attorney who prosecuted the action.
AB64-ASA1,1446 7Section 1446 . 111.07 (5) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,740,28 111.07 (5) The commission may make findings and orders or may authorize a
9commissioner or
an examiner to make findings and orders. Any party in interest who
10is dissatisfied with the findings or order of a commissioner or examiner may file a
11written petition with the commission as a body to review the findings or order. If no
12petition is filed within 20 days from the date that a copy of the findings or order of
13the commissioner or examiner
was mailed to the last-known address of the parties
14in interest, such findings or order shall be considered the findings or order of the
15commission as a body unless set aside, reversed , or modified by such commissioner
16the commission or examiner within such time. If the findings or order are set aside
17by the commissioner commission or examiner the status shall be the same as prior
18to the findings or order set aside. If the findings or order are reversed or modified
19by the commissioner or examiner, the time for filing petition with the commission
20shall run from the time that notice of such reversal or modification is mailed to the
21last-known address of the parties in interest. Within 45 days after the filing of such
22petition with the commission, the commission shall either affirm, reverse, set aside,
23or modify such findings or order, in whole or in part, or direct the taking of additional
24testimony. Such action shall be based on a review of the evidence submitted. If the
25commission is satisfied that a party in interest has been prejudiced because of

1exceptional delay in the receipt of a copy of any findings or order, it may extend the
2time another 20 days for filing a petition with the commission.
AB64-ASA1,1447 3Section 1447 . 111.07 (6) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,740,94 111.07 (6) The commission shall have the power to remove or transfer the
5proceedings pending before a commissioner or an examiner. It may also, on its own
6motion, set aside, modify, or change any order, findings, or award, whether made by
7an individual commissioner, an examiner, or by the commission as a body, at any time
8within 20 days from the date thereof if it shall discover any mistake therein, or upon
9the grounds of newly discovered evidence.
AB64-ASA1,1448 10Section 1448 . 111.14 of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,740,15 11111.14 Penalty. Any person who shall willfully assault, resist, prevent,
12impede, or interfere with any member of the commission or any of its agents or
13agencies in the performance of duties pursuant to this subchapter shall be punished
14by a fine of not more than $500 or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more
15than one year, or both.
AB64-ASA1,1452 16Section 1452 . 111.322 (2m) (c) of the statutes is repealed.
AB64-ASA1,1453 17Section 1453 . 111.322 (2m) (d) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,740,1918 111.322 (2m) (d) The individual's employer believes that the individual
19engaged or may engage in any activity described in pars. (a) to (c) (bm).
AB64-ASA1,1454 20Section 1454 . 111.335 (1) (cx) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,740,2421 111.335 (1) (cx) Notwithstanding s. 111.322, it is not employment
22discrimination because of conviction record to refuse to employ or license, or to bar
23or terminate from employment or licensure, any individual who has been convicted
24of any offense under s. 38.50 440.52 (13) (c).
AB64-ASA1,1460m 25Section 1460m. 114.136 (2) (b) 3. of the statutes is created to read:
1114.136 (2) (b) 3. An ordinance under this section may not prohibit the use of
2a physical barrier in lieu of compliance with a 48-hour drainage requirement for a
3storm detention pond that is located in a residential subdivision underlain by
4natural clay soil.
AB64-ASA1,1461p 5Section 1461p. 115.28 (7) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,741,186 115.28 (7) (a) License all teachers for the public schools of the state; make rules
7establishing standards of attainment and procedures for the examination and
8licensing of teachers within the limits prescribed in ss. 118.19 (2) and (3), 118.191,
9118.1915, 118.192, 118.193, 118.194, and 118.195, and 118.197; prescribe by rule
10standards, requirements, and procedures for the approval of teacher preparatory
11programs leading to licensure, including a requirement that, beginning on July 1,
122012, and annually thereafter, each teacher preparatory program located in this
13state shall submit to the department a list of individuals who have completed the
14program and who have been recommended by the program for licensure under this
15subsection, together with each individual's date of program completion, from each
16term or semester of the program's most recently completed academic year; file in the
17state superintendent's office all papers relating to state teachers' licenses; and
18register each such license.
AB64-ASA1,1462 19Section 1462 . 115.28 (7) (g) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,741,2520 115.28 (7) (g) Notwithstanding s. 118.19 (3), (4m), (6) to (9), and (12) to (14),
21grant a charter school teaching license to any person who has a bachelor's degree and
22demonstrates, based upon criteria established by the department, that the person
23is proficient in the subject or subjects that he or she intends to teach. The license
24authorizes the person to teach that subject or those subjects in a charter school. The
25license is valid for 3 years and is renewable for 3-year periods.
1Section 1463. 115.28 (7) (gm) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB64-ASA1,742,82 115.28 (7) (gm) Notwithstanding s. 118.19 (8), (9), and (11), grant an initial
3charter school principal license to any person who is licensed, or otherwise
4credentialed, to be a school principal in another state if the person holds the license
5or other credential in good standing, has completed at least 3 years of full-time
6classroom teaching, and is eligible for licensure under s. 118.19 (4) and (10). The
7license authorizes the person to be a principal of a charter school. The license is valid
8for 5 years and is renewable for 5-year periods.
AB64-ASA1,1463f 9Section 1463f. 115.28 (10o) (c) of the statutes is created to read: