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Raw forest products and lumber transported on specified routes in Ashland and Vilas counties: maximum gross weight limit of vehicle or vehicle combination having 11 axels operating on a highway without a permit set [Sec. 1900 Lm, 9345 (4w)] - Act 59
Special license plate revenue from Donate Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation: payment responsibility transferred from DHS to DOT [Sec. 372, 373, 535, 536, 1784, 1785, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897] - Act 59
State parks and recreation areas: vehicle admission and overnight camping fees revised; DNR and DOT to develop plan for a recreational passport when renewing vehicle registration, special license plate provision; cap on electric recepticals increased; FTE positions decrease re forestry and parks report [Sec. 340m, 557-565d, f, 9101 (11u), 9133 (6u), 9333 (2), 9433 (1), (2)] [9101 (11u) -- partial veto] - Act 59
Weight limits on highways: heavy-duty vehicles equipped with idle reduction technology or natural gas fuel system may exceed under certain conditions; DOT report not required - Act 85
transportation fundTransportation fund, see Road -- Finance
transportation projects commissionTransportation Projects Commission
Completed major highway projects removed from TPC list of approved projects [Sec. 1213-1216] - Act 59
TPC modifications to membership, staff, duties, and meeting requirements; annual evaluation of DOT required; reports and long-range planning requirements; DOT duties; transportation engineering and construction survey by contract with independent engineering firm [Sec. 8bt-n, 362m, 507d, 1216bg, bi, 1757m, 9145 (1f), (2f), 9445 (1f)] [9145 (1f) -- partial veto; all other section numbers vetoed] - Act 59
trappingTrapping, see Hunting
treasurer _ countyTreasurer -- County, see County -- Officers
treasurer _ stateTreasurer -- State
State Treasurer, Office of, deleted from the Constitution; BCPL provision. Constitutional amendment (2nd consideration) [SJR3] - JR7
trempealeau countyTrempealeau County
Directional signs for Soldiers Walk Memorial Park in City of Arcadia: DOT to erect and maintain, contributions from interested parties provision [Sec. 1227d, e, p, t] - Act 59
truckTruck, see Bus and truck, and its subheadings
trust fundTrust fund, see also Veterans Trust Fund
Brownfields: remediating contaminated land; pilot program for manufacturing facilities re stationary source air pollution controls; tax deeds; ERTID changes; property assessed clean energy loans for revitalization projects; neighborhood improvement districts (NID) and business improvement districts (BID) provisions; state trust fund loans to municipalities - Act 70
Hospital assessment fund and critical access hospital assessment fund transfers to MA trust fund modified [Sec. 379c, d, 971p-v] - Act 59
Technical college scholarships funded through participation in an auction of digital broadcast spectrum; trust and investment provisions [Sec. 632m, 985h, k] - Act 59
tuberculosisTuberculosis, see Disease
turkeyTurkey, see Bird
unemployment _ relief measuresUnemployment -- Relief measures
BadgerCare Plus Core: DHS to submit amendment to Medicaid waiver to provide employment and training services for childless adults, report to and approval of JCF required [Sec. 927-928d] [928d -- vetoed] - Act 59
Electronics and information technology manufacturing zone and tax credits: WEDC authorized to create; provisions re TIDs, sales tax exemption, environmental impact statements, wetlands and waterways permits, PSC certificates and market-based rates, grants to local governments, county bonding, town incorporation as city or village, and DNR oversight; highway bonding authorization; design-build system for public works projects; enterprise zone tax credit revisions; economic development liaison appointed by DOA; electronics manufacturing small business development director in WEDC; worker training and employment program and annual report; appeal of decisions relating specifically to the zone; job creation threshold; LAB audit required [partial veto] - Act 58
Fast Forward Program funding for mobile classrooms for job skills training in underserved areas; grants to DOC [Sec. 1403, 1405] - Act 59
unemployment insuranceUnemployment insurance
UI law revisions re collection of debt, joint and several liability of fiscal agents, eligibility provisions re requests for information and concealment of certain payments, drug testing, appropriation, and technical changes - SB399
union high schoolUnion high school, see School
united states _ agriculture, department ofUnited States -- Agriculture, Department of
FoodShare accounts: expunging unused balances and treatment of inactive accounts [Sec. 968g] - Act 59
Veteran farmer assistance and outreach program created; family member provision; logotype required - Act 121
united states _ armyUnited States -- Army
Thompson, (SSG) Matthew Vail: life and military service commended [SJR2] - JR2
united states _ health and human services, department ofUnited States -- Health and Human Services, Department of
Case management services for W-2 recipient transitioning to unsubsidized employment: TANF moneys for incentive payments; DCF to report on performance on work participation rates, compliance programs with DHHS, and appeals process for certain penalties [Sec. 898, 921, 9106 (3w)] [9106 (3w) -- partial veto] - Act 59
