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Charter school authorizers to consider National Association of Charter School Authorizer principles and standards of quality [Sec. 1532vr] - Act 59
Commercial building code: not-for-profit facility that houses rehabilitating wildlife exempt from certain definitions [Sec. 1305g, m] - Act 59
Community institution security cost reimbursement grants created; definition and sunset provisions [Sec. 1680b, c, 9428 (1q)] - Act 59
DVA appropriation structure changes re grants to nonprofit organizations that serve veterans and their families [Sec. 414n-y, 739n-pm] - Act 59
DVA grants to certain state veterans organizations revised [Sec. 739g-k, pm, 9349 (1)] - Act 59
Fabrication laboratory grants: WEDC loan to nonprofit organizations to assist school districts to initiate [Sec. 9150 (3i)] - Act 59
Fences on closed MFL: prohibition exemption if used for dog training by licensed nonprofit organization - Act 43
Historic rehabilitation tax credit: limit and other conditions set, jobs component [Sec. 1051, 1089, 1114, 1775-1775m] [1775g -- partial veto] - Act 59
Homeless case management services grants: DCF to allocate TANF grants toward [Sec. 129, 453, 901] [129 -- partial veto] - Act 59
Information technology education for public school pupils, technical college students, and public library patrons; DPI to award grant to an entity that meets specified criteria; DWD career and technical education grant provision [Sec. 215m, 1407g, i, 1482p] - Act 59
Initial teacher license: alternative preparation programs provisions, DPI duties [Sec. 1461p, 1511p, 1524g] - Act 59
Olympic, Paralympic, and Special Olympics medals won by individuals: income tax exemption for value of and any payments from the U.S. Olympic Committee or Special Olympics Board of Directors [Sec. 1023s, 9338 (16c)] - Act 59
Products sold as part of lump sum contract re real property construction contracts: sales and use tax exemption expanded to all construction contracts; tax-exempt entity provision [Sec. 1172, 1176, 1178, 1179, 1188-1193, 9338 (18), 9438 (3)] - Act 59
Rate-based client services purchased by DCF, DOC, DHS, or certain county departments: retention and disposition of surpluses generated by providers modified; audit and JCF provisions [Sec. 744b-h, 923b-m, 1850e, f, 9106 (3t), 9108 (2t), 9120 (3t), 9306 (4t), 9308 (1t), 9320 (2t), 9406 (4t), 9408 (3t), 9420 (3u)] - Act 59
Teacher training and recruitment grants created; Teach for America appropriation renamed and transferred from DPI to DWD [Sec. 216m, 1407m, 1467b] - Act 59
Wisconsin Reading Corps grant, matching funds and sunset provisions [Sec. 217m, 1468m] - Act 59
WisconsinEye equipment appropriations, matching funds provision [Sec. 9129 (2i)] - Act 59
Workforce training grants (Fast Forward Program): use expanded for collaborative projects, teacher training, nursing training program, internship placement, and improved workforce retention; grant to support the Building Occupational Skills for Success (BOSS) program; report, sunset, and DWD duties [Sec. 398-399, 1397-1402, 1404, 1406, 9151 (1), (2), (5q), 9451 (2q)] - Act 59
oshkosh, city ofOshkosh, City of
Public assistance and local assistance allocations, Boys and Girls Clubs provisions [Sec. 896, 897, 902, 903, 904-913, 918, 919] - Act 59
outagamie countyOutagamie County
Airport improvement project funding to Alexander Field airport and Appleton International airport [Sec. 359nq, 9145 (3i)] - Act 59
Bergstrom Waterfowl Complex: DOT to erect direction signs along STH 54, contributions from interested parties provision [Sec. 1227d, dm, p, t] - Act 59
Public assistance and local assistance allocations, Boys and Girls Clubs provisions [Sec. 896, 897, 902, 903, 904-913, 918, 919] - Act 59
TID number 6 in Village of Kimberly: adopt resolution requesting DOR to redetermine the tax incremental base [Sec. 996j] - Act 59
owi _operating while intoxicated_OWI (Operating while intoxicated), see Drunken driving
ozaukee countyOzaukee County
Ozaukee County fairgrounds: Class ``B” and ``Class B” licensees and permittees may sell alcohol beverages under set circumstances - Act 95
park _ countyPark -- County
White Mound County Park: DNR to sell to Sauk County for recreational purposes - Act 56
parochial and private schoolsParochial and private schools
Civics assessment requirement for high school graduation: passing score increased [Sec. 1528m] - Act 59
Directional signs for Shoreland Lutheran High School: DOT to erect and maintain, contributions from interested parties provision [Sec. 1227d, em, p, t] - Act 59
Emergency administration of opioid antagonist to pupils and other persons appearing to overdose: civil liability for school bus operator, employees and volunteers of public, private, and tribal schools, and college residence hall director; calling 911 provision - Act 29
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, and statewide parental choice program changes [Sec. 1577-1579, 1582] - Act 59
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, statewide parental choice program, and Special Needs Scholarship Program changes - Act 36
Parental choice program: family income does not need to be verified under certain condition [Sec. 1580g, 1598at, 1602d, 9335 (4d)] - Act 59
