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2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
January 25, 2016 - Introduced by Representative Thiesfeldt, cosponsored by
Senator Gudex. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AJR104,1,3 1Relating to: recognizing the dedicated volunteers of the Fond du Lac area Water
2Action Volunteer program for their critical work on Fond du Lac area
3waterways, rivers, streams, and creeks.
AJR104,1,54 Whereas, the Water Action Volunteer (WAV) program is celebrating 20 years of
5water monitoring and protection on behalf of the State of Wisconsin; and
AJR104,1,126 Whereas, through the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, over 42,000
7volunteers nationwide have worked together to conduct fish and wildlife population
8surveys, lead tours of and provide information to school groups and other visitors,
9assist with laboratory research, improve habitats in such ways as reestablishing
10native plants along a riverbank, help with special projects such as banding ducks,
11perform clerical and administrative duties, photograph natural and cultural
12resources, and fight invasive species; and
AJR104,2,213 Whereas, WAV is a statewide program that works in conjunction with the
14Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Cooperative
15Extension to bring together volunteers from civic groups, 4-H clubs, students, and

1various individuals in an effort to learn more about Wisconsin's waterways, rivers,
2streams, and creeks; and
AJR104,2,53 Whereas, since 2006, WAV volunteers have been monitoring the Fond du Lac
4waterways, rivers, streams, and creeks to determine phosphorus levels and impaired
5waterways; and
AJR104,2,96 Whereas, Fond du Lac area WAV volunteers, coordinated by Laura DeGolier,
7currently devote approximately 600 hours per year to collecting samples, running
8tests, and providing reports to the Department of Natural Resources, saving the
9state countless hours and taxpayer dollars; and
AJR104,2,1410 Whereas, eight different rivers have been monitored in the past two years,
11including the east and west branches of the Fond du Lac River, the south and west
12branches of the Rock River, Parsons Creek, Mosher Creek, Anderson Creek, and
13Willow Creek, as well as two unnamed creeks that flow in the south and west
14branches of the Rock River; now, therefore, be it
AJR104,2,18 15Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the Wisconsin
16legislature recognizes and commends the Fond du Lac area Water Action Volunteers
17for ten years of outstanding work and dedication to the local community and the
18state; and, be it further
AJR104,2,21 19Resolved, That the legislature wishes WAV continued success in monitoring
20and improving our waterways, rivers, streams, and creeks in the future; and, be it
AJR104,2,23 22Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall present a copy of this resolution
23to the Fond du Lac area Water Action Volunteers.
AJR104,2,2424 (End)