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2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
February 4, 2016 - Offered by Representative Jarchow.
AB603-AA2-AA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the amendment as follows:
AB603-AA2-AA1,1,2 21. Page 1, line 3: after that line insert:
AB603-AA2-AA1,1,3 3"1m. Page 3, line 3: delete lines 3 to 21 and substitute:
AB603-AA2-AA1,1,5 4" Section 2m. 59.692 (1k) (a) 5. of the statutes, as created by 2015 Wisconsin
5Act 55
, is renumbered 59.692 (1k) (am) (intro.) and amended to read:
AB603-AA2-AA1,1,106 59.692 (1k) (am) (intro.) Establishes The department may not impair the
7interest of a landowner in shoreland property by establishing a shoreland zoning
8standard, and a county may not impair the interest of a landowner in shoreland
9property by enacting or enforcing a shoreland zoning ordinance, that establishes

10standards for impervious surfaces unless the all of the following apply:
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,2 111. The standards provide that a surface is considered pervious if the runoff from
12the surface is treated by a device or system, or is discharged to an internally drained

1pervious area, that retains the runoff on or off the parcel to allow infiltration into the
AB603-AA2-AA1,3m 3Section 3m. 59.692 (1k) (am) 2. and 3. of the statutes are created to read:
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,84 59.692 (1k) (am) 2. If the standards allow a greater amount of impervious
5surface on areas with highly developed shorelines than areas with shorelines that
6are not highly developed, as determined by the department, the standards also
7require an area with highly developed shorelines to include at least 500 feet of
8shoreline and require that one of the following applies:
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,119 a. The area is composed of a majority of lots with more than 30 percent
10impervious surface area, as calculated by the county and approved by the
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,1312 b. The area is composed of a majority of lots that are less than 20,000 square
13feet in area.
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,1514 c. The area is located on a lake and served by a sewerage system, as defined in
15s. 281.01 (14).
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,1716 3. The standards prohibit considering a roadway, as defined in s. 340.01 (54),
17or a sidewalk, as defined in s. 340.01 (58), as impervious surfaces.".".
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,19 182. Page 1, line 8: after "principal structure exists" insert "on an adjacent lot
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,21 203. Page 2, line 1: after "principal structure exists" insert "on an adjacent lot
AB603-AA2-AA1,2,23 224. Page 2, line 8: after "principal structure exists" insert "on an adjacent lot