united states _ housing and urban development, department ofUnited States -- Housing and Urban Development, Department of
``Transitional housing grants" renamed ``housing grants" and 24 month limit repealed; grants to correspond with areas served by continuum of care organizations designated by HUD [Sec. 119-128, 450] - Act 59
united states _ presidentUnited States -- President
Recount petition by aggrieved party and referendum elector permitted, conditions set; costs and Elections Commission provisions; per diem for members of Ethics Commission and Elections Commission revised - Act 120
united states _ social security administrationUnited States -- Social Security Administration
Model Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act implemented re requiring insurers to compare their records to the federal Social Security Administration’s Death Master File - SB274
universal service fundUniversal service fund, see Telecommunications
university of wisconsinUniversity of Wisconsin, see also University of Wisconsin -- specific campus name
Independent charter school authorizers expanded to any UW chancellor or technical college district board, Office of Educational Opportunity provision [Sec. 623p, q, 1531g-n, 1532h, q, qm, w, 1635e] - Act 59
Recovery charter school: pilot program and director of Office of Educational Opportunity in the UW System authorized to contract for operation of, conditions specified; high school graduation and insurance coverage requirements; DHS, DPI, and Superintendent of Public Instruction duties - Act 30
Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership created and attached to the UW System [Sec. 17m, 68m, 222m, 626m] - Act 59
Veterans and eligible spouses and their children enrolled in the UW System or a technical college: change to residency requirement for fee remission program [Sec. 613-614h, 636-637h] - Act 59
Youth Options Program renamed Early College Credit Program with revisions; part-time Open Enrollment Program restored with exceptions; private school provisions and DPI duties [Sec. 209, 210, 400, 629, 630, 631, 633, 1396, 1465, 1471, 1473, 1536-1576, 1635, 9135 (1p), 9435 (1p), (1q)] - Act 59
university of wisconsin _ buildingUniversity of Wisconsin -- Building
Emergency administration of opioid antagonist to pupils and other persons appearing to overdose: civil liability for school bus operator, employees and volunteers of public, private, and tribal schools, and college residence hall director; calling 911 provision - Act 29
Tangible personal property that becomes a component in a technical college district or UW facility: sales and use tax exemptions expanded to include [Sec. 1186d, 9338 (18d), 9438 (3d)] - Act 59
university of wisconsin _ college of agricultural and life sciencesUniversity of Wisconsin -- College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Seed potato certification requirements created; DATCP duties and forfeiture provisions - Act 46
university of wisconsin _ coursesUniversity of Wisconsin -- Courses
Academic credit for military training: UW System and TCS to accept American Council on Education and Community College of the Air Force transcripts [Sec. 622m, 623m, 629m, 632f, h] - Act 59
School leadership loan program created, UW program provision; minority teacher loan program and teacher loan program appropriations reduced [Sec. 204m, 704q, 9121 (1f), (2f)] - Act 59
UW Flexible Options platform expanded; teacher residency program between a UW school of education and a school district [Sec. 9148 (2), (2p)] [9148 (2) -- partial veto] - Act 59
university of wisconsin _ employeeUniversity of Wisconsin -- Employee
UW employee reimbursement for lodging expenses [Sec. 602m, 9348 (3p), 9448 (3p)] - Act 59
UW faculty and instructional academic staff teaching workloads: Board of Regents must develop and implement plan and policies re monitoring and rewarding; report required, accountability dashboard provision [Sec. 604-609, 625, 626] - Act 59
university of wisconsin _ extensionUniversity of Wisconsin -- Extension
Nonpoint source water pollution abatement program: DNR contract with UW--Extension requirement eliminated [Sec. 1818] - Act 59
university of wisconsin _ facultyUniversity of Wisconsin -- Faculty
Faculty at UW System, technical colleges, and private colleges or universities may teach at a public high school without a DPI issued license under certain conditions [Sec. 1507, 1508, 1512p] - Act 59
UW faculty and instructional academic staff teaching workloads: Board of Regents must develop and implement plan and policies re monitoring and rewarding; report required, accountability dashboard provision [Sec. 604-609, 625, 626] - Act 59
university of wisconsin _ financeUniversity of Wisconsin -- Finance
Electric energy derived from renewable resources: appropriation created for DOA, DOC, DHS, DPI, DVA, and the UW System [Sec. 205, 206, 221, 222, 365, 366, 375, 376, 413, 414, 447, 448] - Act 59
Goals for the UW System: Board of Regents to identify metrics to measure progress, outcomes-based funding formula and annual report to JCF required, innovation fund to increase enrollment in high-demand degree programs [Sec. 603m] [partial veto] - Act 59
UW System financial audit by an independent accounting firm for the 2017-2019 fiscal biennium, LAB may assist, report required [Sec. 9148 (2q)] [partial veto] - Act 59
university of wisconsin _ green bayUniversity of Wisconsin -- Green Bay
UW--Green Bay authorized to create a school of engineering [Sec. 610p] - Act 59