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2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
February 13, 2015 - Introduced by Senators Bewley, Vinehout, Miller, Ringhand,
L. Taylor, Shilling and Lassa, cosponsored by Representatives Billings,
Considine, Meyers, Pope, Danou, Kolste, Ohnstad, Doyle, Quinn, Stuck,
Genrich, Bowen, Berceau, Subeck, Sinicki, Brostoff, Spreitzer, Milroy,
Hebl, Hesselbein, Goyke, Barca, Shankland and Jorgensen. Referred to
Committee on Workforce Development, Public Works, and Military Affairs.
SB33,1,2 1An Act to amend 196.504 (1) (a) 3. of the statutes; relating to: eligible
2applicants under the broadband expansion grant program.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under the broadband expansion grant program, the Public Service
Commission (PSC), makes broadband expansion grants to eligible applicants for the
purpose of constructing broadband infrastructure in underserved areas designated
by PSC. Under current law an "eligible applicant" is any of the following: 1) an
organization; 2) a telecommunications utility; or 3) a city, village, town, or county
that submits an application in partnership with an eligible applicant identified in
items 1) and 2), above.
Under this bill, a school district, technical college district, or public library
board that submits an application in partnership with an organization or a
telecommunications utility is also an "eligible applicant."
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
SB33,1 3Section 1. 196.504 (1) (a) 3. of the statutes is amended to read:
1196.504 (1) (a) 3. A city, village, town, or county, school district, technical
2college district, or public library board
that submits an application in partnership
3with an eligible applicant under subd. 1. or 2.
SB33,2,44 (End)