Personal electronic computing devices grant program created for schools to provide devices for pupil use, sunset provision [Sec. 208e, 1482f] - Act 59
Racine and statewide parental choice program attendance criteria when a non-participating private school shares a governing body with a participating private school [Sec. 1580k, 1598b] - Act 59
Robotics league participation grants: sunset removed, annual appropriation and private schools may apply [Sec. 215g, 1482m] - Act 59
School mental health program aids: DPI to award re hiring and retaining social workers [Sec. 211, 1470, 1599] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program eligibility: prior year open enrollment and prior year public school enrollment requirements repealed [Sec. 1486c, em, 9335 (5d)] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program: method and amount revised [Sec. 208m, 1486ap, b, d, e, 1487g-1492f, i-k, n] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program summer school payments [Sec. 208m, 1492g, h, 1492L-1493r, 9335 (3q)] - Act 59
Statewide private school choice program: additional prior year attendance criterion [Sec. 1580p] - Act 59
Summer school: prorated payment to private school participating in school choice program if pupil attends for at least 15 days [Sec. 1598c-e, 1619m-s, 9335 (3p)] - Act 59
Superintendent of Public Instruction may revoke a license for immoral conduct, definition revised re pornographic material; governing bodies of schools (public, private, charter) prohibited from aiding an employee, contractor, or agent in obtaining a new job in a school or educational agency if there is reason to believe child sexual abuse has been committed - Act 130
Teacher development program grants: DWD to award to school districts re partnership with educator preparation program approved by DPI, bachelor's degree not required to enroll in program [Sec. 1407, 1524] - Act 59
Youth Options Program renamed Early College Credit Program with revisions; part-time Open Enrollment Program restored with exceptions; private school provisions and DPI duties [Sec. 209, 210, 400, 629, 630, 631, 633, 1396, 1465, 1471, 1473, 1536-1576, 1635, 9135 (1p), 9435 (1p), (1q)] - Act 59
parole or probationParole or probation
Aiding a person suffering from an overdose or adverse reaction and immunity from controlled substance prosecution: revisions to 2017 WisAct 33 re initial applicability clause, bail jumping immunity, and sunset the bail jumping changes [Sec. 2251xg-xs, 2265r, 9452 (2x)] - Act 59
Aiding a person suffering from an overdose or adverse reaction: immunity from prosecution for controlled substance possession or having probation, parole, or extended supervision revoked provisions created for the person being aided and the aider; definition of ``aider" modified - Act 33
Job access loan to repair or purchase a vehicle: eligibility revised - Act 80
Parole Commission membership reduced [Sec. 38j] - Act 59
Wisconsin substance abuse program renamed Wisconsin rehabilitation program and revised, DHS conditions removed, and earned release provision [Sec. 1856c-1857h] [vetoed] - Act 59
partridgePartridge, see Bird
pedestrianPedestrian, see Street
peg _professional employer group_PEG (Professional employer group), see Employment bureau
peo _professional employer organization_PEO (Professional employer organization), see Employment bureau
personal property _ taxationPersonal property -- Taxation, see Property tax, and its subheadings
Dental services by facilities serving individuals with disabilities: enhanced MA reimbursement rates, conditions and waiver provisions [Sec. 928f] - Act 59
Disabled children's long-term support program: county support requirements and DHS duties; excess state funding for school-based services transferred to MA trust fund [Sec. 379b, 543c, 766, 767, 928n, 9420 (3f)] - Act 59
Olympic, Paralympic, and Special Olympics medals won by individuals: income tax exemption for value of and any payments from the U.S. Olympic Committee or Special Olympics Board of Directors [Sec. 1023s, 9338 (16c)] - Act 59
peshtigo, city ofPeshtigo, City of, see Marinette County
pesticidePesticide, see Pests
Pesticide, fertilizer, and commercial feed manufacturers and distributors: license and fee revisions; agricultural chemical cleanup fund provisions [Sec. 190, 538-542, 1242-1305, 9102 (3), 9302 (1)] - Act 59
Petroleum inspection fund: transfers to transportation fund [Sec. 144-147, 9245 (1)] - Act 59
Pharmacy practice law changes and Pharmacy Examining Board rule revisions [Admin.Code Phar 1.02, 6.06] - Act 18
Prescription drug monitoring program clarification re review of patient records [Sec. 2251c-x] - Act 59
Prescription drug order extension when refill authorization cannot be obtained: pharmacist may dispense a limited supply under set conditions - Act 19
Pseudoephedrine product sales: implementation of electronic system for recording, tracking, and blocking illegal sales; National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) and DOJ provisions - Act 98
Schedule V controlled substances containing codeine may not be dispensed without a prescription - Act 25
Vaccine administration by pharmacy students requirements modified - Act 42